War God Supreme Chapter 3561: The change of Lingyu



“I’m going!”


Chen Qi was startled by the figure, staggered under his feet, and almost didn’t fall to the ground.


The person who suddenly appeared in front of him was Li Lingtian.


Looking at the Lingyu in Chen Qi’s hands, Li Lingtian said in a deep voice, “Give me the Lingyu, you can’t keep it.”


After discovering that it was Li Lingtian, Chen Qi felt much relieved, and immediately became furious.


He knows that he is not the opponent of several other people, but Li Lingtian seems to be about the second-order strength of the world master, but he is not afraid.


“Good boy, you dare to rob my Lingyu!”


Chen Qi gritted his teeth and said, “I didn’t want to **** it, but since you do it first, don’t blame me!”


It’s good that Chen Qi doesn’t have the idea of ​​competing, but when a person who seems to be weaker than him appears in front of him, his mind becomes active again.


As long as he can grab Li Lingtian’s Lingyu, then hide quietly, and wait for the other four to fight and lose both. At that time, even if he can’t make a profit and fish in troubled waters, the points of the two Lingyu will be enough for him. Better reward too.


Thinking of this, a fire flashed in Chen Qi’s eyes, looking at Li Lingtian’s eyes, full of fiery rays of light.




Aware of Chen Qi’s thoughts, Li Lingtian threw a punch without any hesitation.




The power of the blue dragon in the body exploded. This time, the cold air burst into the area with the icy thunder.


“Crack! Kick!”


The icy chill filled the air, and in an instant, Chen Qi felt that his entire body was out of tune, and his movements were extremely slow.


“Damn, how can you be so strong?”


Chen Qi reacted at once, Li Lingtian’s strength is far stronger than him!




Blooming thunder erupted, hitting Chen Qi’s chest instantly.




Chen Qi only felt as if his chest was hit by a giant mountain, the surging power exploded, and the whole body flew straight out.


In the air, a mouthful of blood spurted out.




The violent thunder followed Chen Qi’s skin and quickly penetrated into the meridians in his body.


As soon as he landed, Chen Qi’s body twitched violently, unable to move.


In an instant, Chen Qi couldn’t help but despair. He could feel that violent force, wanton vertical and horizontal in his meridians, if he couldn’t stop them, wait for them to completely erupt in the meridians. If he doesn’t die, he will become a wretch!






The thunder was raging, and the cold air filled the air. A layer of frost was slowly covering Chen Qi’s skin, and the cold chill stimulated Chen Qi’s mind.


At this time, Chen Qi’s eyes were full of despair, and he regretted it. If he didn’t choose to do something when he saw Li Lingtian, maybe it wouldn’t be this kind of end!




Perceiving the despair in Chen Qi’s eyes, Li Lingtian snorted coldly and waved his right hand lightly, dissipating the chill and thunder.


In just an instant, the thunder in Chen Qi’s body suddenly dissipated, and the violent aura that suppressed him, the cold air also dissipated.


Chen Qi could not help but let out a long sigh of relief.


With a wry smile, Chen Qi slowly got up and handed Lingyu’s hands to Li Lingtian.


“I’m done!”


Chen Qi was convinced, Li Lingtian seemed to be only the second-order realm of the world master, but that kind of violent power far exceeded the strength of the third-order world master.


This shocked him, but there are still people who can fight across the ranks in the realm of the world’s master?


At the level of stars and domain masters, some geniuses can fight across five or six realms, and they are all clear.


After breaking through to the realm of the master of the world, very few people can cross the realm to fight, and even the geniuses who can cross two or three small realms are very few.


After all, anyone who can break through to the level of world master is not a genius, and they were all good at cross-level combat before.


Therefore, at the level of the world’s master, fighting across a realm is the level of a peerless genius, and there must be a powerful treasure in his hand.


But now, Li Lingtian is able to cross a realm and easily suppress him just by relying on the power of the law of the world in his body, which shows how extraordinary Li Lingtian is.


I don’t know if the fourth-order world master will be his opponent.


Just as Chen Qi was thinking about it, Li Lingtian had already taken Lingyu.




Starting with the second piece of spiritual jade, Li Lingtian suddenly realized that the piece of spiritual jade on his body was also sensing, and a special power suddenly gained in his body.


That kind of power disappeared in a flash and quickly hid in Li Lingtian’s body.


“Damn, what power is that?”


Li Lingtian’s complexion changed dramatically. He didn’t want to have unknown power lurking in his body. If it was bad and broke out in the future, it would be troublesome!




At this moment, the power of the inheritance of the four divine beasts in Li Lingtian’s body flashed.


Aware of this, Li Lingtian couldn’t help raising his brows, and immediately stretched out.


That power can trigger the inheritance of the Four Divine Beasts, so it can be seen that it is not a dangerous thing.


If this is the case, he can leave that power behind, and maybe it will be a help to him in the future.


He took Lingyu calmly, Li Lingtian was just about to leave, but he found out.


It seems that there are also weak spatial fluctuations in this area.


With a frown, Li Lingtian flew up quickly, looking at everything around him.




Seeing Li Lingtian’s actions, Chen Qi was also surprised and looked around.


Is there anything around? Then why didn’t he find out?


Soon, Li Lingtian’s eyes locked on an area,


Attentively looking at it, it is a cave, and the entrance of the cave is covered with weeds.


If you don’t look carefully, you won’t see it at all.


In that cave ~IndoMTL.com~ there are also faint spatial fluctuations.


“Strange, why are there weak spatial fluctuations here?”


“Is it possible, what is sealed in there?”


As soon as he rolled his eyes, Li Lingtian decided to leave it alone. After all, this is a matter of Xueyilou.


Immediately, Li Lingtian no longer hesitated, spread out his figure, and rushed in the direction of the other five people.


Above the stone platform, looking at Li Lingtian who was walking so fast, Chen Qi could not laugh or cry.


I am also a master of the third-order realm of the world’s master, so why don’t you just ignore me?


“Fortunately, my life is here!”


Chen Qi breathed a sigh of relief, no matter what treasure it is, it is not as important as his own life!


“Tsk tsk, this guy’s strength is so strong, I don’t know if those people can hold on for a while longer in his hands!”


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