#176 The Sovereign’s Ascension Chapter 2342: When I wake up


“Sure enough.”

After hearing that it was indeed the sword of the Southern Emperor, Holy Master Tianxiang knew it, and then looked at Lin Yun and said, “Follow me.”

She soared into the air and quickly chased after the Buried Flower Sword, followed by Lin Yun and Mu Xueling.

After passing through many mountains along the way, the funeral flowers plunged towards the mountain pass, and several people quickly fell down.

Mu Xueling was extremely amazed. This place is the Valley of Ten Thousand Graves in Tianxiang Holy Land, where the bones and tombstones of the powerful emperors are buried.

“This is Grave Valley.”

Mu Xueling opened the mouth and said.

When Lin Yun heard this, his expression changed immediately, and he pondered: “Grave Valley? According to legend, the tomb of Emperor Dinan is in Tianxiang?”

“You will know when you go down.”

The Holy Master Tianxiang said something, and fell into the grave valley first.

This is an extremely vast grave valley. The powerful emperor’s prestige is permeated above the valley, but there is no gloomy atmosphere.

The sun is warm and the spring breeze is bright.

After Lin Yun fell, not only did he not have any gloomy and cold meaning, but he felt warm all over his body, without any emotion of fear or fear.

Mu Xueling said: “The burials here are all the heroes of the imperial realm. Even if the remnants are still there after death, they are all the heroic spirits who protected the human race.”

That’s it.

Lin Yun was stunned.

“The funeral flowers are there!”

The burial flower stopped in front of an inconspicuous tombstone in the valley. Lin Yun and the others walked over quickly. After seeing the writing on the tombstone, Lin Yun’s pupils shrank suddenly.

This is the tomb where the two were buried together. The Southern Emperor and the Southern Emperor’s lover, the two indulged in this together.

Lin Yun’s heart tightened, and he naturally thought of Gu Jian’s affectionate past.

He breathed a long sigh of relief, bowed three times to the tombstone, and expressed his respect. There is also the feeling of gratitude for being taken care of by funeral flowers many times along the way.

Whether it is the Southern Emperor or the Southern Emperor’s beloved wife, they all forged a deep karma with Lin Yun by relying on the buried flower sword.

“That makes sense. How could there be a separate tomb of the Southern Emperor? With the deep affection of the Southern Emperor, he must sleep with his beloved wife.”

Lin Yun looked emotional, thinking that such a loving person can be buried together in the end, which is considered a good belonging.

Where do flowers come from, where do I come from.

Konoha wind owl owl, empty mountains and rivers are long.

I come from the sky, and flowers start from the palm of my hand.

There is nothing in the world, I present you a white horseshoe.

Looking at the little poem on the tombstone, Lin Yun muttered to himself with a dignified and slightly sad expression.

Mu Xueling said: “In this way, the tombs of the Southern Emperor in the outside world are all clothes tombs.”

It is only now that she knows about the fact that the Southern Emperor was buried in the tomb valley.

“It’s all fake. The so-called Southern Emperor’s Supreme Treasure, Heavenly Dragon Bone, Hell Catalog and Destiny Talisman, are all kept in Tianxiang Temple.”

Sacred Lord Tianxiang looked at Lin Yun and said, “According to his will, whoever brings his beloved wife with a sword before his death, Tianxiang Shenshan has the right to leave the treasure to the other party.”

The right to leave it to the other party means that you also have the right not to give it to the other party.

The Southern Emperor also kept an insurance policy. After passing his level, he still needs to pass the level of Tianxiang Shenshan.

“If I want to recast the road to heaven and wipe out the demon gods buried under the mountains, I need the help of the dragon bone.”

Lin Yun looked at Holy Master Tianxiang, and truthfully told his thoughts.

After he mastered the Heavenly Dragon Sword Art and mastered the power of the Heavenly Dragon, he knew exactly how terrifying the power of the Heavenly Dragon was.

It is the supreme existence above the seven great dragons, and can control all dragons, even the innate supreme Canglong astrology is also under its control.

The value of the celestial keel is far beyond people’s imagination, and it can instantly bridge the gap in Lin Yun’s cultivation base.

Sacred Lord Tianxiang looked at Lin Yun, and pondered: “You have told the karma of accepting the keel bone, and there is no reason why Tianxiang Temple should not give it.”

“The Southern Emperor has been obsessed with resurrecting his dead wife in the late period. It was too late when he woke up. His lifespan was about to expire, and he could not recast the heavenly path in this life, nor could he level the buried mountain range.”

“His purpose of letting Tianxiang Holy Land to guard the gate is to determine whether the person who has suffered this karma has this ability.”

“Otherwise, even if you are given a dragon bone, you will not be blessed to bear it, and it will only bring disadvantages.”

Lin Yun came to his senses instantly, and said, “Do you need to test my strength? Anytime.”

He looked up, his eyes full of confidence.


Holy Master Tianxiang raised his hand and slammed towards him, Lin Yun resolutely greeted him.


The moment the two palms touched, the heaven and the earth immediately remembered the solemn holy voice, the holy voice was like a song, chanting in all directions through the long river of time.

Heaven and earth hymn!

This is a mythical vision!

Under the blessing of the hymn, Lin Yun’s body surged with sword power, and at the same time, two eternal flowers bloomed.

On the other hand, Holy Master Tianxiang, she seems to have returned to the basics, without any vision or light on her body, not even the fluctuation of Saint Yuan.


Holy Master Tianxiang retracted his palm, which caught Lin Yun off guard, so he had to withdraw all his strength.

Come on!

After taking three steps back, Lin Yun stabilized his body and dispersed all the visions.

The cultivation in the Qingkong Realm has made Lin Yun’s strength skyrocket, and he can’t retract and release freely in a short period of time.

“Tianxiang Shenshan really lives up to its reputation.”

Lin Yun looked at the opponent and clapped his hands.

Just now, he knows what it means to be unfathomable. The strength of the Heavenly Fragrance Lord is at least equal to that of the Nine Emperors.

Sacred Lord Tianxiang looked calm, and only looked at Lin Yun with deep meaning: “The Southern Emperor is far inferior to you at your age. Even if he is still alive, he is willing to give you the Tianke bone.”

Lin Yun was noncommittal.

Looking at the quiet funeral flowers in the distance, he stretched out his hand and put it into his heart.

“Come with me.”

The Lord of Tianxiang led Lin Yun and Mu Xueling to the Temple of Tianxiang.

Following the instructions of the Sword Master Zi Yuan, she first returned the Divine Rune of Reincarnation to Lin Yun.

The divine pattern of reincarnation was engraved on a scroll, and Lin Yun stretched out his hand to take it. The moment he held the scroll, he felt the fluctuation of the imprint of reincarnation.

He used his own holy way of reincarnation to test a little, hum, and the seal of the scroll was loosened immediately, and the divine pattern inside was like a vast and boundless sea surging with majestic power.

Lin Yun immediately stopped.

Among the seven supreme divine patterns, the reincarnation divine pattern is the most important, and now is not the time to refine it.

“This is the Canglong Sun and Moon Umbrella.”

Mu Xueling came out from the apse, and handed over the repaired Canglong Sunyue.

Mu Xueling said: “The Canglong Sun and Moon Umbrella has not only been repaired, but the Holy Master has specially refined nine dragon souls. Now this Canglong Sun and Moon Umbrella is not only intact, but also far more powerful than before.”

“Thank you, Lord!”

Lin Yun was overjoyed and thanked the other party again.

The Canglong Sun and Moon Umbrella is the supreme sacred weapon he used the most, and now his cultivation base has increased greatly, and he also holds the authority of Tianlong.

This supreme sacred weapon is in his hands, and it can be said that there is no hindrance when it is used, and it fits perfectly.

The other supreme sacred weapon in his hand, the Buddha Emperor Golden Lotus Spear, is far behind, and it is always difficult to use it.

Now that his cultivation has soared, he can’t use it smoothly.

With the Canglong Sun and Moon Umbrella in hand, it is undoubtedly like a tiger with wings added, making Lin Yun’s strength skyrocket.

“I don’t know if the Holy Master knows, where is the God of Life among the seven supreme gods?”

Lin Yun asked solemnly.

The seven supreme **** patterns, now only the life **** pattern and the sky ice **** pattern are left, and the latter still has a clue in the Ice and Snow Temple.

There is no clue about the life pattern.

If the Ziyuan sword box cannot gather the complete seven holy patterns, it will never be able to achieve the effect of carrying the Immortal Holy Land, and its power will hardly surpass the holy cloth of the sky.

Sacred Lord Tianxiang truthfully said: “In the Black and White Academy, the Black Emperor and the White Emperor are jointly in charge.”

Lin Yun frowned slightly.

Both the Black Emperor and the White Emperor are one of the Nine Emperors, their strength is far stronger than that of the Ice Emperor, and they are jointly in charge.

This is a little troublesome.

“Where’s the keel that day?”

Lin Yun asked.

“It’s far away in the sky, but close in front of you.”

The voice of the Holy Master Tianxiang fell, a certain ban on the dome of the temple was lifted, and a dragon roared angrily in the temple amidst a flash of golden light.


Unable to bear the terrifying power of the Heavenly Dragon, both Lin Yun and Mu Xueling fell to their knees on the ground.


A spine that was nearly a thousand feet long snaked down. Its whole body was golden and radiant, exuding great coercion like a peerless magic weapon.

As the spine continued to fall, the power of the heavenly dragon became stronger and stronger. Mu Xueling couldn’t bear the blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth, and his face was extremely pale.

Lin Yun was running the Dragon and Phoenix Sword Code, his own sword power was exuding, but he stood up little by little.

At the same time, there is also the power of the heavenly dragon blooming in his body, and when he contends with it, he emits a shocking dragon chant, so that the dragon chant echoes in the hall continuously, like thunder from the sky.

After seeing this, the Lord Tianxiang showed satisfaction, and grabbed the Tianlong’s spine with one hand, and the nearly thousand-foot Tianlong bone continued to condense.


With a flick of her fingers, the condensed keel bones landed on Lin Yun’s arm.


Like the flames of the sky, the flesh and blood on Lin Yun’s hands were burnt red, and the keel was embedded in it so forcefully.

Finally attached to his right hand, it stretched all the way and merged with the arm, but the palm was attached to it like a glove.

It looks like sharp and sharp metal gloves, and flexible wrist guards, fused but not completely fused.

“I will temporarily seal the celestial bone in your right hand, but this ban will not last long, and it must be refined as soon as possible.”

Sacred Lord Tianxiang said seriously: “Once you refine this bone, you will get endless good fortune and undertake the mission of recasting the heavenly path.”

Lin Yun looked back from his right hand and nodded heavily: “My generation, it is my duty.”

“This is the Destiny Talisman. Although you didn’t want it, I’ll give it to you. This is an artifact that inherits Kunlun’s orthodoxy and inherits the fate of the country. The Dragon Empire has always wanted it.”

Sacred Lord Tianxiang handed the Destiny Talisman to Lin Yun, and then said: “You can keep it, you can use it yourself, you can give it to others, or you can keep it hidden, how to choose is up to your heart.”

Lin Yun looked serious, knowing the importance of this thing.

If you want to dominate Kunlun and establish an eternal dynasty, this thing is definitely the key.

For the ambitious, this thing is much more important than the dragon bone.

“Mu Xueling, see off the guests.”

Holy Lord Tianxiang acted resolutely, and left quietly after giving an order.

Lin Yun and Mu Xueling chatted while walking, along the way, he met many Tianxiang disciples.

Playing the piano for fun, fishing by the river, or playing chess in the pavilion, their cultivation is extremely high.

But everyone is extremely leisurely, with a kind of carefree fun, without seeing the pursuit of power and ambition.

“If Tianxiang Shenshan is willing to intervene in Kunlun, I’m afraid the Nine Emperors will not be able to stop it.” Lin Yun pondered.

Mu Xueling smiled and said: “We are a group of wanderers. We stayed in Kunlun only because of the relationship between the Holy Master and the Azure Dragon God Ancestor. Our hometown is not Kunlun. We have been wandering all the time.”

“If you can’t recast the road to heaven, we will start wandering again, looking for a place of peace of mind.”

Lin Yundao: “Why?”

“The Holy Master has already calculated that Kunlun will surely suffer catastrophe within a hundred years. Unless the buried mountains are wiped out and the road to heaven is rebuilt, Kunlun will definitely be devastated and devastated.” Mu Xueling said seriously.

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered, knowing that what the other party said should be true.

“Although the Holy Master will not interfere with Kunlun’s affairs, he really doesn’t like the style of the empress. According to her approach, even if she succeeds in breaking into the God Realm, it will bring disasters that cannot be wiped out for a thousand years to the Nine Regions.”

Mu Xueling said: “So you must live well.”

“What do you mean? Disasters don’t necessarily come from demons?” Lin Yun said seriously.

Mu Xueling said calmly: “It depends on how you understand it. Is the life of an ant counted as fate? If it is counted, it is a disaster. If it is not counted, it is certainly not a disaster.”

Lin Yun wrote down this matter, and when he was about to leave, he smelled a rare fragrance, and couldn’t help but turn his head to look.

The fragrance comes from a group of ancient trees supporting the sky in the distance. The ancient trees are full of flowers and some fruits.

Those fruits exude a faint luster~Soverse.com~There is a figure inside, curled up like a baby, looking extremely weird.

Mu Xueling said: “That is the most fragrant dream butterfly flower in the world. If someone wakes up from a dream, they will come out of the fruit. Many people in the sacred mountain come out of the fruit.”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment, and then laughed, but he didn’t quite believe this statement.

“Farewell. I don’t know if I’m going to live. The holy elders have taken good care of Lin, and I’m worshiped by Lin!”

Lin Yun cupped his hands and bowed to the other party, then raised his eyes and smiled, and soared up.

Mu Xueling’s heart sank when she heard the sentence that she didn’t know if she could survive. She seemed to never have thought that Lin Yun would die completely one day.

If he really died…

As soon as Mu Xueling thought of this, she lost her mind immediately, many thoughts came to her mind, if she didn’t think about it, she couldn’t stop it once she thought about it.

She thought about it for a long time, and finally made up her mind, summoned a sacred bird of Qingluan that was close to her, and flew towards the distance.


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