#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5505: The Gate of the Star Sea, the mission is open



“I have observed that the demon crane itself is indeed just a treasure. It is true that it has special power, but it is also a formation set up by the previous master.”


“No matter how strong it is, it should not have a completely independent consciousness and cultivation system, so it is unreasonable for Yaohe to set up a sacrificial formation to refine us.”


“If you want to find out the truth, you can only wait for Master Yaohe to wake up and ask about the true origin of Yaohe.” Chu Feng analyzed.


Although Chu Feng is only a junior, few people dare to underestimate his words.


Because Chu Feng has indeed done too many inconceivable things, even just now, he saved the lives of all the geniuses of the Totem Dragon Clan.


It’s a coincidence once or twice, but it happens every time, that’s the real thing.


The patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan looked at Chu Feng, slightly narrowing the corners of his eyes, with an imperceptible sense of gratitude.


Why is he happy when such a dangerous thing happened just now?


Naturally because, he felt more and more that Chu Feng was the person he saw from the prophecy.


He was fortunate that the choice to make friends with Chu Feng was so correct.


“Report to the patriarch, the ancient star sea has changed.”


Suddenly, someone outside reported.


Seeing this, everyone hurriedly cast their eyes outside.


Even through the wall, one can look from the inside to the outside, but one can clearly see that the Primordial Star Sea has indeed changed.


There have been changes in the ancient Xinghai before, and a blood-red mist rose above the sea, which has a strange beauty.


The mist was originally condensed, winding like a hurricane.


But suddenly there was a strong wind before, and that force suppressed the mist, making it impossible for the red mist to continue to rise.


The power that suppressed the red mist disappeared at the moment, and the red mist condensed at an extremely fast speed, and traveled to the depths of the ancient star sea.


And soon, the red mist dissipated, and a bright road appeared.


The road extends to the depths of the ancient star sea. At the end, it is the place where the red mist condensed before. When the red mist dissipates, you can see a faintly visible door there.


Although it is faintly visible, it can be seen that the gate is very unusual, and it gives people a sense of sacred majesty. One can tell that there is an extraordinary opportunity inside.


This scene is so extraordinary that everyone who was still immersed in the Yaohe incident has already exploded at this time.


Because the scene emerging above the ancient star sea is too eye-catching.


Anyone can see that this is a huge opportunity, an opportunity visible to the naked eye.


In fact, some people have already started to leave, even though they know that there is a terrifying power in the Primordial Star Sea, and people are not allowed to step in.


But right now, there are still some people who want to follow that road, regardless of the risk, to the looming gate in the depths of the ancient star sea.


But after approaching, people found that the road was completely impassable, and they couldn’t get in at all.


The Primordial Star Sea can still enter, the most is to bear the power of the Primordial Star Sea.


But that road is the only one that can’t even get in.


Not only the older generation can’t get in, but even the younger generation can’t get in.


“Isn’t that road going in?”


“Then what’s the point of it appearing here?”


“Should a special method be required to step in?”


At this time, even the people of the Totem Dragon Clan were talking about it.


The looming door is too far away, and people don’t know whether he is a vision or a real existence.


But at least the road above the ancient star sea really exists.


It is clearly a real path, but it is impossible to step into it. There must be a solution to such a limitation.


So everyone began to observe seriously, wanting to find a solution.


Chu Feng is no exception.


“Chu Feng, can you find a way?” Her Lady Queen said excitedly.


She can also see that this is a rare opportunity, and this is different from Yaohe, this is the ancient Xinghai, and it is one of the most mysterious places in the vast world of martial arts.


If you can go in smoothly, maybe you can meet Xiaoyuer.


So, Her Lady Queen also very much hopes that Chu Feng can find the opportunity first.


“I can’t find any clues.” Chu Feng had already used his heavenly eyes, but he couldn’t see anything.


“How about using the Celestial Master’s Whisk?” Her Lady Queen asked.


“No, that feeling of uneasiness is always there. I can’t use the celestial master’s whisk, otherwise it may cause trouble.” Chu Feng said.


“That’s true…” Her Lady Queen nodded.


Now it has been proved that many masters have come here, not only the totem dragon clan, but also the totem phoenix clan.


Maybe, there are other masters who have not shown up.


In the presence of so many masters, it is very possible for someone to recognize Tianshi Fuchen. If such a treasure is discovered, it will inevitably be snatched.


Chu Feng’s current strength is not the strongest among the juniors, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he is powerless against the older generation.


So Her Lady Queen feels that Chu Feng’s intuition is not groundless.


Because intuition is not metaphysics, but an instinct.


Like many animals, they have the ability to predict danger. It is said to be instinct, but it is also a kind of sensitive observation.


The instinct that Chu Feng mentioned can also be said to be the special power of observation that he has cultivated over the years.


Maybe his cultivation is still unable to support the potential danger of his completeness, but his observation ability can also vaguely feel that this danger does exist.




Suddenly, a stream of light flew over and fell into the hands of the patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan.


The speed of the streamer was extremely fast, so fast that in the presence, except for the patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan, almost no one noticed the streamer.


Holding Liu Guang, a message entered the mind of the head of the Totem Dragon Clan, and he opened his palm and found a formation the size of a pearl in his hand.


There are many tokens in the formation that look like keys.


At this time, the patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan glanced at the descendants of the Dragon Clan present, and then at the distant sacred gate standing on the ancient star sea, his eyes were a little complicated and tangled.


Because he now knows something that other people present don’t know, but in the end there is still a hint of determination in his eyes.




The patriarch of the Totem Dragon clan waved his sleeve, the formation shattered, and all the tokens flew out, flying towards Chu Feng, Long Chengyu, Long Muxi and other talented juniors present.


“Father, where did you get this?” Long Chengyu asked first.


With the token in their hands, they can feel the extraordinary power of the token. The token itself actually contains hidden power.


In addition, they can also feel that this key-like token has the same aura as the road that appeared at the Primordial Star Sea Meeting at this time.


It means that this token is probably the key to entering that road.


How did his father get this thing?


For Long Chengyu’s question, the patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan did not answer directly, but said to him:


“You take this token and walk along this road, and you can enter the gate smoothly.”


“After entering, you need to find the incomplete formation and complete the formation as much as possible. This is the task of your trip.”


“However, remember that no matter what, your own safety is the main priority, and don’t force it.” The patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan said.


“Father, do you mean… this is what we are here to do?” Long Chengyu asked.


“Yes. ~Soverse.com~The patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan responded.


Hearing this, all the juniors of the Totem Dragon Clan became excited.


They already knew that they came here to do one thing, but they didn’t know what it was before.


Unexpectedly, this event is so amazing, it is really related to the ancient Xinghai, and it is still such a spectacular scene.


They’re…not the people who witnessed history, but the people who made history, which is naturally exciting.


“Father, do you know what else is there besides the incomplete formation?”


“Can we pass through that door and enter the ancient Xinghai?” Long Chengyu asked again and again.


“I don’t know what’s in there, and I don’t know whether that door can enter the ancient star sea.”


“I only know that there is an unfinished formation in it, and that formation needs you to complete it.”


“And that formation method will require your blood power, if it can be completed, it will bring benefits to my totem dragon clan.”


“But remember, you still have to put your own safety first. If you are in danger of threatening your life, it is not impossible to give up.” The patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan instructed again.


“Father, don’t worry, we will be careful.” Long Chengyu replied.


Afterwards, the patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan looked at Chu Feng.


“Little friend Chu Feng, this trip is no small matter, and I need to trouble you to help go with them.”


“This is your reward.” While speaking, the Totem Dragon Clan patriarch handed a universe bag to Chu Feng.


“Senior patriarch, you don’t have to be so polite about my relationship with Brother Cheng Yu and Miss Mu Xi.” Chu Feng still wanted to evade.


However, the patriarch of the Totem Dragon Clan forcibly stuffed the Qiankun bag into Chu Feng’s hands: “If you don’t take it, I’m ashamed to ask you to help me.”


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