#175 Everlasting Chapter 5357: Enter Guixu


“Just after the free space stabilizes, should I release the universe?” Chen Feng was a little confused at this time.

After experiencing the war just now, Chen Feng felt that free space was not too safe, but it would not be safe in his own origin.

After all, the origin that you control is incomplete and will limit the development of the universe.

“Let’s wait and see what happens after it’s over. If the Gate of Origin can completely repel these invaders this time and rely on its own strength to deter all parties, it shouldn’t be a problem in a short time.”

Finally the opponent retreated, which made Chen Feng a little disappointed because he did not really inflict serious damage on the opponent.

In other words, the opponent still retains enough strength and will become an opponent sooner or later in the future.

There are many origins in the four parties. If you want to solve each other in the future, these origins will also reunite.

In short, things will not be as easy as Chen Feng imagined.

Chen Feng noticed that the intruders gradually retreated. There was only energy rolling outside the free space, and there were not many practitioners left.

“So are we going to deal with Guixu next? No, there will definitely be some intruders in the free space, but this kind of thing is a small scene, I think I can solve it by myself at the Gate of Origin.” Chen Feng communicated with Shi Changhe and learned about the situation in the free space. Sure enough, there were still some intruders who had not left.

If these intruders are not dealt with quickly, the other party will also cause some turmoil.

“Someone else has taken action, so we don’t need to deal with it. Now I want to go to Guixu and take a look.” said the Gate of Time and Space.

“Okay, let’s go and have a look at Guixu.” Chen Feng agreed, and then looked at Wushen: “Are you interested, fellow Taoist?”

“Of course I’m interested.” Although the God of Nothingness doesn’t want to continue fighting, Guixu is still very attractive.

But now some of Guixu’s forces have invaded the free space, and these still need to be resolved.

Chen Feng doesn’t know yet what the idea of ​​the Gate of Origin is, whether it is to advance bit by bit, or to directly enter Guixu to cause trouble, or to cut off Guixu’s invasion channel.

But Chen Feng soon found out, because things changed again.

Guixu actually began to regain his power, and he did so very quickly.

If Guixu’s power was tentacles before, then the shots that penetrated into the free space have returned to Guixu’s homeland.

Chen Feng was a little surprised when he looked at the collapsed space in front of him. This was a free space covered by the power of Guixu.

Although the power of Guixu was drained away, the power of the free space covered by it was also drained cleanly.

In other words, the free space was somewhat damaged in this battle, but Guixu’s retreat is something that people have to think about.

Is it that Guixu is not sure, or is it that Guixu’s territory was attacked and had to withdraw its strength?

“Did they do it from the Gate of Origin?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“It’s possible, but their speed is quite fast.” The God of Nothingness didn’t follow, so you don’t know what happened.

This possibility is very high, after all, the Gate of Origin and others went to the interior of Guixu.

“You are quite courageous.” Chen Feng thought to himself, in Chen Feng’s opinion, even if the Gate of Origin is powerful, they are still not as powerful as Guixu. You must know that Guixu can swallow up a lot of Origins. There must be an emperor among them.

But Guixu’s retreat also explains some reasons.

“Fellow Taoists, let’s also go into Guixu to have a look. Of course, we’ll start from the outer area first. If there’s danger, we’ll rush out later.” Chen Feng said.

“Of course, if someone wants to quit, just ask. The free space also needs stable manpower.”

A few people did hesitate, but in the end no one spoke.

It is definitely dangerous, but these Hunyuan masters did gain some benefits by following Chen Feng. Going to Guixu this time is also a good opportunity.

“Enter from another place.”

Chen Feng knew Guixu quite well, so he did not follow the direction in which Guixu retreated, but entered after a while.

Entering Guixu again, Chen Feng had an illusion.

“Guixu seems to have become stronger again. It seems that these times have swallowed up other origins.” Chen Feng said.

“No one can tell how big Gui Xu is. According to my speculation, as Gui Xu continues to expand, if the Gate of Origin is not avoided, it will be covered sooner or later.” Nihility God said.

“But don’t underestimate the Gate of Origin. This guy’s strength is beyond my expectation. Maybe he can really compete with Guixu.”

“I have never underestimated the Gate of Origin, and I have not even underestimated the Great Spirit Emperor.” Chen Feng said.

“There is nothing in this area, maybe we need to go deeper.” God of Nothingness explored all directions, and everything around him was clear.

Chen Feng nodded: “Then hurry up. Maybe the Gate of Origin and others have restrained the power of Guixu, so they don’t have any extra power to pay attention to us.”

“Fellow Taoist, I heard that the origin you know comes from Guixu?” At this time, a Hunyuan superior suddenly asked Chen Feng,

“That’s right!” Chen Feng didn’t hesitate. Many people knew about this matter, and there was nothing to hide.


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