A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 6006: Chen Feng’s plan!


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It turns out that Chen Feng’s own projection swallowed up Qiu Changming’s projection.

But they were shocked to find that their physiques as projections turned out to be extremely special.

It is a weird but terrifying special form that existed in ancient times.

He can choose to devour Qiu Changming completely and refine its power.

Increase the level of your own projection.

You can also choose to completely control Qiu Changming.

You can change it into Qiu Changming’s form at any time.

Qiu Changming still retains the memory ability he had during his lifetime.

When needed, release him, just like a shadow.

It can be fused or separated, which is extremely weird.

Qiu Changming said in astonishment: “You are just a low-level projection, and I am also a low-level projection. If you swallow me, we can both become intermediate projections. Don’t you want such a great benefit?”

Chen Feng frowned and said, “How much do you know about projection?”

He is also an extremely shrewd person.

At this moment, he knew that his life and death depended on Chen Feng’s thoughts.

So there is nothing to hide.

He said with a wry smile on his face: “I’m just a low-level projection, I don’t know much more than you.”

“Perhaps, only by finding the intermediate projection can the doubts in your mind be solved.”

“However, you should also know by now that the power of intermediate projection is terrifying, and it is definitely beyond our reach now.”

Chen Feng smiled lightly and said: “The person who wants your life is just an intermediate projection, isn’t he?”

Hearing this, Qiu Changming was stunned for a moment.

Then, his eyes widened, his expression suddenly changed, and he said in shock: “You, you mean him.”

“You are trying to trick him!”

Then the expression on his face changed from horror to admiration.

Then, he laughed wildly and said: “Okay, that’s awesome. Every projection is a momentary hero, and none of them can be underestimated. Now I finally know what this means.”

“Chen Feng, your boldness and stratagem are truly beyond my imagination!”

“Tell me what you want to do. I’ll do it with you. As long as I can kill him, I’m willing to take my life!”

Chen Feng smiled and said: “I didn’t spare your life just to let you die now.”

Then, Chen Feng put Qiu Changming away, picked up Hong Jitong, and disappeared quickly.

Three days later, Hong Jitong recovered slightly.

The two men’s mission here also came to an end, and they immediately left Golden Light City.

The moment he left Golden Light City, the mighty voice of the Lord of Heaven sounded in Chen Feng’s mind.

“The Immortal Chen Feng has successfully completed this task and can be promoted to an Earth-level Immortal. Please leave this world and complete the promotion.”

Chen Feng said loudly in his heart: “I want to stay in this world for a while, is it okay?”

The Lord of Heaven was silent for a moment, and then replied: “You can stay in this world for another three months. If it exceeds three months, you will be forced to return immediately.”

Chen Feng thought to himself: “Three months should be enough.”

This time I left Jinguang City, with Hong Jitong taking me with me, so everything went smoothly.

He has been in King Kong City for many years, and his forces are intertwined, and he has already established countless connections.

The two left the city easily.

After arriving at the top of the mountain outside the city and waiting for about a moment, a flying boat appeared.

The two boarded the spaceship and everything went smoothly.

The flying boat left this world and headed towards the void of the universe at great speed.

A month later, an extraordinarily huge world appeared in front of Chen Feng.

The whole body is dark red, suspended in the void, making people daunting.

He knows that this is the essence of Haotian’s world.

It is also the largest piece among the four pieces of Haotian World.

The location of Zhenwu Xianmen is here.

The flying boat slowly descended towards this world.

Soon he entered the layer of red light in the outer circle.

This layer of red light envelopes the entire Haotian Great Thousand Lord World.

Like a red cloud.

However, after entering inside, Chen Feng could feel it.

In this endless red light, there is an extremely terrifying danger.

It seems that there is some indescribably terrifying and powerful existence inside.

However, it was obscured by the red light and could not be seen at all.

At this time, their huge spaceship fell into it.

Chen Feng felt as if he was a lonely boat falling into the vast ocean.

The surroundings are like huge ocean monsters that can easily swallow a mountain.

Other people on the flying boat naturally felt the same way.

Especially some powerful people.

However, everyone seemed to be accustomed to it and didn’t care.

A circular light shield also popped up from the flying boat at the right time, surrounding the entire flying boat.

Hong Jitong laughed softly and said: “No need to worry, the world of the Great Thousand Lords of Haotian has more things than the other worlds, but it will not threaten us.”

He blinked and said, “They protect this world.”

Chen Feng nodded thoughtfully.

Hong Jitong stood on the deck, with a relaxed look on his face, and said leisurely: “I haven’t been back for so many years. I don’t know if there are any changes in the sect. I have to travel around this world.”

Chen Feng smiled and watched the flying boat sink slowly, everything went very smoothly.

But suddenly, a golden light and shadow came quickly from a distance.

Brings an unparalleled sense of powerful oppression.

This existence roared in, and the surrounding red light was shaking.

The huge pressure made everyone panic and their expressions suddenly changed.

It felt to them as if the world was being suppressed severely.

Everyone on the flying boat was in panic and rushed to the deck to see what happened.

That existence is in front of you in an instant.

But he is a golden-armored giant who looks like a legendary celestial general.

This golden-armored giant is about three hundred meters tall and stands proudly in the void.

The whole body was wrapped in thick golden armor.

There is a big red flag behind it, flying automatically and slowly in the absence of wind.

His face was also covered by a huge golden mask, making it difficult to see his appearance clearly.

Seeing his arrival, everyone suddenly panicked: “This is the golden armored general, why is he here?”

“Yes, I heard that the Golden Armored God General guards the vast world of Haotian. He only obeys the orders of the Lord of Haotian and will not show up easily.”

“That’s right, even though the big countries below have beaten and scattered corpses all over the field with blood and blood, this golden-armored **** general rarely interferes. Why does he suddenly appear at this moment? Could it be that there are actually people on our flying boat? A great big shot?”

Everyone was speculating wildly, but their hearts felt a lot calmer.

The golden-armored **** general is the guardian of this world and will not cause killing easily. At this time, the steward on the flying boat also greeted him with a smile on his face, and asked respectfully: “My lord, I don’t know why you are here this time…”


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