War God Supreme Chapter 3562: Changes



Li Lingtian’s speed is extremely fast, but it only took an hour to clean up the other people.


Their spirit jade was also in the hands of Li Lingtian.


Li Lingtian didn’t guess wrong. After he collected the seven pieces of spiritual jade, that power also appeared in his body, flowing along his meridians, and immediately merged into the power of inheritance of the four divine beasts.


This made Li Lingtian very surprised. That power could actually be merged with the power of the Four Divine Beasts. Could it be that this Blood Clothes Building is also related to the Four Divine Sect?


Not only that, when the power of inheritance of the four mythical beasts merges with that power, Li Lingtian can clearly sense that the power of inheritance of the four mythical beasts seems to have a special flavor more than before. stronger than before.


At the same time, a pure world power, along with the power of countless laws, began to feed back from the power of the inheritance of the four divine beasts, nourishing Li Lingtian.


Li Lingtian did not dare to hesitate, and immediately found a place and began to practice seriously.


This time, the duration of the training was not long. It only took three hours to completely absorb that feedback force.


In this way, Li Lingtian’s realm has also broken through to the second rank of World Lord.


If outsiders knew about this kind of breakthrough speed, they would definitely be shocked.


Even Li Lingtian couldn’t believe it. He just broke through not long ago, yet he broke through again?


After the ecstasy, Li Lingtian became suspicious again.


Behind each piece of spiritual jade, there is a cave with special spatial fluctuations.


What’s in there?


If there is enough time, Li Lingtian doesn’t mind going in to investigate, but now that there is not enough time, Li Lingtian is embarrassed to go in.


After all, this is the site of the Blood Clothes Building.


After thinking for a moment, Li Lingtian could only give up the idea.


After two hours passed, a space crack suddenly appeared in front of Li Lingtian who was cultivating.


Opening his eyes, Li Lingtian stepped in without any hesitation.


He knew that the Supreme Elder must have the strength, he could see their every move in the valley, and he could pick them up at any time.


The spatial fluctuations dissipated, and Li Lingtian and the other seven people reappeared in the valley.


Only, except for Li Lingtian, the faces of the other six were full of guilt.


In the beginning, they were all full of confidence, but in the end, it hit them.


They didn’t even keep a piece of spiritual jade!


The seven holy sons hurriedly looked at the foreign aid they had invited. In an instant, except for Zhang Bohai, the other six became frustrated.


Zhang Bohai’s mouth twitched violently. He didn’t expect that Li Lingtian, who he was not optimistic about, had seven pieces of spiritual jade hanging from his waist!


You must know that in that space, there are only seven pieces of spiritual jade in total, and they are all in his hands?


Doesn’t that mean that the other six people are not Li Lingtian’s opponents?


Even if they join forces, they can’t beat Li Lingtian?


“How could this be…is this guy really that strong?”


Zhang Bohai murmured in disbelief.




Elder Taishang nodded slightly and said with a smile: “You can actually get seven pieces of Lingyu, which is very good.”


Li Lingtian took a careful look at the elder Taishang, and then handed him the seven pieces of spiritual jade from his waist, and asked, “I won this game.”


“That’s natural, you are the biggest winner!”


Elder Taishang smiled and said, “Duan Feng has already gone out and will be back soon. He will give you everything you need.”




Hearing this, Li Lingtian was also quite surprised. How could he not see that Elder Taishang already knew about him and Duan Feng.


“That’s a job.”


Li Lingtian smiled slightly.


“Zhang Bohai, congratulations!”


“Amazing, I didn’t expect that not only your strength is amazing, but the foreign aid you recruited is also so powerful! I admire it!”


At this time, the other six holy sons, no matter how much they were unconvinced, could only endure it and congratulated Zhang Bohai, congratulations.


If nothing else, the next landlord will be Zhang Bohai.


Of course, they won’t give up either.


Zhang Bohai was still stunned. He couldn’t believe that Li Lingtian was so powerful.


After all, even he is not sure that he can defeat the few foreign aid he invited.


“Ahai, take this little brother down to rest first!”


The elder Taishang waved his hand slightly, and then his body turned into a lightning bolt and quickly disappeared in front of several people.


Li Lingtian and the others, led by Zhang Bohai, returned to the courtyard.


As for how the other Holy Sons treat those foreign aid, it is not his concern.


This time, after knowing Li Lingtian’s strength, Zhang Bohai couldn’t help being restrained a lot.


Fortunately, it didn’t take long before Duan Feng arrived.


Duan Feng still has some tea leaves in his hands.


Seeing that, Wan Tianyu’s eyes lit up.


He doesn’t want to, either, to miss that first-class opportunity.


“Hahaha, Ah Hai, go down first!”


After arriving, Duan Feng waved his hand and motioned Zhang Bohai to go down. After all, there are some things that the current Zhang Bohai can not know.


After Zhang Bohai left, Duan Feng waved his hand, and the seven teacups were quickly placed.


Li Lingtian didn’t speak, but watched Duan Feng make tea.


After the tea was brewed, Duan Feng said with a smile, “Brother Li, your strength is indeed extraordinary.”


“The tea leaves this time are much fresher than the last time. Although it is said that drinking Enlightenment Tea again within ten years will have no effect, the taste is also very mellow. Several people, please.”


Speaking, Duan Feng raised the teacup and took a sip.


Li Lingtian also took a sip. Seeing Li Lingtian raise the teacup, Wan Tianyu and the others also drank it.


After drinking, Wan Tianyu’s body suddenly exudes a force ~IndoMTL.com~ can’t hold back.


It’s clear that Enlightenment Tea is about to start working.


Li Lingtian gave Yali a wink to kill a few people, and Yali killed four people and quickly left with Wan Tianyu.


After a few people left, Duan Fengcai continued: “Brother Li, we have already distributed the news about the search, and there will be news soon. If we can’t find it, then It can only be said that that person is not in this galaxy!”


“As for the news of the Duanmu family, that is a secret. Tonight, the elder Taishang and I will take you to the secret room, you can see for yourself.”


“After all, without the landlord’s instructions, we can’t get those materials out.”


“Are you willing to let me in?”


Li Lingtian frowned.


“That’s nature.”


Duan Feng smiled slightly. For some reason, Li Lingtian always felt that the way Duan Feng looked at himself seemed to have changed.


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