Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 1: The Tribulation of All Living Beings



“The Tribulation of All Living Beings” is an essay on cultivating immortals with three upright views.


Specifically, in addition to the positive plot, which promotes the idea of ​​invincibility and perseverance, it is also the only online celebrity in which the protagonist hasn’t even typed a red post ten months after its opening.


Therefore, it has an alias called “Monarch Wen”.


For a time, many forums were discussing this positive textbook for radio and television.


[Comment: The country’s policies are equally innocent, and it can be regarded as a model of Internet literature for broadcasting and television. ]


[Comment: The protagonist’s reason is above emotion, he is not a horse, and he is not sensational, which is rare in all novels. ]


[Comment: The golden finger is not big, Su Bulei, the only drawback is that the feeling is slightly pale. ]


Since the side ball hasn’t been hit, the plot must be fascinating.


In the country of Zhufeng where the five sects stand side by side, the conspirators who hide in the dark stretch out their clutches to harm all living beings. In the midst of crisis, the protagonist Jun Yanzhi used a set of lost healing techniques to rescue the people in distress, eliminate the misunderstandings of various factions, and uncover the black hand behind the scenes, and dominate the realm of Zhufeng Country.


What’s remarkable is that Jun Yanzhi is neither a Virgin nor hypocritical. There is no one who should be killed, and he is not reluctant. However, he is quite conservative in his private life. Although he has vague emotions with several women, he is clean and self-conscious, he is not chaotic, and he never takes a step beyond the thunder pond.


[Tweet comment: In the upgraded streamlined essays lined with stallions, “The Tribulation of All Living Beings” is like a clear stream, refreshing people’s eyes. ]


There is no pressure on the tweets, and both men and women can read them. As a result, the article became more and more popular, and finally jumped to the male frequency homepage to force the tweet, with tens of thousands of followers.


Wen Jing is also one of many readers.


On the way home from school, swiped on the phone, the 4D update was already waiting for him. The long one-hour bus ride was enough for him to read it carefully and read it again.


But it’s still not enough.


As a fourteen-year-old middle school student who grew up in an ordinary working family, Wenjing’s pocket money was pitiful, and he had no money to reward his wealth. Therefore, he only pursued this article.


He reads few articles and doesn’t leave much comment, but no one knows the details better than him.


The writing is not bad, and there are explanations for all kinds of foreshadowings. The only thing he doesn’t understand is that the label of “The Tribulation of All Beings” is “Dark”, but where is this article dark?


Today is the finale of “The Tribulation of All Living Beings”. Wen Jing couldn’t wait to turn on his phone as soon as he jumped on the bus. He wants to know, who is behind the scenes? Which girl did Jun Yanzhi stay with last? If you are lucky, maybe at the end of the article, there will be a line of words unsuitable for children.


I have been chasing the article for nearly a year, but I really can’t bear to end it.


Wen Jing reads with no distractions, and didn’t notice the sudden gust of wind blowing outside the window. He subconsciously tightened his clothes, his eyes glued to the phone screen.


The bus drove slowly, but suddenly shook violently. Wen Jing’s mobile phone was thrown to the ground, and there were exclaims from around.


“What’s wrong?”


“What happened?”


In the violent shaking, Wen Jing looked out blankly, and saw that the whole city fell into a panic. Pedestrians rushed and fell to the ground, crying for help constantly.


At this moment, the deafening sound suddenly exploded above the head without warning, everything was like slow motion, the body turned uncontrollably with the bus, and the pain of squeezing and collision spread all over the body. Suddenly, there was a heavy bump in the back of his head, and Wen Jing’s eyes went black.


I don’t know how long it took, a warm white light rose in the floating consciousness.


A warm but timid voice whispered in his ear.


“Master’s deadline has come, let’s follow the disciple.”


The silhouettes of the loved ones became clear in their minds, and then gradually faded until they disappeared.


In the dimness, Wen Jing followed the white light slowly.


…At the last moment of life, I was thinking of the unseen finale of “The Tribulation of All Living Beings”.


**********I am the dividing line**********


“The Xunyang Mountain Range stretches for hundreds of miles, with horizontal peaks on the side ridges, crisscrossing rivers, and 72 peaks and peaks. Green mountains and green water, strange beasts and strange stones, everything you need. The highest sixteen peaks rise into the sky. On weekdays, only white clouds are seen. Surrounded by mountainside, waterfalls fall straight down, no one knows the true nature of the peak.


Such a beautiful place, naturally gathers the aura of heaven and earth. This rare spiritual land now lives a cultivation sect-Qingxu Jianzong.


The Qingxu Jianzong is a long time ago, with a history of four thousand years. Legend has it that Qing Xuzi, the founder of the school, was a real person who had gained the Taoism and was already in the immortal class. Because of the long history, no one knows of the fairy face of Qingxuzi. Today, the portrait of the patriarch enshrined by the school is a delicate Taoist. He is less than thirty years old and likes to wear a blue Taoist robe. There is a huge python in front of the seat of God. Mighty and photogenic.


This python has some origins.


Before the Qingxu Jianzong founded the school, there were countless experts who climbed the mountain and were amazed. However, everyone came here in joy and returned in defeat.


It turned out that the main peak Yurong Peak occupies a cyan giant python, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon all day long at the top of the peak. After thousands of years, it has a transformation stage. Although this giant python didn’t hurt human life, it had a stubborn character and ran away embarrassed by the tricks of the monks who went up the mountain. The people refused to accept it, and they gathered up the mountain to slaughter the python, and finally agitated the giant python to a great extent, biting several people. From then on, the monks did not dare to set foot on Xunyang Mountain.


A few years later, when Qingxuzi passed by here, he was also injured by the python when he was climbing and looking into the distance. He loved the python’s spirituality, and wanted to subdue his heart, so he refused to hurt him and captured the python seven times. This beast was full of hostility towards Qingxuzi and bit several times. Later, when he saw that he had not killed repeatedly, he felt ashamed and fell in love. When he was released for the last time, he stopped at his feet instead. So Qingxuzi settled down in the Xunyang Mountains and created the Qingxu Jianzong. Two hundred years later, Qing Xuzi disappeared with the python.


Therefore, Qingxuzi has a nickname, called the “sacred python Taoist”.


Unexpectedly, since he left, Qingxu Jianzong has had a very sad life.


Qingxuzi enjoys quietness throughout his life, and there are only 15 apprentices under his school, each occupying a peak in Xunyang. After the big disciple Withered Wood Taoist entered the Golden Core Stage, he could not get out of the cave in the cave. The rest of the veins were unable to form a pill, died early, or died in battle. For hundreds of years, most of the disciples and grandchildren have mediocre aptitudes, and no one can take on the important task. However, because of the several sets of powerful exercises left by Qingxuzi, they have fought you to death and killed your fellow students. Among them, Hong Xiufeng’s line was framed and forced to leave, and two sets of ancient scrolls left by Qing Xuzi were taken away.


At this time, the foreign enemy came in, and everyone in Qingxu was caught off guard. They lost fifteen peaks in a row and were forced to take refuge in the main peak. The disciples relied on the formation left by Qingxuzi to trap foreign enemies, and stayed for a few months. However, the formation is very old and its effectiveness is not as good as before. Seeing that it was about to be breached, when Qingxu’s all thoughts were lost, suddenly Linfeng Tianheng was enveloped by lavender auspicious light, and the sound of dragon chants echoed leisurely in the empty valley.


Immediately afterwards, there was a loud, rock-shattering sound, and a blue light rose into the sky, and then flew straight down. The blue light passed by, the sky was wailing, and the blood was flowing everywhere. Everyone in Qingxu stood in shock, but for half a day, the Xunyang Mountains were like Shura hell, and all the foreign enemies had already fallen.


Everyone was about to worship Qingguang, but saw the dead wood Taoist smiling, crane bone fairy wind, slowly coming out of the cave. The green light also returned to him and merged into one.


Everyone had never seen such a magical way before, and they fell to the ground and called the gods. From then on, Qingxu Sword Sect had the first Yuanying stage monk, who could leave his body and travel thousands of miles. The Qingxu Sword Sect became famous, and no one dared to mess with it anymore.


In addition to the dead wood Taoist, there were also four monks in the Nascent Soul stage, each holding a sect, occupying a spiritual and beautiful place. A few years later, the five people met on the top of Qiyang Mountain and agreed to help justice and become the pillar of the right way.


From then on, the dead wood Taoist selected disciples, worked hard to manage, and managed the Qingxu Jianzong. Three thousand years ago, the Deadwood deadline was approaching, and the Qingxu Sword Sect was handed over to the four Golden Core disciples under the sect, and they left with a red smile.


As of today, the Qingxu Jianzong has thousands of inner disciples and nearly a hundred foundation monks. They are also known as the five major cultivation sects of the Zhufeng Kingdom, along with the Shuiyue Palace, Hengtianmen, Gujing Sect, and Red Maple Sect. “


——Excerpt from Chapter One of “The Tribulation of All Living Beings”.


Wen Jing looked up at the misty and towering peaks not far away, and remembered this paragraph in his mind.


It’s not that he has a good memory. When waiting for updates, he often read the article from the first chapter again.


Wen Jing tilted her head up, and the damp wind blew her face, chilling.


The clouds are rolling in the sky, and it’s raining again…


The kind old man’s voice came from the hut: “Jing’er, come in quickly.”


“…Okay.” Wen Jing cleaned up the yard, and the raindrops had already fallen. He covered the top of his head with his hands, and returned to the room without hurries, step by step.


Be a solid person, not to be anxious, not to panic, and not to get confused. Should come, will always come…


The gray-haired old man placed the tableware and chopsticks at the table: “Close the door and come over for dinner.”


“Okay.” Wen Jing slowly reached in front of the table.


His current name is Lu Jing and he is thirteen years old this year.


This kind old man who is putting out the dishes is his grandfather, Lu Yunfei.


Wen Jing closed the door and scooped the water in the jar to wash his hands. He sat down at the dinner table, wrinkled his nose and smiled: “What did Grandpa make today?”


The old man hooked his nose, his wrinkled face gathered with a smile: “You are the most greedy.”




The scene of family happiness in front of me is so realistic that it almost makes people think that this is a poor but welcoming family where grandparents depend on each other for their lives.


If he hadn’t read “The Tribulation of All Beings”, he must think so.


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