A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 6004: So what?


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“Isn’t this self-defeating? It actually brought me back to my former peak!”

“Haha, you are too stupid!”

Chen Feng sneered: “Are you going to look at it again?”

Sure enough, when his cultivation reached the half-step Holy King realm, it began to decline rapidly again.

Go back to the ninth level of the fairyland, the eighth level of the fairyland, and then fall all the way down.

Then, he fell from the fairyland.

Finally, Qiu Changming understood what was going on.

Chen Feng successfully used this trick “that year”.

It directly took Qiu Changming back to two hundred years ago, when he was only in his twenties.

Qiu Changming’s eyes were filled with horror and disbelief at this moment.

Feeling his incomparable strength recede like a tide.

His strength is declining rapidly.

Or to be more precise, it’s coming back.

In an instant, he fell from the heavenly realm to an unknown realm.

This feeling of extreme strength decline made him feel extremely weak.

He couldn’t even control his body and fell directly to the ground.

He screamed at Chen Feng: “What evil method are you using to make me so weak!”

Chen Feng’s face was frighteningly pale at this time, and his body was shaky, but he still held on.

He looked at Qiu Changming and said with a smile: “It doesn’t make you weaker, but it makes you come back.”

“Your current strength has returned to that of when you were in your twenties.”

“What, when I was in my twenties!”

Qiu Changming screamed.

When he was in his twenties, he was so weak.

Say it politely and the person in front of you just snaps your fingers.

You don’t even need to flick it at him, just flick your fingers to cause a wave of power.

It was enough to shock him to death in his twenties.

Finally, his strength no longer declined.

And he also knew that Chen Feng did not tell lies.

My strength has really returned to that time!

He shook his head and laughed maniacally, and just shouted: “How is it possible, how is it possible?”

At this moment, Hong Jitong was also staring at Chen Feng with horror on his face.

Before, he was quite disapproving of Chen Feng.

I feel like it’s a bit childish for someone from this sect to come here.

Now, he is completely convinced!

This trick is terrible!

Who wants to go back to the weakest moment of the year?

The hundreds and thousands of years of hard work have been wasted.

And Chen Feng knew that the statute of limitations of “that year” only lasted a moment.

As a result, Qiu Changming’s strength no longer decreased at all, but was fixed at that moment that year.

He moved forward and struck out with a palm.

It was stamped **** Qiu Changming’s chest.

There were no surprises this time, and Qiu Changming had no chance or trump card to make a comeback.

This palm directly shattered his heart.

Qiu Changming stared at Chen Feng with wide eyes, as if he wanted to imprint his face into his heart.

The next moment, the life and breath in his body was completely cut off.

Chen Feng wanted to kill him with his own hands, and he did it.

Qiu Changming died at the hands of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng stared at him and said softly: “This is the first other projection I have killed.”

Actually, Chen Feng’s killing move “back then” was not practical in many situations.

For example, if a strong man was extremely strong at that time, but then he was seriously injured.

It has been in a state of confusion for hundreds of years, and its strength has continued to decline.

Now the oil has been exhausted.

And if Chen Feng used the “back then” move on him.

Directly let his strength return to its peak hundreds of years ago.

On the contrary, it makes the opponent become extremely powerful instantly, directly strengthening the opponent many times.

It is obvious that he is seeking death.

So, Chen Feng knew it very well.

The killer move “back then” is ineffective against some extremely old veterans.

It is possible that these old strong men were unable to break through in strength hundreds of years ago and stopped growing.

As he gradually approaches the end of his longevity, his strength is also declining.

And if I let them go back hundreds of years ago, their strength would actually become stronger.

The killing move “back then” is most suitable for dealing with people like myself or Qiu Changming.

A young and talented man who is not very old but extremely powerful.

Chen Feng is very clear about his own strengths and weaknesses.

So, we have a better idea of ​​who we can deal with “back then”.

Because, he himself is the best target that this killing move “back then” can deal with!

Hong Jitong said ecstatically: “Chen Feng, your mission has been completed, great!”

As soon as he relaxed at this time, his whole body fell to the ground, exhausted.

Moreover, the power of the Sanqing Hualing Pill also receded at this time.

He suffered a direct backlash and was seriously injured. His vision went dark and he fainted.

Chen Feng suddenly looked deeply and turned to Qiu Changming’s body.

Sure enough, a strange figure slowly stood up above Qiu Changming’s body.

He was not surprised.

He knew clearly that this was Qiu Changming’s true face and the true appearance of that projection.

Qiu Changming opened his arms and laughed sadly: “Come on, devour this projection of mine, and your strength will become much stronger, and you will have the qualifications to challenge the master of the Zhenwu Immortal Sect!”

The look on his face became strange, and he stared at Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, I can feel your ambition. You are definitely not someone who is subordinate to others and allows others to control you.”

“After you devoured me and gained great strength, you will definitely seek revenge from the master of Zhenwu Xianmen, a true mid-level projection.”

“When the time comes, if he kills you, he will have avenged me. If you kill him, you will have avenged me!”

He chuckled: “One of you two will die eventually, and the best case scenario is that you two die together, then I will be even happier!”

He looked like he was crazy, laughing wildly.

Facing this scene, Chen Feng could only remain silent.

What Qiu Changming said is absolutely correct.

Chen Feng has long known that he is just a projection.

Now, he knows that he is not even an intermediate projection, just a low-level projection.

With his character, how could he sit back and do nothing?

Since it is a low-level projection, then devour those other low-level projections one by one.

Become an intermediate projection yourself, and then devour the intermediate projections one by one to become the strongest projection.

As for the last thing, of course it is to find it

Chen Feng took a deep breath and looked forward.

“What about the Creator?”

“I, Chen Feng, stand between heaven and earth. I will never allow myself to be controlled by others, let alone that I am just an accessory of others!”

Chen Feng said calmly: “In that case, I will do as you wish.”

“Don’t worry, you will see the day when I kill them one by one.”

“When the time comes, I will set up a tomb for you and offer you a glass of wine in front of your grave.” Qiu Changming nodded and closed his eyes without any defense.


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