#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5817: Step into the ground of creation


“Let’s go.”

Chu Feng rose into the air, followed closely by Xiao Yu’er.

Seeing this situation, all the geniuses below looked up at the same time.

In fact, they are not that worried about Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er. They all know that these two should be measured.

They are waiting and watching to learn some experience.


But they soon discovered that there seemed to be no way to learn from experience.

Chu Feng’s little fish flew upwards. Although the speed was not very fast, it was not slow either.

The most important thing is that it is extremely smooth and without any obstruction.

So in just the blink of an eye, Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er had reached the depths of the void, where the golden brilliance was.

When they came into contact with the golden brilliance, a golden door suddenly appeared in the deepest part of the golden brilliance.

At the same time, a more terrifying pressure fell.

Feeling that pressure, all the juniors felt their hearts tightening. The pressure was simply devastating.

However, the pressure only fell on Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er.

Chu Feng can resist this pressure, but he must admit that the pressure is very strong.

Out of worry, Chu Feng subconsciously looked at Xiao Yu’er.

It turned out that Xiao Yu’er was also looking at him, with a pair of beautiful eyes also full of worry.

Chu Feng cares about Xiao Yuer.

Xiao Yuer happened to be concerned about himself too.

Seeing that each other was safe and sound, and understanding each other’s intentions, the two laughed at the same time.

“Big brother, you are really amazing.”

“With my brother, it’s hard for him to stay with me like this.” Xiao Yu’er said.

Chu Feng understood what she meant.

She must be accompanied by Xianhai Shaoyu on her journey of cultivation, but maybe even Xianhai Shaoyu cannot catch up with her in some cultivation.

Although Xiao Yu’er’s words were meant to tease her brother, they also inadvertently revealed her terrifying talent.

After all, before Xiao Yu’er, Xianhai Shaoyu had always been known as the strongest genius in the vast world of martial arts.

But at this moment, a voice came from below.

“Hey, girl, why do you say bad things about me openly and openly? Did you forget to communicate secretly?”

It was Xianhai Shaoyu who shouted.

“Nonsense, I’m just telling the truth, I didn’t say anything bad about you.” Xiao Yu’er said.

“Stop talking, I value **** over brother, everyone can see clearly, right?”

While Xianhai Shaoyu was speaking, he specifically glanced at Long Chengyu and others.

But no one dared to answer his words.

Except one person.

“Yes, yes…it makes sense, but Brother Shaoyu, please don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t be sad, because it’s not that you are not good, but that my brother, Chu Feng, is too good.”

Wang Qiang grinned widely and said.

But Xianhai Shaoyu did not continue to tease his sister, because Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er had already moved on in the golden glory.

And the powerful shadows in the golden aura actually retreated to both sides, making way for Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er.

At the same time, the door deep in the golden flames also opened.

Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er stepped directly into it.

“It’s not as difficult as I thought.” Qin Xuan sighed.

“Are you sure it’s not difficult? It’s just not difficult for them, right?” Feng Ling looked at Qin Xuan with disdain.

“Uh…” Qin Xuan was a little embarrassed, because he also felt that what Feng Chime said made sense.

Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er, after passing through the gate.

You will enter a special world where the space is infinite.

But the scope of what can be seen is extremely limited.

Here, there are light spots the size of fireflies everywhere, so densely packed that they not only fill the world, but also block the view.

When Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er entered here, some of the light spots appeared as if they had found prey.

He began to attack Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er like crazy, going back and forth across their bodies without leaving any wounds on their bodies or damaging their clothes.

But it will definitely bring a stinging feeling and mental torture.

However, Chu Feng quickly adapted.

But after all, he is thick-skinned and thick-skinned, so he can adapt to this kind of thing quickly.

So he was a little worried about Xiao Yuer.

After looking over, I realized that although Xiao Yu’er’s expression was not as calm as before, it was not greatly affected.

“Big brother, look.” Suddenly, Xiao Yuer pointed into the distance.

Where she pointed, there was a floating building. It was a white tower with a plaque hanging on it and a beautiful name, Yunhe Tower.

However, there is an invisible barrier outside the tower, which not only prevents Chu Feng from seeing through the situation inside the tower, but also prevents him from entering even if he gets close.

“There is another one there.” Xiao Yu’er pointed out another direction, and there was also a tower there.

“Wow, there’s a palace over there.” Soon Xiaoyuer pointed in another direction.

Although due to the power of those groups of light points, the range visible to the naked eye is limited.

But within the range they could see, there were roughly seven or eight buildings. These buildings varied in size, some were towers, some were attics, and some were palaces.

And they all have different names and different boundaries.

“It seems that it was left by other people who created the Tao.” Chu Feng said.

“Then we have to build our own.”

“Brother, these light spots are the materials for us to build the palace, right?” Xiao Yu’er asked.

“That should be it.” Chu Feng nodded.

Before they opened the ancient creation ground, they understood from those runes how to use the power of their own blood to build buildings.

Although it mainly requires blood, it also requires mixed materials. Obviously, these powers are the materials.

After Chu Feng observed it, he found that the light spots here were in groups, divided into different groups with different colors.

For example, right now, it is **** that is attacking Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er.

But there are other colors of power in the distance.

They have their own territories~Soverse.com~and do not offend each other.

The power of different colors has different strengths.

“Materials are also divided into three, six or nine grades.”

“The black and gold should be the best.”

Chu Feng said to Xiao Yuer.

According to Chu Feng’s observation, the power of gold and black are at the same level, and they are also high levels.

“Brother, which one do you want to choose?” Xiao Yu’er asked.

“Gold looks more dazzling, but I am more interested in black.” Chu Feng said.

“Big brother and I will choose one.” Xiao Yu’er said.

“Okay, follow me.”

Chu Feng took the lead to set off. Whether it was black power or golden power, it was some distance away from them and in different directions.

While they were traveling, there were many other levels of forces blocking the way.

These powers have their own attack range.

For example, if you step out of the range of white power, **** will not attack, but if you step into the range of other powers, you will be attacked by other powers.

But every time they were attacked, Chu Feng and Xiao Yu’er did not leave quickly. Instead, they deliberately stayed inside to adapt to the stronger power.

Whether it is black or gold, it is the strongest power. It is risky to challenge directly. It is better to adapt to other powers step by step.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaoyuer can completely keep up with his own rhythm.

And Chu Feng noticed that Xiao Yu’er’s breathing method was very special. Compared with Chu Feng’s rough skin and thick flesh, he simply had a higher tolerance for pain.

Xiao Yuer has her own way of adjusting.

Of course, the attacks here are not just soul damage, the mental attacks are equally ferocious.

So if Xiaoyuer can bear it, he must have amazing perseverance.

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