War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4536: You are too weak



As an invincible high-ranking god, Han Chen is also an absolute ‘celebrity’ in Bibo Tianfu.


His arrival attracted the attention of a group of people.


“Senior Brother Han Chen, the guardian disciple of the Golden Dragon Hall, what the Void Sword Duan Lingtian, actually threatened to fight you and Brother Xue Lang with one enemy, just arrogant and arrogant!”


“Senior Brother Han Chen, are you also here to see how Duan Lingtian was slapped in the face?”


“Senior Brother Han Chen, after the battle between Duan Lingtian and Xue Lang, will you ask Duan Lingtian to play against each other?”



As soon as Han Chen arrived, many people greeted him.


“Since Duan Lingtian said that, it shows that he is quite confident in his own strength. Let’s wait and see.”


Han Chen smiled, “Now, your focus should be on Xue Lang and Duan Lingtian, not me.”


The voice fell, and Han Chen’s eyes fell on the mirror image in front of him.


At this moment,


The two people in the mirror image also moved.


Although Han Chen’s mouth is modest, his eyes are full of disdain.


Disdain for Duan Lingtian!


In his opinion, as an invincible superior god, no one dares to say that he can beat him!


If he joins forces with Xue Lang, no one under the power will dare to say that they can be tied with them by one enemy and two, let alone defeat them!


“Senior Brother Han Chen, how long do you think Brother Xue Lang will be able to prevail?”


Someone asked Han Chen next to him.


Han Chendandan said: “This is not good… After all, I haven’t seen it before. If I haven’t comprehended the law to the realm of great perfection, there is a superior **** who is invincible and powerful!”


“Kendo touches the seventh-order threshold…”


“I also want to see what tricks he can use!”


As Han Chen’s voice just fell.


The two people in the mirror image have completed the first round of tentative confrontation, and they seem to be evenly matched, as if no one is stronger or weaker than the other.


Seeing this scene, Han Chen’s face became slightly solemn.


This Ling Tian’s strength was somewhat beyond his expectations.


However, what surprised him even more was what Duan Lingtian said next:


“Do you have this strength?”


Duan Lingtian looked at Xue Lang with disappointment in his eyes.


The strength of this Xue Lang is similar to that of the invincible high-ranking **** ‘Yao Tianchen’ that he had previously fought in the place where the old man without air left behind.


At the beginning, before he got the memory of the Wukong old man, his strength was no weaker than that of Yao Tianchen.


Later, after obtaining the memory of the Wukong old man, his strength improved again!




Xue Lang shouted angrily, and shot again, the attack became more and more fierce.


As for Duan Lingtian, he didn’t hold back any more at this time. After integrating the memories of the old man Wukong, his improved strength was fully revealed.


Hugh! stop! stop! stop! stop!



In an instant, around Duan Lingtian’s body, a storm of sword light blew up, and countless sword lights appeared in the vast void, shrouding Duan Lingtian and Xue Lang together.


Xue Lang’s offensive, although continuous, was completely crushed.


The whole process, Duan Lingtian’s face was calm and looked extremely relaxed!


“You’re too weak.”


Duan Lingtian let out a sigh when a group of people outside were stunned.


In an instant, the countless sword lights around him, nearly half of the sword lights close to him, all merged together, turned into a giant sword, and swept toward Xue Lang.




Xue Lang’s offensive was unbearable in front of this giant sword, and in a flash, his whole body was also knocked out, and blood spurted out of his mouth.


This scene caused an uproar from the onlookers outside.


“My God! What’s going on?!”


“How is this possible?!”


“Senior Brother Xue Lang, he is an invincible high-ranking god! The strongest existence under the so-called supreme power! Could it be that this Lingtian is already a supreme power?”


“Duan Lingtian is not a superpower, his divine power is only the power of a superior god!”


“This is the strength of kendo to touch the seventh-order threshold? Moreover, looking at his laws of space, it seems that he is not far from the realm of great perfection!”


“This period of Ling Tian is too terrifying! No wonder it was given the title by the Hall Master Xiao of the Golden Dragon Palace!”


“The Void Sword is endless, and the condensed sword breaks through the false!”


“He deserves the title of ‘Void Sword’!”



Outside, a group of Bibo Tianfu disciples were shocked by Duan Lingtian’s strength.


Although, this is a new disciple who has just entered the Bibo Tianfu.


However, in this world where the strong are respected, the strong are respected!


This concept will not change because the other party is a newcomer.


“How could he be so strong?!”


Han Chen was also watching, and his face was not very good-looking at this time. He stared at the purple figure in the mirror image, and his eyes were not only afraid, but also afraid.


Too strong!


Even if it’s him, he’s not sure how to deal with each other!




Huangfu Ping was stunned. Although Duan Lingtian defeated him, he did not think that Duan Lingtian had the strength to defeat Xue Lang.


Now, seeing Xue Lang so miserable, he suddenly realized how blind and arrogant he was before!


Ke Yi, who was standing beside Huangfuping, also looked shocked.


He thought that Duan Lingtian’s strength, even if he was stronger than Xue Lang, would not be much stronger. It would not be so easy to defeat Ke Yi. After all, Ke Yi was an invincible high-ranking god.


And now, the scene in front of him completely subverted his past cognition of the ‘Invincible High God Venerable’.




“I kept my hand, you were only slightly injured.”


At this time, in the mirror image, Duan Lingtian spoke again, “This, it shouldn’t affect you to have another competition!”


“Go and call Han Chen.”


“Today, I will fight against two with one, and try the two invincible upper gods of Bibo Tianfu. How many catties and two taels are there!”


Duan Lingtian’s words can be said to be very arrogant.


Before he crushed and defeated Xue Lang, there would have been a lot of curses.


And now, no one thinks he’s arrogant.


Even the onlookers outside looked at Han Chen subconsciously.


Han Chen, also came to watch the battle.


Now, Duan Lingtian once again challenges Han Chen and Xue Lang to join forces. How will Han Chen choose?


“Senior Brother Han Chen, will you agree?”


“I think there is a high probability… If you fight alone, Brother Xue Lang is not Duan Lingtian’s opponent, and Senior Brother Han Chen, who is comparable to Brother Xue Lang, is naturally the same. Now, there is a chance to join forces to deal with Duan Lingtian, he should Don’t miss it.”



Under everyone’s eyes, Han Chen finally came out of the sky and entered the Bibo Hall directly.


“Senior Brother Han Chen, is this… going to go in?”


“Two against one?”


“That’s interesting! Although Senior Brother Xue Lang was defeated by Duan Lingtian, if he can join hands with Senior Brother Han Chen, he should still be able to win a fight!”


“Two invincible superior gods join forces to deal with a non-superior… If it was before, I would never have dreamed of such a scene!”



After seeing Han Chen enter the Bibo Hall, there was another sensation outside.


There is a strong look of anticipation in the excited eyes.


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