#175 Everlasting Chapter 4992: Variation



However, the two later powerful beings on the Dark Origin side did play a big role.


There’s just so much that it’s still a bit underwhelming for one origin.


“It’s just that he is accumulating more power and intends to explode in one fell swoop, or he has some other thoughts.” Chen Feng is now somewhat uncertain.


Just when Chen Feng controlled the powerful force to slaughter these light groups, he suddenly felt something. The scene in front of him seemed to pause for a moment, and his thinking also changed in this way.


The next moment Chen Feng felt a great sense of crisis.


In Chen Feng’s feeling, a dazzling light group spread rapidly beyond the distant time and space.


It seems that the origin of the flame attribute is burning violently, and the energy emitted is thousands of times more than before.


Just when Chen Feng wondered what was going on, the scattered light groups suddenly stopped. Each one seemed to be an exploding star, emitting a condensed light, melting into each other. As a whole, it complements the dazzling sight in the distance.


Then Chen Feng felt that the aura of these light groups from the Yang Realm began to rise steadily.


The injured person will recover instantly, and then his own strength will continue to grow stronger.


And after these light clusters fuse with each other, they also form a field, just like the territory Chen Feng is expanding now.


In the realm, the light group is invincible.


Everything outside the realm is in ashes, and even the power of origin can’t last long.


“Could it be the Yang Realm?”


Chen Feng was enlightened. Looking from a distance, the scale of the halo was still expanding, and the brightness was also increasing.


Chen Feng captured that the power emanating from the other party was being transmitted to these halos in a strange way.


“So they summoned the Yangjie.”


Chen Feng is relatively familiar with this method. When Chen Feng was fighting outside, he summoned the power of Taixu Land more than once to bless him.


The means are the same, but the Void Land and the Yang Realm are far incomparable.


“It seems that the distance from Yangjie is not too far, or their methods are more magical.” Chen Feng wanted to use his own methods to explore the reality of Yangjie, but all Chen Feng’s methods were in Yangjie. Under the power of the world, it will be ashes, because it can’t play the slightest role.


“The power is too strong, this is the existence of the same name as Guixu, it is really amazing, and it feels more domineering.”


“But this time it was the power that these light groups summoned, not the Yang Realm taking the initiative. It’s hard to say how much power can be transferred in this case, but since they summoned the Yang Realm, the next situation may be different. changes.”


While Chen Feng was thinking about it, the situation did undergo a drastic change, and this change was something that Chen Feng did not expect.


Appeared in the Yang Realm for a moment, and the entire Dark Origin seemed to shake as well.


And there are silent powers reviving everywhere in the dark origin, and each power is no weaker than the power that erupts in front of you.


So many powers erupted together, although the speed was not fast, but Chen Feng and others quickly sensed it.


For the first time, Chen Feng secretly exclaimed that it was not good.


These light groups mobilized the power of the Yang Realm, and now the dark origin is also disturbed.


Then even if the Gate of Origins participated in the battle, I’m afraid they would have to flee.


Who knew that just when Chen Feng planned to leave this place, the power of the dark origin finally exploded for the first time.


What’s interesting is that the power of the dark origin went straight to the Yang realm.


“This is?”


Chen Feng was a little dumbfounded. He didn’t expect things to change like this. Infighting between allies, or is there some conspiracy?


Before the conspiracy is seen, all that is seen is infighting.


Either the Dark Origin does not want the Yang Realm to intervene, which means that the Yang Realm brings too much pressure to the Dark Origin.


This is more reliable.


However, Chen Feng is still a little curious. Even if this is the case, he shouldn’t take action now.


Once the Yang Realm is resolved, then the Dark Origin will be at a disadvantage.


Or the Dark Origin is sure to suppress both sides and control the audience.


Just when Chen Feng was puzzled, he suddenly received the will of the dark origin.


“Join us!”


This made Chen Feng speechless.


But then news came from the Gate of Origin, and Chen Feng understood that this was a negotiation between the Gate of Origin and the Dark Origin.


Otherwise this change would not have occurred.


However, this feeling of hiding it from myself is still a little uncomfortable, but in any case, the worst is over.


Then the biggest gain is to solve these light clusters in the sun world.


It’s just that Chen Feng has gained something, so the Gate of Origin and the others have done nothing in vain. After all, if the Gate of Origin is profitable, only the Dark Origin will start.


It is better to solve the power of the Yangjie first, and then start over with each other.


Under the attack of the power of the dark origin, the dazzling light group was defeated. Chen Feng also noticed that those light groups were really panicked. They gathered together and formed a powerful torrent, which broke a channel and quickly rushes in the direction of the Yangjie.


It is clear that the situation is extremely dangerous at this time, and there is nothing to say now.


Seeing that these light groups want to escape, neither Chen Feng nor the Dark Origin party are willing to let the other party leave, and they use all means to stop them.


Without the entanglement of the dark origin, Time Changhe and their powers are liberated.


What’s more, the two sides join forces.


So I quickly surrounded these lights, and the opponent couldn’t rush out by any means.


The two powerful beings on the Dark Origin side each captured a light group, and the Dark Origin also created a vortex and devoured these light groups.


Time Changhe also used their own methods to capture the light group.


Then Chen Feng was a little anxious when he saw this scene, so his own interests could not be maximized.


You must know that Chen Feng wanted to get all these light groups into his hands, and now it seems that he can’t grab these big guys at all.


No matter what, Chen Feng will not wait and see, and use the power of Origin to come forward and get a piece of the pie.


As a result, Chen Feng only had time to suppress the two light groups, and the rest were divided up.


Chen Feng felt very sorry, but there was nothing he could do.


I’m actually the weakest person in this environment, and it’s not bad to be able to get these.


But anyway, the existence from the sun world is resolved.


So what’s next?


Chen Feng didn’t feel relieved, because Chen Feng couldn’t be sure whether Dark Origin would take action on his side next.


After all, the Gate of Origin is also an intruder.


And the Gate of Origin will not let it go. To put it bluntly, the benefits are not enough.


It was when Chen Feng was worried that he received news from the Gate of Origin.


This news surprised Chen Feng again.


It turns out that the Gate of Origin and the Dark Origin have really been negotiated, and there will be no more fighting between the two sides.


The power of existence such as the long river of time can be spread in the heart.


For the first time, Chen Feng thought it was an invasion, but after really thinking about it, he would find that the Dark Origin let go of his own obstacles and let these forces enter, which was actually beneficial to both parties.


In time, they will become stronger, and the infusion of foreign power from the same dark origin will also become stronger.


As long as both parties can live in peace, this is the best way.


“It turns out that there is cooperation in addition to fighting.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


This is indeed the best kind of result, just don’t know who persuaded who.


After all, both the Dark Origin and the Gate of Origin are extremely powerful Origins. Maybe they don’t want to fight.


“If this is the case, where should I go next? Or should I stay in the dark origin for a while.” Chen Feng began to think about his next path.


Obviously the time and their power will stay here, and the tentacles will extend in all directions of the shadowy origin.


You can really get some benefits by staying here, that is, to collect some powerful, unseen attribute powers.


Ancestor Shuiyue came to Chen Feng’s side. At this time, he didn’t know what was going on. After hearing what Chen Feng said, Ancestor Shuiyue also looked strange.


“I didn’t expect this kind of change, and it’s the best result for me. Next, I won’t get the origin of music, and I don’t have to leave the dark origin in such a hurry.” Shui Yue Lao Zu said with a smile.


“It’s just a bit of emotion. We were fighting each other before, but now it has stopped quickly. Our dark origin has fallen above some Primordial Primordial, and in the end, it’s still a bit of a loss.”


“For Origin, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to lose some Primordial Yuan.” Chen Feng smiled.


Ancestor Shuiyue nodded after thinking about it, understanding what Chen Feng said,


Afterwards, everything returned to calm, and the powerful fluctuations in the previous fighting between the two sides had to be quickly calmed down.


As for those chaotic energies that have long been absorbed by Dark Origin~IndoMTL.com~ Chen Feng wanted to ask what the Origin Gate was all about, but the Origin Gate did not respond.


But Chen Feng can guess that there must be some conditions between them, and they will choose to compromise if they have some common interests.


“Hey, is there any news now? If I hadn’t come here, the Gate of Origin would not have discovered the origin of this side. Now, it’s alright, there is a feeling of crossing the river and demolishing the bridge.” Chen Feng sneered.


It is because the power of the Gate of Origin is too powerful. The reason why Chen Feng continues to reap the benefits is actually through the power of the Gate of Origin.


In the final analysis, Time Changhe and the others belong to the Gate of Romance. Without the opening of the Gate of Origin, it would be difficult for them to mobilize too much power.


This is all under the control of the Gates of Origin.


“I’m still thinking about detaching from the gate of origin, unless it can mutate, but even if it mutates, its strength will also be affected. After all, it’s not a real life.” Chen Feng said with some emotion.


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