War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4681: Two plans


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Duan Lingtian took action and wounded and defeated Divine Monk Yuhao with just one sword strike!

While Hong Dongchuan and Jiang Haishan were also frightened, the other onlookers were stunned for a while. They could not recover for a long time. They never dreamed that Duan Lingtian would have such terrifying strength.

Especially the old man on crutches. After he came to his senses, his old face could not help but twitch sharply.

Thinking of his previous ‘arrogance’, he wanted to dig a hole and hide in it!

“He…how could he be so strong?!”

Tuoye, a bald man in black robe, looked at Han Zheng, who was holding a folding fan. His eyes were full of confusion. At the same time, he asked through a voice: “Han Zheng, didn’t you say you found him out clearly? This is what you call Are you aware of everything?” Han Zheng’s mouth twitched and he said helplessly: “He hid it too deeply. Don’t you think that in Jianglan Divine Kingdom, except for Jiang Haishan and Hong Dongchuan, the other two people don’t know Is he on the ninth level of Taoism? Look at Jiang

The expressions on Haishan and Hong Dongchuan’s current expressions suggest that neither of them expected Duan Lingtian to have such terrifying strength! ”

“Perhaps, in their eyes, Duan Lingtian is only slightly stronger than Divine Monk Yuhao.”

“Now that I defeated the Divine Monk Yuhao with one sword, I obviously shocked them.”

Baiyan Divine Monk did not speak, but his eyes towards Duan Lingtian were full of complexity. He never expected that this time their Bitter Sea Temple had two trump cards, but in the end they still lost to the only one from Jianglan Divine Kingdom. Some have a ‘trump card’.

“Your Jianglan Divine Kingdom is hidden too deeply!”

Han Zheng looked at Duan Lingtian and said with a wry smile: “With the strength of this Anti-God Sword, if he is the first to die, he may be able to kill the five of us with his own strength!”

At this time, Xiao Zhennan and Hua Ruo from the Jianglan Divine Kingdom also came to their senses and looked at Duan Lingtian. Their previous calmness was no longer there, replaced by horror and respect…

After this battle, this Nishenjian will become the first person under the Hedao realm of Jianglan Divine Kingdom!

Not long after, his name will be spread throughout the world of gods and earth! Although there are many powerful people in the Hedao realm in the world of gods and earth, there are only a few dozen people in the world of gods and earth. It is quite famous in the area


Just like Monk Yuhao of Kuhai Temple and Jiang Haishan of Jianglan Divine Kingdom, they are both powerful practitioners who are famous in the world of gods and earth!

Anyone in the world of gods and earth who pays attention to the top experts in the Tao knows about their existence.

“Your Majesty Haishan, this time our Kuhai Temple is convinced of our defeat.” Divine Monk Yuhao finally regained his breath and glanced at Duan Lingtian fearfully, then looked at Jiang Haishan, his face full of bitterness. and helpless, “I thought I could take down another Hedao monument from your Jianglan Divine Kingdom this time, but I didn’t expect it.

Something happened. ”

“This defeat was something I never expected, and it was also something none of us here expected.”

“Your Jianglan Divine Kingdom really has a ‘dark horse’!” Different from the helplessness of Divine Monk Yu Hao, Jiang Haishan had a bright smile on his face, but he still said modestly: “Yu Hao Divine Monk, I thought I would definitely lose this time… Fortunately, my brother Hong introduced Brother Ling Tian,

This allowed our Jianglan Divine Kingdom to make a comeback! ”


Seeing the pride on Jiang Haishan’s face, Monk Yuhao had the urge to punch him, but at the same time he felt helpless and puzzled:

A thousand years later, if Duan Lingtian still represents Jianglan Divine Kingdom in the Dao Duel, what should they do in Kuhai Temple?

Headache! Although defeated, Divine Monk Yuhao’s enthusiasm as the ‘host’ remained undiminished, and he invited Duan Lingtian and others to the main temple of Kuhai Temple as guests. Duan Lingtian also knew that this was a past practice. After entering the Taoist duel, he would have the opportunity to directly

Meet the ‘Hedao strongman’ of the force that organizes the Dao duel and listen to his sermon.

Thousands of years ago, Jianglan Divine Kingdom’s Taoist Duel was defeated, and the people from Kuhai Temple still stayed there as guests, listening to the sermons of the powerful Taoist from the royal family of Jianglan Divine Kingdom.

Duan Lingtian couldn’t help but look forward to it.

In the previous ‘epiphany’ while walking in the temple city of Kuhai Temple, his infinite way almost rushed directly into the ‘ninth floor’, and successfully combined with his sword way!

It’s just a small step.

The path to infinity is still only infinitely close to the ninth level and has not yet entered.

Once he steps in, he is confident that, relying on the ‘feeling’ left behind by his previous enlightenment, he should be able to quickly take the next step, successfully combine the Dao, and master the ‘Infinite Sword Dao’!

“Which two kinds of Tao does the strong man from Kuhai Temple combine with?”

While following the people from Kuhai Temple to the main temple of Kuhai Temple, Duan Lingtian couldn’t help but send a message to ask Jiang Haishan.

Jiang Haishan immediately responded via voice transmission: “The strong man who combines the Tao is the Sanskrit Tao and the Infinite Tao.”

Hearing this, Duan Lingtian suddenly became excited.

Fan Yin said that this was the first time he heard it and he didn’t feel much about it.

But the infinite way is what he has mastered now. Except for the way of swordsmanship, the latecomers are on top and are about to enter the ninth level of the way!

“If this time, through the sermon of the powerful Hedao man from Kuhai Temple, my infinite path can enter the ninth level…”

“This Bitter Sea Temple is definitely my blessed place!”

Duan Lingtian said secretly.

As for why once he successfully breaks through the Infinite Way this time, he will no longer help Jianglan Divine Kingdom to deal with the Kuhai Temple in the Dao Duel in a thousand years, but he has never thought about it.

Just because, he never thought that he would still be a Taoist after a thousand years.

However, Duan Lingtian didn’t think so, but someone reminded him.

The message from Divine Monk Yuhao came, “Brother Lingtian, if you no longer participate in the Dao Dao duel between our Kuhai Temple and Jianglan Divine Kingdom after a thousand years, our Kuhai Temple can promise you a Requirements within our capabilities.”

He felt Duan Lingtian’s strength personally.

Even if it takes a thousand years, he doesn’t think he can be his opponent.

As for the Baiyan Divine Monk, he is not even as good as him, let alone compared with Duan Lingtian.

Hearing this message, Duan Lingtian was stunned for a moment, and then he was overjoyed!

Didn’t you come to give him a pillow just after he fell asleep?

“I’ve thought about it… and I’ll give you an answer before I leave the Temple of Kuhai.”

Duan Lingtian responded.

He has thought about it, and he must agree to it, because he does not think that he will still be just a small initiate in a thousand years.

As for why he doesn’t agree now, it’s because he hasn’t thought about the conditions yet.

Let’s first see if the sermon of the strong man from the Sea of ​​Bitter Sea Temple’s Hedao Realm can help him take the infinite path a step further and step into the ninth level…

Now, he has two plans in mind. It all depends on whether the infinite way can go further after the other party preaches!


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