World Defying Dan God Chapter 4984: Tiangu blood wolf pack



Ahu didn’t even see the ancient beast, he was so frightened that he shivered, showing how powerful the beast here is.


You must know that when Ah Hu was on the first floor, he was the kind of beast who could walk sideways. When he came to the second floor, he was like a dog, and he didn’t even dare to speak loudly.


“Ahu, are you sure that the beasts here have two beast cores?” Chen Xiang was surprised: “Then the beasts on the third floor, don’t they have three beast cores?”


“It’s very likely like this…” Ah Hu nodded again and again with a look of horror: “I’ve never heard of an ancient beast with two beast cores before… This should be a new breed, both It was made by those guys from the monks of time!”


“If you go to the tenth floor, wouldn’t you face a beast with ten beast cores?” Chen Xiang took a breath and said, “How strong will that kind of ancient beast be? There are 18 levels in the battle meeting!”


“Boss, hurry up and run! The eighteenth level… The devil knows what will happen at the end!”


Ahu sat on the ground, hugging his knees and curling up, it was obvious that he was very frightened.


“Ahu, don’t worry! I’ll go meet that ancient beast first!” Chen Xiang said, “This Immortal Battle Conference is getting more and more interesting!”


“What’s the point? I’m going to die!” Ah Hu was very frightened: “I want to go back to the first floor to sleep! I can’t sleep in such a ghost place!”


“Ahu, since the ancient vicious beasts here can have two beast cores, you should be able to have them too!” Chen Xiang said: “Perhaps the purpose of the Immortal Battle Conference is to temper the disciples who enter this place. If you strengthen yourself with each level, you are doomed to not reach the last level!”


Chen Xiang felt that he should have no pressure on the second floor, and he could still pass.


“Then how can I have two beast cores? I’ve been cultivating since I was on the first floor… But I really lack resources, at most I can only eat the beast cores of other beasts, but to improve It’s not big.” Ah Hu said.


“I don’t know, I’ll go meet the beast first!” Chen Xiang looked at the forest deep in the island and said, “Let me lead the way! With me here, nothing will happen!”


Chen Xiang is really not afraid, he still really wants to try the flame-blazing beast pill he made before!


That kind of beast pill is made from ten beast cores into five grains. When used together with the beast skin rune, the power will be even greater.


“Boss, don’t go! That kind of thing is really dangerous, I’m really scared!” Ah Hu shook his head with a bitter face.


“Then show me the way!” Chen Xiang said: “I’ll put you in the storage space!”


“Boss, if you get cold, wouldn’t I be trapped in the storage space and die alone?” Ah Hu thought of this terrible outcome, and shook his head again and again.


“Then I’ll go by myself, you wait for me here!” Chen Xiang said.


“No! I’m scared!” Ah Hu quickly got up and said with a look of frustration: “Boss, let me lead the way!”


Ahu is in the forest with Chen Xiang.


Every time he took a step forward, Ah Hu’s heart seemed to be hit, and it was very uncomfortable, because he could feel the heart beating of the beast!


Every time the heart of the mighty beast beats, it pulsates with momentum, which is equivalent to telling those who are approaching that this is its territory!


Chen Xiang and the others were suspended in the air, moving forward very carefully and slowly, without making any movement.


However, the two-core beast still found them!


“Come on!” Ah Hu exclaimed.


Sure enough, a dark red giant wolf appeared in front of him. It was as huge as an elephant, and it appeared suddenly like a teleportation!


“We are finished!” Seeing this terrifying blood wolf, Ah Hu couldn’t help but slumped to the ground.


The wolf appears to have fur, but that fur comes from under the hard armor.


This blood wolf has that kind of blood-red hair all over its body. Chen Xiang could see at a glance that those hairs are very small sharp needles with strong penetrating power!


The surface of the blood wolf itself is armor, but those sharp blood hairs drilled out from under the solid armor, which is enough to show how terrible this kind of wolf hair is like fine needles!


When Chen Xiang saw the blood wolf, he was also frightened by that momentum, but he quickly reacted and threw out a divine fire talisman.


Ahu has quickly hid!


The blood wolf was hit by the divine fire talisman, and a loud bang exploded, and a large forest instantly turned into a sea of ​​fire, and a huge pit appeared in the middle!


The blood wolf was directly blown into the distance. This is the combined power of the divine fire talisman and the explosive flame beast pill!


The people watching the battle in the lobby did not expect that Chen Xiang had just arrived on the second floor and soon encountered a fierce beast, and it was also a very powerful giant blood wolf.


Chen Xiang was suspended in the air, looking at the huge pit that was blown up below, then looked at the forest again, and suddenly saw a lot of red light!


It turned out to be a huge pack of wolves, with red lights flashing in the eyes of the blood wolves.


And among them there was a pair of golden wolf eyes, which shocked Chen Xiang, that should be the wolf king!


At this time, Chen Xiang also saw the blood wolf that was blown away. It wasn’t dead yet. It was just the scorched wolf fur with sharp needles. There was nothing serious about it as a whole!


Shen Xiang immediately locked on Ah Hu and flew over, then put him in the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and quickly fled away!


That’s a whole pack of wolves, and the wolf king is so powerful that his divine fire talisman and explosive flame beast pill didn’t have much effect. If he stays there, he will most likely be killed.


“Why did this guy run away?” Someone in the lobby wondered, “Isn’t he very good at fighting?”


“The beasts on the second floor are much stronger than those on the first floor!”


“Yeah, the wolf he blew up doesn’t seem to be a big deal!”


“Have you seen those little red lights in the forest, they are the eyes of these blood wolves! There are many blood wolves in the forest, it’s a whole pack of wolves!”


Everyone is A blood wolf is already very powerful, and now there are actually a group of them. If they encounter it, won’t they die miserably?


Shen Xiang ran away immediately, which was indeed a wise move! If it were someone else, I didn’t realize how terrifying these wolves were. Nine times out of ten, they would be eaten to the point where they would not even have any hair left!


“Those things can’t fly!” Chen Xiang secretly said: “If this group of wolves has two beast cores, then I can get a lot of beast cores from here!”


He now also realizes that in order to pass each level, he must grow up!


The first level is the easiest, but the second level becomes difficult!


“Brother, if the beasts in each level become very strong, it means that you have to be forced to break through! Will it become very strong when you reach the eighteenth floor? I will follow the current beasts. To estimate the strength, to the eighteenth floor, at least one must have the same strength as the emperor to pass the level!” said Sister Xiaojing.


“It seems like this!” Chen Xiang suspended in the air, thought for a while, and said, “The beast core is the key! The beast core of the heavenly beast hides the power from the heavenly time and space!”


“Cultivator Time is planning this Immortal Battle Conference, is it an experiment? Do you want to make you stronger?” Sister Xiaojing couldn’t help but think about it, “It’s also possible that you won’t be allowed to pass the level! “


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