A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 1: Get married


Su Jian’an washed his hands and walked out of the bathroom. He was caught off guard and saw a pair of men and women hugging each other.

Han Ruoxi, the popular queen, and Lu Boyan, the president of Lu’s!

She quickly hid behind the wall, peeking out her head with a gossip heart.

“I heard that she is just a forensic doctor, where is she worthy of you?”

Han Ruoxi fixedly looked at Lu Boyan, her delicate and beautiful face was calm, but her shrinking pupils betrayed her heartache.

Su Jianan Nunu mouth, what happened to the forensic doctor? Forensic medicine is also a pretty cool profession, okay!

Lu Boyan’s handsome face was indifferent: “In two years, I will divorce her.”

He still wants to marry that woman after all.

Han Ruoxi’s lips pulled out a bitter smile: “I see.”

She put on her sunglasses, turned away gracefully, and Lu Boyan also walked to the private room with her long legs.

Su Jianan came out from the corner leisurely, blinking his eyes: “These two are really a pair, right?”

From the time when Han Ruoxi became popular, she and Lu Boyan have been rumored to have scandals from time to time. But they never admit their love affair, nor deny it, the audience’s heart is tickled.

How much would she get if she broke the news to Gossip Weekly?

Thinking about it, Su Jianan returned to the box, and as soon as he opened the door, he saw Lu Boyan again.

I have to admit that this man is really the darling of God. He has narrow and deep eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips like a knife. It is charming… His facial features are the best artist who has spent his entire life sculpting. Made, impeccably perfect.

His silhouette is much more profound and distinct than the average Eastern man, revealing a stubborn coldness, intertwined with his aura that is not close to strangers and the luxurious and elegant atmosphere, making him look noble and charming. Alienation and indifference.

No wonder Han Ruoxi, such a successful and proud woman, fell under his suit pants.

Seeing Su Jianan’s return, Tang Yulan patted her son’s hand lightly: “Bo Yan, look at this girl, Jianan, she has become more beautiful in more than ten years, right?”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jian’an lightly, and the corners of his lips twitched, meaning it was unclear.

Su Jianan touched the tip of her nose, smiled politely, and sat back next to her brother Su Yicheng.

She bit her chopsticks, thinking about the scene she had just peeked, and suddenly realized a problem-forgot to take pictures, the magazine will give her at most 100 yuan for the newspaper fee, crying…

Su Yicheng touched Su Jianan’s hand: “This is your wedding banquet, pay attention to your image.”

Su Yicheng doesn’t say that Su Jianan is going to be in a play-she is what Han Ruoxi said, just a forensic woman, and she will get married with Lu Boyan tomorrow.

A few minutes ago, she just went to wash her hands and came back to witness Lu Boyan and his rumored girlfriend. He promised Han Ruoxi that he would divorce her.

Her marriage started really… differently.

Tang Yulan knew that Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had disappeared after fourteen years. It was inevitable that they would be a little strange, so she deliberately gave them time to be alone: ​​”Jian’an, the presidential suite upstairs has been booked for you, you guys. I’m staying here tonight to discuss the matter of obtaining the certificate tomorrow. Yicheng, I have to trouble you to take me home.”

Su Yicheng is very uncomfortable, and the gentleman opened the chair for Tang Yulan: “Bo Yan, you don’t have to go out, I will send Aunt Tang home safely.”

Su Yicheng is handsome, with a sense of maturity and steadiness in his demeanor. He never speaks hastily, and his temperament is elegant and noble. In Su Jianan’s mind, he is the best and most reliable man in the world. He came to take Tang Yulan home, of course she was relieved.

But, is she going to be alone with Lu Boyan now?

Tang Yulan patted Su Jianan’s hand lightly: “Jianan, don’t be nervous, you and Bo Yan don’t know each other.”

Su Jianan chuckled.

She met Lu Boyan a few times when she was ten years old. After that, when Lu Boyan went abroad, they never met again. To this day, fourteen years have passed.

This is the strangest knowledge in the world, right?

Tang Yulan said with earnest heart: “The two will have a good chat. Tomorrow will be a husband and wife, and they will live a lifetime. Bo Yan, take good care of Jian An.”

After speaking, Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng left, leaving only Lu Boyan and Su Jianan in the private room.

Su Jianan remembered Lu Boyan’s promise to Han Ruoxi-in two years, he would divorce her.

Can she and Lu Boyan live a lifetime? Um, it’s a bit mysterious…

The two of them were silent, quietly and strangely filled the private room.

“Why did you agree to marry me?”

After a while, Lu Boyan’s cold voice sounded.

“Huh?” Su Jianan was surprised, “Aunt Tang didn’t tell you? My dad wants to kidnap me and threaten my brother, so Aunt Tang wants me to marry you and become Mrs. Lu. At least my dad dare not take it lightly. Start with me.” In this way, Su Yicheng can let go and do what he wants to do.

This reason is sufficient, right? As for the real reason… it seems that there is no need to tell Lu Boyan, and she will not let anyone know.

“Follow me back to the room.” Lu Boyan ordered coldly.

Su Jianan was stunned, and subconsciously asked: “What are you doing back to the room?”

Lu Boyan twitched his lips: “Go back to the room, what do you think you can do?”

The magnetic baritone, with special effects, is generally extraordinarily coquettish, and ambiguous.


Su Jianan was messed up against the wind.


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