#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5815: The only chance left, the disappeared copper door


Even Xiao Yu’er’s little face was filled with endless excitement and excitement.

“Ah ah ah, really, really?”

“This is actually the place where Taikoo created the Dao?”

And the wind chime was so excited that he clenched his hands into fists and screamed with excitement.

Everyone who had been troubled by the pressure before was now showing excitement and excitement that Chu Feng had never seen before.

“Chu Feng, no wonder you persuaded us to come.”

“I actually opened the legendary Taikoo Creation Ground. Oh my god, I really don’t know how to thank you. You are my benefactor.”

“Young hero Chu Feng, you are not only his, but also my benefactor. I will never forget you in this life, and I will tell my son, my grandson, and all my descendants how much you have meant to me. Thank you for your kindness, you are a great benefactor that our family will never forget.”

The other two members of the Divine Body Tianfu were even more excited and wanted to acknowledge Chu Feng as their ancestor.

The two of them are not as bright as Yuwen Yanri.

Before, I was quite worried about being implicated by Chu Feng.

But now, their gratitude is so intense.

“Everyone, what is this ancient creation place?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Huh? You…don’t know where Taikoo created the Dao?” Everyone was surprised at Chu Feng’s words.

Even the little fish opened its mouth in surprise.

But soon, her slightly open mouth turned into a bright smile. She thought this matter was quite interesting.

So, she said with a bright smile: “Don’t talk, you all, I will talk to my elder brother.”

After Xiao Yuer’s narration, Chu Feng also understood why everyone was so excited.

It turns out that the so-called Taoist Creation Place is not only from this era, but also has many records in ancient ruins.

To put it simply, this is a sacred place that has existed since ancient times.

If you can step into it, you will have the opportunity to create your own way of cultivation.

Once the path of cultivation is successfully established, you will be guided.

From now on, the path of cultivation will be different.

Anyone who can succeed here and create a successful path will all be able to grow into the top being of an era.

It’s just that it’s too difficult to enter the Taikoo Creation Ground.

In the early days of the era, there were some methods among the many ruins, and those methods were diverse.

But they are all one-time use. As long as someone has used it, no matter whether it is successful or not, it cannot be used again.

Almost at the beginning of the era, all opportunities and treasures related to the Taikoo Creation Land have been used.

Today, the place where Taikoo created the Dao exists only in legends.

There is actually no clear record of how the Tao was created, but when the Taikoo Tao Creation Site was opened, the scene that appeared was clearly communicated.

The scene was exactly the same as what came from the depths of the void.

“No wonder, the reminder inside the Nine Heavens Summit said that this is an opportunity not to be missed.”

Chu Feng was particularly happy to learn that this place was such an important legendary place.

After all, everyone followed his advice.

If the trip was really in vain, Chu Feng would also feel a little sorry.

At this point, Chu Feng no longer had any worries, the opportunity was here.

As for whether you can succeed or not, it all depends on your personal ability.

“My brother Chu Feng, you are really amazing.”

“It’s just a pity.”

“Only we have seen it. It would be great if this scene happened at the top of the Nine Heavens and was witnessed by the world.” Long Chengyu sighed.

“You want to be in the limelight so much?” Chu Feng said with a smile, not as a joke, but as a pure joke.

“Brother Chu Feng, you don’t know.”

“According to records, in the early days of our era, no matter whether it was the use of treasures or secret techniques, the Taikoo Creation Ground could generally only be opened and entered by one person.”

“It takes two people to open it, but two people can step in at the same time. There are only records in ancient times.”

“In our time, only one person can enter.”

“And it has never been recorded that so many people like us opened the Taikoo Creation Ground at the same time.”

“No matter whether we can step into it or not, history has been made by just having so many of us open the Taikoo Creation Ground together.”

“We are making history, do you understand making history?”

Long Chengyu said excitedly from below.

His excited look made his sister Long Muchi look helpless.

“It is indeed a pity. It would be great if more people could witness it.”

Qin Xuan also sighed, the regret on his face was no less than that of Long Chengyu.

“In my opinion, even on the top of the Nine Heavens, no one outside can witness it.”

“They can’t even see us. We are currently hidden and cannot be discovered no matter how powerful our methods are.” Chu Feng said.

“Is that so?”

When Chu Feng said this, the expressions of regret on the faces of Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan and others faded a lot.

“So, apart from those seniors from the early days of the era, we are the ones who challenge this ancient creation land?” Chu Feng asked again.

“It’s hard to say this.” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“How?” Chu Feng asked.

Not only Chu Feng, but also others looked at Xianhai Shaoyu.

Compared to Chu Feng’s pure inquiry, their eyes were slightly questioning.

Because from what they heard, only a handful of top figures in the early era had opened the Taikoo Creation Ground.

And there are even fewer people who can successfully enter.

“There are many ways and many ways to open the Taikoo Creation Ground.”

“Although in the early days of the era, too many opportunities were used, there is an ancient bronze door. It is said that as long as someone can open it, one can step into the ancient creation place.”

“But almost no one can open this copper door.”

“And this bronze gate, after many forces circulated, fell into the hands of the Seven Realms Holy Palace tens of thousands of years ago.”

“But I heard… this door was lost decades ago.” After saying this, Xianhai Shaoyu looked at Lingxiao.

“Lost?” Immediately afterwards, everyone else’s eyes also turned to Lingxiao.

After all, Lingxiao and Jie Baobao are members of the Seven Realms Holy Palace and should know the truth.

Of course, the most important thing is that they have heard about this door.

This gate is extremely precious. The Seven Realms Holy Mansion must be heavily guarded. How could it be lost?

“Brother Shaoyu is really well-informed. This matter has not been spread. How did you know about it?” Lingxiao asked.

“So, is it really lost?”

“How could such a precious treasure be lost? What happened?”

Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan and others asked one after another.

“I don’t know the details of this matter, but I have heard some rumors in my Seven Realms Holy Palace.”

“This thing is known to the world at that time. It is the only remaining treasure that can open the ancient creation path.”

“I think you all can imagine its importance, so our Seven Realms Holy Palace is naturally very careful in protecting this object.”

“It…has almost received the strictest protection from my Seven Realms Holy Palace.”

“But…this door did disappear decades ago.”

“But all the defensive formations have not been damaged in any way. If the rumors are true, then it is better to say that it disappeared by itself than lost.” Ling Xiao said.


“How could something so good disappear?” Everyone was curious.

“Could it be that when the time came, but no one was able to open it, a certain formation was triggered, so he left automatically?” Long Muxi guessed.

“Mu Xi, this girl is reliable. After all, it is such a treasure. It is possible that it has spirituality. It is very likely that she has returned to a certain ruins.” Qin Xuan agreed.

Immediately afterwards, other people nodded, and they agreed with this statement~Soverse.com~.

“Is there another possibility? This door did not disappear, but someone entered the place where this door is.”

“But he didn’t see this door being taken away, and opened it successfully directly, so that’s why the formation was not triggered?” Xianhai Shaoyu asked.

“Successfully activated?” Everyone’s expressions changed.

But Ling Xiao couldn’t help but smile at this statement.

“In the early days of the era, so many powerful seniors were unable to open the bronze door. Will anyone really open it in this era?”

After saying this, he looked at Chu Feng.

“If Chu Feng can open it, I am willing to believe it.”

“But Chu Feng a few decades ago must have just been born, right?” Ling Xiao said with a smile.

“Yes, no one should be able to open the bronze doors that existed in the early days of the era and could not be opened.”

Long Chengyu, Qin Xuan and others also agreed with Ling Xiao’s statement.


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