World Defying Dan God Chapter 5129: Tian Gu Xing Hegemony



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Although the ancient time and space has been chaotic to the point of collapse, the group of chaotic guys in the Temple of Time will not die because of this. They will definitely enter the ancient purgatory from the ancient time and space!


In the ancient purgatory, that group of time monks will continue to create all kinds of chaos, this is their nature.


“The time cultivator of the ancient time and space, once he joins the temple of time and reaches a certain level, his mind will be completely subverted, and then he will be very keen to create chaos!” Cailian said: “I became a time cultivator back then, because in the end Stick to your heart, don’t fall into it, want to get out, but was sealed by the Temple of Time!”


“Lian’er, in the Temple of Time, are there many people in this situation?” Chen Xiang asked.


“There are quite a few, but these time monks will be removed by the Temple of Time! So most of the remaining time monks are very crazy, although they seem normal, their behavior always creates chaos The time event!” Cailian said.


Da Yaozu’s experience in the Temple of Time gave her a full understanding of the Temple of Time.


“Lian’er, you don’t have to be afraid of them! It’s in the Heavenly Ancient Purgatory now, and the time here is not so easy to mess up!” Chen Xiang said: “However, the Temple of Time will definitely rely on their powerful strength to disrupt the chaos. From the ancient purgatory!”


Everything in the ancient purgatory was thrown into the ancient purgatory by the time temple because the Temple of Time could not control it!


What Chen Xiang is worried about now is the World Defying Universe, what is the situation, because he has completely lost contact, even if he uses the strongest space force, he cannot penetrate out to contact the World Defying Universe!


Cai Lian learned that Tiangu Time and Space had merged in, and immediately relayed the news to the four ghost queens, letting them know clearly that the enemies they will face in the future will be very terrifying!


According to the time temple’s vision, it is normal for the four demon queens and four demon queens to fight to the death, but now they are united, the time temple will definitely not tolerate this kind of thing, and will definitely intervene , and then say it’s to “fix” a bug or something.


There is no doubt about what Cailian said, because they all know that the Temple of Time is very abominable!


Chen Xiang did not return to Tiangu Xing, because the purgatory blood of Tiangu Xing had not yet come out, and the enchantment in the inner core space was very powerful, even the blood master could not blast it away!


Although the blood of the purgatory of Tiangu Xing has not been obtained, it nourishes the entire Tiangu Xing. This alone is enough to cause many great forces to migrate to the Tiangu Xing.


In the Temple of Time in Tiangu Purgatory, I noticed this long ago and arrived at Tiangu Xing very early.


The powerhouses of many other ancient great forces are now beginning to explore the inner core space of Tianguxing. They also showed their supernatural powers and went to the inner core space, but none of them could break through it, which meant that no one could get the blood of purgatory!


“Lord Blood Lord, if this continues, we won’t be able to get the blood of purgatory at all! These guys, have they entered the kernel space?”


One followed the blood lord, suspended in the air, and looked at a large group of people below, emerging from a teleportation array.


The ancient great forces have built a teleportation array to connect to the inner core space, and they can go back and forth frequently!


The blood lord overlooked the earth, expressionless, and said: “The blood of purgatory in this star is not the kind of situation we are familiar with! Although this is also a blood star of purgatory, it is a wise man. Purgatory Blood Star is defending itself!”


“But… we don’t have the blood of purgatory, what should we do? Lord Blood Lord, the blood of purgatory needs purgatory blood to maintain a large number of blood slaves to regenerate and maintain blood slaves to reshape their bodies. We must become stronger. To break through, you also need a lot of purgatory blood!” The middle-aged man was very worried.


“The blood of purgatory is contained in the power of creation scattered by Tianguxing! I am the most sensitive to blood energy…” The blood master took a deep breath and said, “What we will do next is to build a Great formation, gather a lot of creation power, and then condense the blood of purgatory from it!”


When the middle-aged man heard it, he was very excited and shouted, “Lord Blood Lord is really brilliant!”


“The enchantment of the inner core space, that is the most powerful force in the entire Tiangu Xingxing. In front of the stars with wisdom, we creatures are oysters!” The blood lord sneered: “They are really a group of oversighted. The guy who will only kill himself! Let’s go!”


The blood master has also given up occupying the inner core space. It can be seen that he now has a very in-depth understanding of Tianguxing.



Tiangu Xing is very lively. Many people are looking for purgatory holy marrow and space blood in the Xuanwu sea area, and many strong people have entered the inner core space to try to break through the enchantment and **** the blood of purgatory.


In this lively atmosphere, a huge black palace suddenly fell from the sky!


From a distance, the palace is like a mountain range formed by a huge mountain, and the palace composed of many huge buildings, such as mountains that stretch for thousands of miles, is very shocking and spectacular!


“The Temple of Time in Tiangu Purgatory, somehow, suddenly descended on Tiangu Xing!” Cai Lian immediately sent a message to Chen Xiang, “Little villain, you must keep a low profile these days!”


“Son, are you still in Tiangu Xing? Hide away, the Temple of Time of Tiangu Purgatory is here!” Shen Tianhu also sent a message to Chen Xiang, telling Chen Xiang.


Chen Xiang was on another star and did not see the arrival of the Temple of Time, but after hearing the news from Shen Tianhu and Cailian, he wanted to see it!


Chen Xiang also promised his father and Cailian that he would not cause trouble, because now he has to wait for the fruit demon clan to cultivate a new purgatory blood tree.


The Temple of Time in Tiangu Purgatory is also a very ancient existence, and many ancient forces have been looking for the Temple of Time, but they have not been found.


I didn’t expect to show up on the initiative now, and it also descended on Tiangu Xing, the intention is very obvious, that is, to plunder the blood of purgatory here!


Other ancient powers will not helplessly watch the Temple of Time control the ancient star, and now they are beginning to contact each other and are ready to unite!


The disadvantage of them now is that they dare not move all their old nests over, fearing that they will be taken over by one pot, but the Temple of Time dares, so they can only unite with each other!


The other is the blood sect of purgatory. The blood lord moved the entire sect because his hometown was copied, so they are a force that cannot be ignored in Tianguxing. There are already many bigwigs looking for the blood lord, but Purgatory Blood Sect doesn’t care, obviously ready to go it alone!


Some people also came to look for the Queen of Demon Souls, but the four Queens of Demon Souls decided not to unite with other forces, because some ancient powers harbored malice towards them, such as the former prison poison gate.


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