#175 Everlasting Chapter 5056: I can’t catch up


“Things are not that simple. According to my calculations, the victor in this battle must be the Emperor of the Soul, and the origin of the ancient soul is actually making the final desperate effort. It is not that simple to change the situation.” Chen Feng Said.

“That’s right, before coming to the core area of ​​the origin of the soul, I thought it would be able to split the origin of the soul, but now it seems that it has not succeeded at all.” Pluto also has his own judgment.

However, seeing the origin of the soul retreating and collapsing, Pluto began to doubt his previous judgment again.

However, Pluto thought that he was inside the origin of the soul before, and could rush out in such a dangerous situation. Now that a few people are outside the origin of the soul, they can leave at any time no matter how dangerous it is.


The origin of the soul collapsed in large chunks, Chen Feng urged the two origins to come forward to grab the benefits, and at the same time, Chen Feng himself also used swordsmanship to attack non-stop.

From the time of the battle to the present, Chen Feng has been maintaining his full output. Although the consumption is very high, the origin fragments he snatched back can also make up for his consumption.

It’s just that the strength in Chen Feng’s body is also limited, and continuous bursts of full strength are also a huge burden for Chen Feng.

This is because the three of Pluto and the others are behind to replenish energy, otherwise, Chen Feng alone would not be able to perform many attacks with this level of weapons.

Finally, Chen Feng stopped the long sword in his hand and needed a short rest.

Chen Feng stopped, but the three of Pluto were a little anxious. They were still collecting resources, but without Chen Feng charging into the battle, the benefits they collected would also decrease.

Of course, the three of Pluto have paid a lot before, but facing the collapsed spiritual origin, no one wants to miss such a good opportunity. Even if you pay some price and overdraw some mana, you must seize Opportunity, get the benefits first.

After the things here are over, just find a place and recover slowly.

Chen Feng observed the entire battlefield, and the three origins of the ancient souls were still attacking continuously.

At this time, Chen Feng still had another thought, that is, whether there are some special means in other places for the origin of the three parties.

Is what I and others see just the tip of the iceberg?

If this is the case, then it is hard to say who will win this battle.

If it is said that there is only such a little method for the origin of the broken three parties, then it is definitely not the opponent of the emperor of the mind.

“If you don’t want to leave, don’t regret it. I think you should also understand what level of existence you offended. If I want to kill you, it doesn’t matter what origin you go to.” Chen Feng received another threat from the Emperor of Mind.

Chen Feng also knows that the threat of the Great Mind King is real. If such a powerful existence wants to chase and kill him wholeheartedly, he really cannot escape, unless he returns to the gate of origin and lets the gate of origin deal with him .

Besides, with such a powerful character, even the Gate of Origin may not be able to suppress him, and at worst, the Emperor of Mind can leave at any time.

Thinking about it this way, Chen Feng really felt the pressure.

But as I said before, I have already offended the other party anyway, so there is no point in leaving now, and I will use up the other party’s strength as much as possible.

Chen Feng didn’t answer, he was still quickly adjusting his state, and at the same time mobilizing the energy in the origin that he had mastered.

After all, the power that can be exploded by itself is still not as good as the origin.

“If the origins I have mastered can restore some of my strength, even if the Emperor of Mind comes to kill me, I can resist.” Chen Feng also has his own plans.

Although the origins I obtained are all broken, they can be recovered very quickly in my own hands.

Especially after beheading some Hunyuan himself and collecting some origin fragments, as long as there is enough time, these broken origins can become stronger and stronger.

But there is one thing, these origins are not so easy to control, and it will take time to restore strength.

“Maybe find a chance to go back to the ruins again, and then find some other origins to devour them, so that recovery will be faster.” Chen Feng also knows that simply devouring the origin fragments will still be slower, unless these The broken origins devour each other, so that a powerful origin can emerge.

But Chen Feng was a little bit reluctant. After all, each of the broken origins he got had a special power. It would be a pity if they were just fused together like this.

So Chen Feng needs more origin fragments, as well as more broken origins.

“Do it a little bit, it’s not bad to cut some pieces here at the origin of the soul.” Chen Feng thought in his heart.

Including the origin of the soul has been constantly collapsing. Although the origin of the ancient soul is also collapsing, the situation of the origin of the soul still makes Chen Feng feel a little strange.

“You won’t just keep hurting both sides like this?” Chen Feng felt that things were getting more and more wrong.

Although he hadn’t felt any danger until now, his intuition made Chen Feng know that there would definitely be a big change in the future.

Although Chen Feng has been on guard, the successive benefits still make Chen Feng more and more excited.

The area where the origin of the mind collapses is getting bigger and bigger, and the one at the forefront is the origin of the ancient gods.

When Chen Feng saw the sudden expansion of the area of ​​the origin of the mind, enveloping the origin of the ancient gods, Chen Feng knew that all of this was indeed the scheme of the emperor of the mind.

Although it is said that the origin of the ancient gods has not been completely swallowed, there are still a large area of ​​the origin of the ancient gods that cannot be escaped at this time.

Unless you get rid of this region of origin decisively, but in this way, the origin of the ancient gods, which are already somewhat broken, will be even more vital.

“Is this the start of a counterattack?” Seeing this scene, Chen Feng immediately retracted his origin.

Fortunately, the goal of the soul emperor is the origin of the three parties, and his side is not important.

Of course, if the emperor of the mind has enough power, he will definitely not let himself go.

Under such circumstances, it is the right choice to leave this place decisively, so Chen Feng controlled the Creation Formation and began to move far away.

However, although Chen Feng’s reaction was quick, he was still attacked by the Emperor of Mind.

This time, the Great Mind Emperor actually appeared in person, launching a wave of attacks on Chen Feng from a distance.

Just a click on the good fortune formation map and it collapsed directly.

This scene frightened Pluto and the others. The three of them knew how powerful the formation diagram was.

With the joint efforts of everyone, there is still the suppression of the magic weapon, even if there are seven or eight Hunyuan, they cannot break it in a short time.

But now it can’t stop an attack from the Emperor of Mind.

Of course, also because of the formation diagram, Chen Feng and the others were not affected too much.

Chen Feng released the wings of divine movement, wrapping several people and quickly fled far away.

Since the Emperor of Mind made the move himself, Chen Feng didn’t even think about staying and fighting with the opponent.

If it is said that the power of spiritual origin, Chen Feng can resist it for a while, but when it becomes a flexible life threat, it will start to increase linearly.

Chen Feng led everyone to escape quickly, but the crisis of death has always enveloped several people.

While Chen Feng was using the technique of divine movement, the three of Pluto were also using methods to save their lives.

Everyone is above Hunyuan, so naturally they can clearly feel the threat from the Emperor of Mind.

The pressure is unprecedented.

The three of Pluto even had a sense of fear that they would be caught without a fight. Even if they used desperate means, they couldn’t stop the next attack of the King of Mind.

At this moment, the three of them are burning with each other.

Chen Feng is actually not easy.

While leading people into action, Chen Feng was also burning the fragments of origin.

As for the good fortune array that was broken just now, Chen Feng needs to reshape it in the future, so it is naturally unusable now.

The attack of the soul emperor came very quickly.

It arrived almost at the moment when Chen Feng burned the origin fragment.

This time the attack is fundamentally destructive, not only for the body, but also for the will.

Or for everything.

An existence of the level of the spiritual emperor is naturally different from other beings.

The battle between the ordinary Hunyuan shattered the flesh, as long as there is a little bit of spiritual thought left, it can be resurrected.

But the rank of the Great Emperor of Mind is far higher than that of Chen Feng and the others, and even a single blow can wipe out everything.

If Chen Feng’s people really died here, they wouldn’t even be able to be resurrected.

And the speed of the attack was very fast, Chen Feng didn’t have time to arrange too many means.

After all, Chen Feng still has a lot of means, and can deploy multiple layers of defense, but this time it is too late.

In just an instant, the defense created by several people’s methods was directly shattered.

Chen Feng’s magical wings also exploded directly, and dense cracks appeared on the bodies of the three of Pluto.

These cracks flashed by, and the next moment they turned into shattered pieces.

The strong vitality was released from the body, wanting to reshape the body, but it was still unable to do so.

Unless the power of the Great Soul Emperor can be wiped out, otherwise, the ones who will be wiped out will be Pluto and the others.

Chen Feng’s condition is slightly better~IndoMTL.com~ but his body is also full of cracks.

The reason why Chen Feng didn’t collapse like the Pluto and the other three was that apart from Chen Feng’s tyrannical body, he also possessed a stronger way of life.

Even so, Chen Feng still couldn’t hold on, and his body was about to collapse.

At this moment, the phantom of the River of Time emerged, covering Chen Feng and the others into a circle.

The phantoms of the long river of time meet end to end, and the power of time begins to flow backwards. Not only that, the gates of time and space and the others also took action to stabilize the void in all directions.

Chen Feng’s broken body stabilized, and Pluto and the others also reshaped their bodies.

Everything seems to be back to before.

The divine movement wings on Chen Feng’s back also regrown, and the next moment Chen Feng disappeared along with the void around him.

The Emperor of Mind still wanted to continue attacking, but he couldn’t locate Chen Feng’s specific location for a while. At the same time, the Ancient God Origin’s attack also arrived, and this delay made it impossible to chase and kill Chen Feng and the others.


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