A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 6032: Broken Divine Gate!


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Chapter 6032: Broken Divine Gate!

Time and space seem to have lost their effect here.

A small black dot appeared in front of him. The black dot rotated slightly, and colorful colors emerged around it.

Soon, the black spot expanded into a whirlpool.

That is the ultimate and pure black.

Near this vortex, time stops and space begins to drain.

All the light, everything, was sucked in by this vortex.

There seems to be an unknown and inexplicable fear inside.

Even around this mediation, some stars that were slightly closer began to shake and break.

It seems to be sucked into it too.

Seeing this scene, Mo Chan immediately realized something and shouted in shock: “The Broken God Gate, you have to open the Broken God Gate!”

At this time, the spherical starlight transformed by the **** wind enveloped Chen Feng and flew rapidly towards the whirlpool.

Its voice was full of strong pleasure, and it laughed loudly: “As a star soul of the universe, I know a lot. If you dare to underestimate me, let’s see what a tragic price you will pay in the end!”

The demonic cicada flashed and chased forward at high speed.

“You don’t want your life. If you step through the Broken God Gate, you will die too!”

Xue Feng laughed wildly: “I never wanted to live!”

The next moment, when the demonic cicada finally pounced in front of the broken door.

The spherical starlight around Chen Feng has quickly led him into the vortex.

At this last moment, Chen Feng looked back.

He saw the magic cicada, saw those relatives and friends, and saw this universe.

His eyes were calm, without any disturbance.

But Mo Chan clearly saw the flame called hatred burning in the sky from his eyes.

Then, Chen Feng disappeared.

The devil cicada was so angry that he jumped up and down and shouted: “It’s just a moment away!”

It was just a moment away from being able to stop the star souls of Chen Feng and Zhejiang University Sirius!

Unfortunately, a slight error can make a difference of a thousand miles.

But it looked at the Broken Divine Gate in front of it, but after all, it did not dare to step into it.

The Shattered God Gate is a passage connecting the realms of Tao. It is unknown what weird place it leads to outside.

Although I am strong enough in this world of Taoism.

But the more powerful one is in a certain world, the more dangerous one is in the Shattered God Sect.

After entering, even if you are lucky enough to escape with your life.

If you enter another Taoist realm, you will not be tolerated by that Taoist realm, and you will be directly crushed to death by that Taoist realm.

Mo Chan doesn’t dare to joke with his own life.

At this time, Chen Feng naturally didn’t know what was happening here.

In fact, at this moment, he felt that he had arrived in an indescribably wonderful space.

He couldn’t feel his body shaking.

No, to be precise, he couldn’t even feel his body.

The body seems to have turned into nothingness.

But he became a conscious body and could only watch everything happening around him, unable to do anything.

There is no color around, only pure and ultimate black.

It seemed as if everything here was swallowed up by the darkness.

And Chen Feng could feel that there were countless great fears hidden in the darkness.

When he passed by a dark place.

In the deep darkness, there was suddenly a low roar that sounded like an animal but not an animal, something like a human but not a human being.

When this low roar came, Chen Feng felt that his soul was about to be shattered.

This kind of power is so powerful that I can’t resist it at all.

Just when his soul was about to be broken.

The Great Sirius star soul around his body suddenly flashed with light.

In an instant, the roar disappeared.

Chen Feng’s soul has also become stable again.

However, Chen Feng discovered that at this time, the star soul of Great Sirius was already one level weaker than before and disappeared a little.

Chen Feng was thoughtful.

I don’t know how long I have been walking forward in this Broken Divine Gate. The further forward, the more dangerous it becomes.

But the star soul of Sirius used itself to resolve the danger.

At the end, Sirius’s star soul had changed from the thick ball-like starlight before.

It turned into only a thin layer, sticking to Chen Feng’s body.

At this time, a beam of light appeared in front of Chen Feng.

Like a door, it appears in the distance.

The next moment, Chen Feng’s figure plunged directly into the light.

At this moment, the remaining starlight around Chen Feng suddenly shattered and disappeared into the void.

At the moment it disappeared, a gentle whimper seemed to resound in the air.

The sound made Chen Feng’s whole body tremble, as if he had been struck by lightning.

This voice was too familiar to him.

When Xue Feng was young, he liked to stick next to him and rub his head against his thigh.

A comfortable purring sound came from the throat, like this whimpering.

Chen Feng knew that Xue Feng had left.

He burst into tears and stared at the darkness in front of him with all his strength, gritting his teeth: “I will definitely come back to save you and resurrect you!”

The halo flashed in front of him, and countless chaotic lights filled the surroundings, making everything unclear.

Then, in an instant, it turned into extreme darkness,

Chen Feng’s consciousness was completely sealed in an instant.

It seemed that at this moment, he lost his soul and the perception of his body.

Chen Feng knew that he was about to enter this new Taoist world.

He blocked his mind, surged with power, and spread power around his body, turning it into a closed cocoon.

I tried my best to protect myself.

The next moment, or who knows how many thousands of years later.

Chen Feng felt the strange spiritual energy fluctuations around him.

In an instant, I opened my eyes and woke up.

At this moment, the first thing he felt was the extremely sensitive aura around him.

This spiritual energy spreads around, extremely abundant and active.

So much so that Chen Feng felt as if he was in an ocean of spiritual energy, extremely comfortable.

He immediately judged it and whispered to himself: “The spiritual energy here is active and abundant, and the concentration level is very high. It has reached the level of fairy power.”

“It is by no means inferior to the vast world in our Taoist world, and is even better.”

“It seems that the realm I have reached has a very high level of power.”

This also made him feel relieved.

If he didn’t have such a level of power, he wouldn’t know how to improve his strength, and he wouldn’t be able to take revenge!

He looked around and discovered that he was at the top of a mountain.

The mountains are endless, and this seems to be an extremely huge mountainous area.

There are mountains and mountains and dense woods.

Indistinctly, layers of mist appeared in the forest, and the entire mountainous area seemed to be shrouded in this light mist.

Chen Feng looked around, but frowned slightly.

He found that even with his own strength, he could not see through the mist.

It seems that there is some extremely powerful force at work in this mist.

However, Chen Feng did not feel any real danger.


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