World Defying Dan God Chapter 5056: Monk Hunter



“Who are you?”


The body of the old man suddenly flashed hot and strong light, accompanied by a shock wave, which shook Chen Xiang out.


“I was sent by the Fruit Monster Clan!” After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he flashed over again.


After the old man realized that Chen Xiang was difficult to defeat, he immediately released a time domain. By predicting the time in the next few seconds, he could predict in advance how Chen Xiang would attack.


However, the old man couldn’t see anything, because Chen Xiang’s future was unpredictable, or it was very vague, he couldn’t see it through!


At this time, Chen Xiang rushed over and punched the old man’s head with a fist. The fist also flashed with thunder and lightning, which directly caused the soul of the old man to crack!


This old man is a time cultivator. He is also experienced in many battles. He often encounters people who are stronger than him, but because he masters the power of time, he can always retreat and even smack the opponent.


However, now that he is facing Chen Xiang, all the tricks are useless, and he is beaten until he can’t find Bei!


“Do you want to die?” Chen Xiang grabbed the old man’s throat and asked coldly.


“No!” Of course the old man didn’t want to die, so he hurriedly struggled and screamed.


“Then let me ask you, how did you get in touch with the Temple of Time?” Chen Xiang asked.


“We are connected to the Temple of Time through this!” The old man took out a disc and said, “This is a space array, and with the power of time, it can penetrate the space wall of the ancient purgatory!”


Chen Xiang took it and handed it over to Sister Xiaojing to check.


“Useful!” Sister Xiaojing said.


“How much time is there for cultivator here?” Chen Xiang asked.


“I don’t know… We are all sent in to perform tasks!” the old man begged: “Brother, let me go! I promise not to eat those little things in the future!”


“What mission do you guys have when you come in?” Chen Xiang asked.


“The main thing is to observe what’s going on here. If there is a powerful force, we must work together to disintegrate, and no major force is allowed to be born!” The old man was also very uncomfortable when Chen Xiang grabbed his throat.


“So are there any major forces appearing now?” Chen Xiang asked.


“Yes… There are many forces, big and small! But we can’t do anything about it, we can’t disintegrate those forces at all! The Temple of Time was angry with us because of this, so it was delayed to pick us up and didn’t offer a life extension. Give us the medicine pill!” said the old man.


“Which is the most powerful force in Tiangu Purgatory?” Chen Xiang also wanted to know the situation of Tiangu Purgatory.


“I… I don’t know, because those big forces are very low-key! At present, only Wanzhoushan is very high-profile! By the way, there is also a very low-key girl country, but this is a new small group !” said the old man.


“Okay, you can die!”


After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he slammed the old man’s belly with his palm, punching a big hole, and then his eyes shot out strong light, directly killing the old man’s soul.


At this time, the cultivator had eaten the child of the fruit demon clan before, and he was not sincere to Chen Xiang in his heart.


When Chen Xiang had a conversation with the old man just now, he kept his eyes open, and he could see that the old man held resentment and wanted to fight back at any time, so Chen Xiang also decisively killed the old man.


In this way, Chen Xiang carried the old man’s body back to the fruit demon clan, and returned to the tree hole.


Patriarch Guo and Cao Daquan were both in the tree hole. They had been very anxious before, worried that Chen Xiang would have an accident.


When they saw Chen Xiang coming back, they all breathed a sigh of relief!


“Do you know this guy?” After Chen Xiang came in, he slammed the old man’s body on the ground.


“It’s this old bastard…” Patriarch Guo, who looked like a child, immediately recognized it and said angrily: “It’s this old bastard, take away our three children!”


“This guy is a time cultivator, and I killed him!” Chen Xiang said: “How many time cultivators are there nearby? I’ll clean them up one by one!”


Guo Patriarch and Cao Daquan also reacted at this time, Chen Xiang actually killed a time cultivator, and he was the kind with relatively strong strength.


“Wait! Is this guy really dead?” Cao Daquan said in surprise, then went to rummage the old man’s body.


“His soul was erased by me!” Chen Xiang said: “It’s already dead!”


“This… Big Brother Shen, how did you do it? You are too strong!” Patriarch Guo opened his eyes wide, with admiration and disbelief in his eyes, looking at Chen Xiang, he also changed his name to Chen Xiang as Brother Shen.


“It’s easy for me!” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Because I also master the power of time! It is not only the Temple of Time that can use the power of time!”


Although Chen Xiang doesn’t have many ways to use the power of time, the power of time he masters is very special. After passing the fate of Tianxuan, he can suppress the time power of the time cultivator!


“There should be other monks nearby, right?” Chen Xiang said: “I’m going to kill them!”


“Brother Shen, thank you so much!” Patriarch Guo hurriedly took out a dozen divine fruits from the storage artifact and placed them in front of Chen Xiang.


“This is…” Chen Xiang didn’t look at Shen Guo, but at Patriarch Guo’s storage ring, because the refining technique was very familiar, it was Liu Meng’er’s and the others’ technique.


“Brother Shen wants this? Give it!” Patriarch Guo also handed it over very decisively, because he really thanked Chen Xiang.


“No no no, I want to ask, where did this thing come from?” Chen Xiang asked.


“This is given by the girl of the Demon Soul Girl Country!” The patriarch Guo said: “The Monster Soul Girl Country will come to us from time to time to take some divine fruit. They say they will use it for alchemy! So they also gave us a lot of things. !”


“So it is!” Chen Xiang nodded and said, “Patriarch Guo, I don’t want your divine fruit either, I just hope that if there is a girl from the Demon Soul Girl Country, can you help me introduce it to me!”


“You can kill the time cultivator, the girls of the Demon Soul Girl Country will definitely be happy to see you!” The patriarch Guo agreed immediately, and added: “Brother Shen, you must accept these divine fruits, this is our clan. The best divine fruit inside! After you eat it, it will be very useful!”


“Many thanks to the patriarch Guo!” Chen Xiang knew that the fruit demon clan definitely did not lack divine fruit, so he accepted it.


Chen Xiang ate one on the spot, and only felt that his body was a little hot, because the energy contained in the divine fruit was too strong!


Not only is this divine fruit delicious, it’s also churning with energy!


Chen Xiang immediately asked for a and went in to refine that energy. He felt that if he ate more divine fruit, he might be able to cultivate a destiny!


Chen Xiang has been refining for a long time, and the whole person has become more energetic. The next thing he has to do is to hunt and kill the time cultivator!


The time cultivators hiding in this star all want to catch the little fruit demons and eat them to prolong their life. They are all enemies of the fruit demon clan!


Chen Xiang is here anyway to wait for the girl from the Demon Soul Girl Country to come, so he also killed the time cultivator by the way, and asked some useful information from the time cultivator by the way.


The old man before gave Chen Xiang a space array plate. Sister Xiaojing was studying it at this time, and she planned to copy it and use it to send a message to the World-Defying Universe.




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