A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5711: Let’s start falling in love (1)


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Chapter 5711 Let’s start falling in love (1)

Luo Xin’an trusts Mu Nian, largely because she knows that Mu Nian has always loved her as his own sister.

But at this moment, this perception was broken.

And crushed into powder.

Because the way Mu Nian looked at her made her soul tremble.

She suddenly realized: Perhaps in Mu Nian’s eyes, she was no longer a sister, but a woman.

A woman who can ignite his desire!

Before this, she was somewhat naive.

She hoped that Mu Nian would fall in love with her, but subconsciously she felt that Mu Nian would continue to treat her as her sister.

She didn’t realize that the two were in conflict.

I never thought that once she started falling in love, her relationship with Mu Nian would change.

Now that she suddenly noticed a change, she just wanted to escape…

Just escape to a place where Mu Nian can’t see him!

However, as soon as she turned around, she was grabbed by Mu Nian.

Mu Nian pulled hard, and Luo Xin’an fell forward, almost falling into Mu Nian’s arms.

In the end, it took a lot of effort to control myself.

After standing still, she didn’t dare to breathe, her heart was beating wildly, and she looked at Mu Nian blankly.

Mu Nian raised an eyebrow, “Are you scared?”

“No!” Speaking harshly is always Luo Xin’an’s first choice.

Mu Nian did not expose her, nor was she angry. He pulled her into his arms again, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“Ah!” Luo Xin’an felt Mu Nian’s body temperature and shouted, “Wait a minute, wait a minute!”

She didn’t mean to reject Mu Nian.

But, not ready yet.

She and Mu Nian have been siblings for twenty years, and it is difficult to suddenly switch to Mu Nian’s girlfriend.

Luckily for Luo Xin’an, Mu Nian stopped and did not forcefully close the distance between them. Otherwise, how could she resist his power?

Mu Nian did not let go of Xin An, he looked at her and said, “Xin An, do you understand now?”

Luo Xin’an was stunned, and suddenly understood everything——

Mu Nian knew that she could not adapt, so he was not in a hurry to enter into a new relationship with her!

He wanted to give her enough time to adapt so that they could be happy in their new relationship.

But she was thinking all over the place, making random operations, and almost had an accident.

She is just… playing nonsense.

“I understand, I understand now.” Luo Xin’an’s tone was rarely so weak, “Mu Nian…” She wanted to apologize to Mu Nian.

Mu Nian flicked her head and said, “Don’t mess around anymore. If I don’t know today, you and Xu Zhengyu can’t beat Qin Simeng.”

This is a fact…

Luo Xin’an didn’t think that Mu Nian looked down on her and Xu Zhengyu.

Qin Simeng’s superb acting skills… they may not be able to crack it.

However, for her now, what is important is not this, but——

“Mu Nian, do you think I’m not ready…” Xin’an asked, “What about you, are you ready?”

Mu Nian’s eyes became more focused, as if he wanted to let his heart settle in his eyes, and the grip on his hand gradually became stronger…

Inexplicably, the place where their skins touched was filled with ambiguity.

Luo Xin’an suddenly felt like beating a drum and her breathing stopped again.

Until Mu Nian said: “Peace of mind, I have been ready for a long time, and I have been looking forward to it. But I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, so I am willing to give you time.”

Luo Xin’an came back to life instantly.

Her heart seemed to be resting on a warm flame.

A string of happy bubbles kept popping up.

There was also a fire burning in her brain.

She heard a voice in her heart:

“Push forward!”

The next second, she blurted out:

“What if I tell you that I don’t need it?”

Mu Nian’s eyes narrowed slightly, as if to persuade Xin’an to be cautious.

However, Luo Xin’an had made up her mind and would never look back. She added, “I’m not impulsive. I really don’t need it! Mu Nian, you don’t have to think so carefully for me. You can… try Just try to force me.”

Mu Nian’s Adam’s apple rolled, and his voice became scorching: “Xin’an, I need you to explain in more detail.”

Luo Xinan understood what Mu Nian meant.

This is her last chance to retract those words.

A lot of past episodes flashed through her mind like a revolving lantern——

She had kept her vague feelings for Mu Nian deep in her heart for many years without daring to speak out, but everyone in the family could see it.

Although she hasn’t asked yet, it is almost certain that Mu Nian’s coming to work in country M has something to do with her casual comment that she wants to study in country M…

She had doubted this two years ago.

But until Mu Nian was about to leave, she didn’t have the courage to ask for confirmation.

Later she kept in touch with Mu Nian. There were obviously many moments when her heart was throbbing, but she never expressed it.

At this moment, her throbbing was already reflected on her face, and her emotions were so full that she almost drowned herself…

Her feelings for Mu Nian…

Always express it once!

“To be more specific – Mu Nian, let’s start falling in love!”

As soon as she said it, Luo Xin’an’s face turned red, but she continued:

“You don’t have to worry about me. I can adapt while talking. Maybe I can adapt faster this way! I…I’m not in a hurry, I just don’t want to wait anymore. Mu Nian, I have been looking forward to it for a long time, Been waiting for a long time.”

After saying that, Luo Xin’an’s face was like a red-hot iron, and her chest was rising and falling with an obvious frequency…

Her nervousness was palpable.

But her courage seems to be able to split a piece of heaven and earth.

The look Mu Nian looked at her was direct and full of heat.

He admitted that he was moved by peace of mind.

What sentence moved him?

The answer is every sentence.

Especially the last sentence, let him know what it feels like when your heart is melted by the gentle spring water.

Mu Nian looked at Luo Xin’an: “Do you know what falling in love means?”

Luo Xin’an nodded, “You’ve never eaten pork, and you haven’t seen a pig running!”

Hey, this metaphor… doesn’t seem right?

Sure enough, Mu Nian raised an eyebrow, “Which one of us is the pig?”

It’s not good to say that anyone is…

Luo Xin’an “coughed” and raised a teasing smile seriously, “It’s not important! What’s important is that someone wants to be your little pig now…”

She finally paid attention to her usual earthy love words!

But Mu Nian felt that knowing peace of mind was not enough, she had to truly accept it.

He lowered his head and approached Xin’an, his warm breath touching her pink lips…

Luo Xin’an’s face was already red, but now it was like a flame…

She still wanted to escape. After all, she and Mu Nian had been siblings for twenty years, and she couldn’t get used to such an ambiguous distance.

However, she clenched her hands into fists, held back, and faced Mu Nian’s gaze.

Mu Nian saw her determination to fall in love with him.

In recent years, many people have pursued him.

Most people only see desire.

In Xin’an’s eyes, there was a determination to make a firm choice.

Mu Nian smiled and said, “There is progress – peace of mind, let’s start dating my brother today.”


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