World Defying Dan God Chapter 5055: Time Busters



Chen Xiang was even more puzzled, why didn’t the fruit demon clan become a time cultivator?


“Brother Cao, are the time cultivators very strong? Can’t they kill them?” Chen Xiang asked.


“It’s very difficult, you can’t kill them!” Cao Daquan said: “Although they can’t control the time of the ancient purgatory, they can still use a little time power, so we are not opponents!”


“When they use the power of time, what effect will they have?” Chen Xiang was curious.


“It’s that they can always predict our next move!” Cao Daquan said, “So it’s hard to kill them! Actually, they’re not outrageously strong, that is, they can always predict us in advance. Act!”


“If that’s the case, it’s really hard to kill them!” Chen Xiang nodded.


“Even if it’s the Demon Soul Girl Country, there’s nothing you can do about it!” Cao Daquan said, “They knew in advance that the Demon Soul Girl Country sent someone over, and then they hid… Once, the Demon Soul Girl Country The warrior caught a time monk, but was still run away by the opponent!”


“Why arrest? Just kill him!” Chen Xiang said.


“Can’t die!” Cao Daquan shook his head and said, “It looks like they killed them, but they can always be resurrected!”


“What? Resurrection!” Chen Xiang was shocked.


“Yes! They were clearly wiped out, but they will reappear in one place and come back to life!” Cao Daquan said with a helpless expression: “So we can only catch them and seal them up!”


“This is too evil!” Chen Xiang really did not expect the ability of a time cultivator to be so defiant.


Huo Yongfei is also a time cultivator. Does he also have this ability?


“By the way, do you know where the Monster Soul Girl Country is?” Chen Xiang asked: “I have something to do with the Monster Soul Girl Country, I want to ask something!”


“I don’t even know where the Ghost Soul Girl Country is!” Cao Daquan shook his head and said, “The Ghost Soul Girl State is hidden very mysteriously, no one knows where it is!”


“What about Wanzhou Mountain?” Chen Xiang asked again.


“I don’t know too much, only the patriarch knows better!” Cao Daquan said: “I have already called the group of children to find the patriarch, and the patriarch should be here soon!”


The patriarch of the fruit demon clan arrived soon, and to Chen Xiang’s surprise, it turned out to be a child!


It looks like a child, but it is the oldest fruit demon of the fruit demon clan, a boy who looks five years old.


Although the patriarch Guo was a child, he behaved like a well-respected elder, and the sense of contrast made Chen Xiang very interesting.


“Patriarch Guo, what kind of existence is Wanzhou Mountain now? Is it a star, or what?” Chen Xiang asked.


“It has turned into a star!” Patriarch Guo said about Wanzhou Mountain with a solemn expression, and said, “Wanzhou Mountain is a powerful enemy of the Demon Nation!”


“Does Yaoguo Xing also have people from Wanzhou Mountain?” Chen Xiang asked again.


“Yes! It’s always been there, but it’s well hidden!” Patriarch Guo said: “The guys in Yaoguo Star, Wanzhou Mountain and the Temple of Time all want to hunt and kill our children and eat them to prolong their lives. !”


“These guys…” Chen Xiang was also very angry about this.


“They have all succeeded! Wanzhou Mountain has captured more than 20 little guys in total, and the time cultivator has captured more than a dozen!” Patriarch Guo said: “Fortunately, there is the enchantment of the Queen of Demon Souls. Never been invaded by them!”


“There is a time cultivator outside, right? I want to catch one and ask!” Chen Xiang also wanted to catch a time cultivator to ask, how can he leave the ancient purgatory.


The time monk must know something!


“It’s hard to catch them! Even if the Queen of Demon Souls makes her own shots, she can’t catch them!” Patriarch Guo said: “Emperor Wanzhou can’t catch them either!”


“Maybe I can?” Chen Xiang also has time and destiny, so he is very confident.


“Since Brother Shen is so confident, you can try it out!” Patriarch Guo said, “You ran into the ancient purgatory by yourself, you are indeed very different!”


“Do you know where there is time for cultivators outside?” Chen Xiang was eager to try, and could not wait to act immediately.


“You take this leaf!” Patriarch Guo handed Chen Xiang a leaf and said, “Just follow the leaf! The trees here will tell you where there is time for monks!”


The fruit demon here has a deep connection with the flowers and trees in the mountains, so it can help Chen Xiang to find the trace of the time cultivator.


“By the way, the guys from Wanzhou Mountain are also on the Demon Fruit Star! Have you ever thought about getting rid of them?” Chen Xiang asked.


“Of course I thought about it! But it’s very difficult. They are all very strong, and they hide very well, so they can’t get rid of them at all!” Patriarch Guo shook his head and said: “The guy from Wanzhou Mountain can hide better than the time cultivator!”


“I’ll set off now!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Wait for my good news!”


“You inject divine power into that leaf to enhance perception!” Patriarch Guo said again.


Chen Xiang tried it and found that the leaf could slowly fly in one direction, indicating that there was time for monks there, and this was also the message from the trees in the mountains!


Chen Xiang jumped from the tree hole, then flew in the air, and flew out quickly in one direction!


Seeing that Chen Xiang can fly, and he can fly so fast! Patriarch Guo and Cao Daquan were both dumbfounded!


With a swish, Chen Xiang flew out of the fruit demon clan’s barrier!


“It turns out that there really is a barrier here! But it doesn’t work for me!” Chen Xiang said: “What the **** is going on here? Is the barrier unreliable?”


“Maybe it’s because of my brother’s special physique! The enchantment didn’t perceive you!” Sister Xiaojing laughed.


Under the guidance of that leaf, Chen Xiang flew in the mountains and forests. After flying over several hills, he saw the branches of a big tree with a person sitting on it!


“Is that the time cultivator?” Chen Xiang saw that person from a distance.


The time cultivator also seemed to know that someone was coming, and when he saw a flying person, his face changed greatly, because he had never seen a person who could fly so fast in the ancient purgatory!


“He’s going to run!” cried Sister Xiaojing.


Chen Xiang finally knew why the time cultivators were difficult to catch, because they could indeed predict the danger in advance. If they couldn’t attack quickly, I couldn’t catch them at all!


Chen Xiang immediately jumped in appeared beside the monk at that time in the blink of an eye!


He came to the time cultivator and released the six divine mirrors to run the time domain!


Chen Xiang himself also released a space domain of Tianxuan!


“Who are you!” Cultivator Time is an old man, looking at Chen Xiang in shock, because no one has ever used this ability to catch him.


“Humph!” Chen Xiang sneered, and slammed the old man’s belly with his palm, directly smashing the opponent’s condensed time power.


Chen Xiang used the divine power of time and fate, and after he hit it, his power was also extremely strong, causing the opponent to vomit blood.




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