A Paragon of Wuhun Chapter 3: Oppression


Chapter 3 Bullying

April 15.

The fifteenth day of every month is the day when the disciples of Qianyuan Sect receive their resources.

Dragon Vein Continent, warriors are respected, warriors absorb spiritual energy, condense into true energy and even further true essence, the pinnacle of martial arts, can destroy the sky and destroy the earth, with supreme power.

In addition to directly obtaining the spiritual energy between heaven and earth, there is another important way to absorb the spiritual energy, which is to absorb the spiritual energy in the spiritual stone. The content of spiritual energy in the spiritual stone is far more than the average amount between heaven and earth, and the speed of absorbing the spiritual stone and improving the cultivation is extremely fast.

The outer disciples of Qianyuan Sect can receive three spiritual stones every month.

As a disciple of the Outer Sect, Chen Feng is no exception.

On this day, he packed up and went to Qianyuan Zong Wai Zong.

Qianyuanzong occupies seven or eight peaks on the west side of Aomori Mountains. The higher the height, the more honorable the people who live there. In addition to the house on the mountain, a small town has also been formed at the foot of the mountain, and there are many servants and guards of the disciples of the outer sect living in it.

Chen Feng came to a square along the mountain road. The square was very lively with people coming and going. After crossing the square, it was the mountain gate of the Waizong.

“Chen Feng.” A gentle voice came from behind.

Chen Feng had a smile on his face and looked back. The person who spoke was a middle-aged man in his thirties, who looked very ordinary, and was looking at Chen Feng with a smile.

Chen Feng walked up to him and saluted respectfully: “Master Han.”

He is Han Cong, and like Yan Qingyu, he is also the elder of the foreign sect. He is Yan Qingyu’s junior brother. He admired this amazing and brilliant senior brother from the beginning. Later, even if Yan Qingyu was down, he also had a good relationship with Yan Qingyu. After Yan Qingyu’s death, he took good care of Chen Feng. Without him, Chen Feng still doesn’t know what will happen in the past few years.

Han Cong smiled, sighed again, and said, “Chen Feng, I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of you when it comes to allocating resources in the future.”

Chen Feng asked in surprise: “What’s wrong?”

“I was transferred to another place and no longer in charge of the Resource Hall.”

In the past, Han Cong was in charge of the resource hall and was in charge of the monthly resource allocation for the disciples of the outer sect. Han Cong took good care of him and gave him some high-quality spiritual stones every time. It’s hard to say if someone else would take care of him like that. He was a little sad, but not because he couldn’t get a good quality spirit stone in the future, but because he was reluctant to be the only uncle who was very good to him.

Han Cong saw what he was thinking, he smiled and comforted: “Don’t worry, although I’m not in the resource hall, but I’m still in the outer sect, we can meet in the future.”

He lowered his voice again and said, “Elder Sun is in charge of the resource hall now. He was taught a terrible lesson by your master, and he has long held grudges against your master. His son has also had a conflict with you. Be careful, he might try to embarrass you.”

Chen Feng’s heart sank and he nodded.

It’s okay for people to bow their heads temporarily when they are under the eaves. When they become stronger, they can take back everything they deserve!

Said Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived, at this time, a joking voice suddenly came from behind Chen Feng: “Look who is here, isn’t this the trash apprentice of the trash master? Why, we’re wasting the resources of our outer sect again. ?”

Chen Feng turned around and spoke to a 16- or 17-year-old young man in brocade. He was very handsome, but his lips were thin, frivolous and mean. Next to him stood a middle-aged man in his forties.

This young man is Sun Xin, and next to him is Elder Sun, one of the powerful figures among the elders of the outer sect.

Before Chen Feng spoke, Han Cong stared at Sun Xin and said coldly, “Sun Xin, say it again!”

His eyes were like cold needles, causing Sun Xin to lower his head, not daring to look directly at Han Cong.

“Humph…” A cold snort came, and Elder Sun sneered: “Junior Brother Han, you are really going back as you live, even the juniors are bullying, what kind of skill is it? No wonder the seniors in the sect can’t trust you, Let me manage the resource hall. Haha!”

He looked at Han Zong, laughing wildly, very proud.

Elder Sun has always hated Yan Qingyu, and even hated Han Cong and Chen Feng.

Han Cong took a step forward and said coldly, “Elder Sun, I have no ability. You can’t say it, let’s see the real chapter! Do you dare to compare with me?”

When Elder Sun heard this, a flash of fear flashed in his eyes, and he couldn’t help but take a step back.

He knew very well that his cultivation was inferior to Han Cong, so how could he dare to fight Han Cong?

But at this time in front of so many people in the square, if he didn’t dare to fight, he would have no face, and he would have no face to stay in the outer sect in the future.

At this moment, a voice came from the side: “What’s going on?”

The voice is indifferent and emotionless.

After everyone saw who was coming, they all saluted, Han Cong and Elder Sun were no exception.

The one who came was an old man with white hair and beard. This person was Su Zhaodong, the Supreme Elder of the Outer Sect, with a distinguished status and one of the best in the Outer Sect. His indifferent eyes swept over Han Cong and Elder Sun, frowned slightly, and said, “You two are also elders of the outer sect, what kind of decency do you have to make trouble like this in front of so many juniors? Especially you. , Han Cong, you are still taking the initiative to make an appointment, so you have nothing to do, right? It seems that I transferred you from the resource hall to be in charge of hunting monsters, which is indeed right. It is not a weapon!”

“And you, you rubbish, you are not honestly staying by your **** master’s grave, what are you doing here to make trouble?”

Su Zhaodong obviously favored Elder Sun and Sun Xin. Elder Sun showed a smug and gloomy smile at the corner of his mouth as he looked at Han Cong.

Han Cong was reprimanded in public, blushing and shaking all over. He has been in charge of the Resource Hall for all these years, he has been impartial and selfless, and he has acted magnanimously, but now he is said to be worthless.

But he didn’t dare to talk back. The other party was a too high-ranking elder with unfathomable strength. With one move, he could wipe out his bones.

Chen Feng lowered his head, gritted his teeth, and a flame was burning in the dark.

“Su Zhaodong, the shame you gave me today and my Uncle Han, I must get it back!” He said with gritted teeth in his heart.

Su Zhaodong snorted coldly, gave Han Cong a deep look, and turned to leave.

Elder Sun looked at Han Cong with shame and arrogance, and said negatively, “Han Cong, I promise, you will be worse and worse, I tell you, you will be killed! When Tian fights with monsters, he will be killed by a knife from nowhere!”

“And you.” He looked at Chen Feng again: “From now on, your monthly resources will be gone! You bastard, when Han Cong dies, I see how arrogant you can be!”

“You!” Han Cong said angrily, “Don’t go too far.”

At this time, Chen Feng suddenly chuckled, with a look of disdain on his face.

Elder Sun angrily said, “Trash, what are you laughing at?”

“I laugh at you for being a piece of shit!”

Chen Feng called him disdainfully and sneered: “In those days, you provoked my master because of your old age and high cultivation, and was beaten by my master. Later, even if my master’s meridians were cut off, you were not him. My opponent! Only dare to show prestige in front of my junior, haha, so powerful, so powerful!”

“Also, over the years, my master died, and no one taught me to practice. Your son, Sun Xin, has you teach me personally, it’s good to come here! You keep saying that I’m a waste, but if I defeated Sun Xin, so are you and your son trash?”

“What, you beat me?” Sun Xin glared at Chen Feng, then laughed out loud, and shouted to the surrounding crowd, “I heard that right, this **** said he wanted to beat me. I want to defeat the acquired triple me!”

The onlookers of the Waizong disciples also let out a burst of ridicule and disdain.

“Chen Feng really doesn’t know whether to live or die. A waste who hasn’t even broken through the first level of the Houtian Realm, still wants to challenge Sun Xin?”

“Yes, not only has Sun Xin reached the third level of the acquired world, he is considered a middle-level powerhouse among the disciples of the outer sect, and has been taught by Elder Sun carefully, and I heard that he has mastered many advanced martial arts!”

“Chen Feng is courting death!”


Chen Feng didn’t seem to hear these remarks, he just smiled slightly, tore off a piece of fabric from his clothes and threw it to Sun Xin, which meant a challenge.

“Sun Xin, do you dare to fight me?”


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