War God Supreme Chapter 3560: Simple Trial



Not only Zhang Bohai, but also the foreign aid Deng Buping and the others recruited became nervous.




Elder Taishang nodded slightly and said softly, “The old way is too simple.”


Speaking, Elder Tai turned to look at the valley not far away, stretched out his hand and said, “Did you see that valley? In that valley, I buried seven pieces of spiritual jade.”


“The seven of you, after one day, whoever gets the most Lingyu will win.”


“Elder Taishang, there are many areas in the valley…”


Deng Buping’s expression changed and he blurted out.


However, before he finished speaking, he was stunned by the elder Taishang. For a moment, he didn’t dare to speak any more.


What a joke, if he dares to continue talking, he will probably be abolished, and he has also reacted. Now that there are many outsiders here, how could he reveal the secret of the Blood Clothes Building?


“This is a map, and within a day, you can complete it with Lingyu.”


Elder Taishang waved his right hand, and the next moment, seven maps quietly floated into the hands of Li Lingtian and other seven people.


After taking a closer look, Li Lingtian suddenly realized that this map seems to have hidden meanings.


On the map, there are seven clear signs, which are obviously where the seven spiritual jades are.


“Okay, seven, please come in!”


Slightly sideways, Elder Taishang swiped his right hand, and in an instant, a space crack opened in the valley.


Seeing this scene, Li Lingtian and others all frowned.


In this way, the strength of the Supreme Elder is definitely the powerhouse above the fifth rank of the Lord of the World!


Li Lingtian looked back at a few people, nodded slightly, motioned for them to wait for him, and then strode into the crack in the space.


The rest of the foreign aid had some hesitations at first, but seeing Li Lingtian’s decisiveness, he could not help but grit his teeth and all followed.




As all seven people stepped in, the crack in the space suddenly closed.


The seven holy sons are all worried. I don’t know if their foreign aid can perform well enough.


Duan Feng’s face is full of confidence.


“Duan Feng, that little guy who stepped in first, is what you said?”


Suddenly, a voice sounded in Duan Feng’s mind.


Duan Feng raised his brows and quickly reacted. This was the voice of the elder Taishang, and he immediately replied by voice transmission: “Yes, the elder Taishang, that little guy is very powerful, and even I am not his opponent. Moreover, The time he beat me, he didn’t seem to use his full strength.”




Elder Taishang said through voice transmission: “I can see that there are many special beings in his body. It is also expected that you will lose.”


“Agree to his terms, you can do it.”


“It seems to be a good thing to work with him.”


When he heard the words, Duan Feng was also surprised. When he told the elder Taishang just yesterday, the elders were obviously angry. Why today, he just took a look, and the result hasn’t come out yet, so he agreed?


However, astonished, Duan Feng originally wanted to cooperate with Li Lingtian. With the permission of the elders, he was overjoyed and turned away.


He needs to quickly mobilize his energy and get all the information Li Lingtian wants.


Seeing Duan Feng leaving, Wan Tianyu and the others were also slightly surprised.




In the cracks of space.


Li Lingtian was surrounded by dense forests. He unfolded the map in his hand. He was surprised to find that on the map, in addition to marking the locations of the seven pieces of spiritual jade, there were actually seven flickering light spots.


One of the seven light spots is blue and the rest are red.


Li Lingtian pondered for a while, and then he understood.


Obviously, the seven light spots are just a few of them, the blue is himself, and the other six red are the others.


“The elder Taishang is interesting. Everyone is closest to a Lingyu. Do you want us to get a Lingyu first and then fight slowly?”


“Hehe, I also marked everyone’s location. If that’s the case, then I can’t let you down!”


Smiling slightly, Li Lingtian walked towards Lingyu, who was closest to him.


In the dense forest, it was quite quiet. After walking for a while, Li Lingtian also noticed something unusual.


Generally speaking, in the valleys and dense forests, there are wild beasts, why is there nothing in this dense forest, it is extremely quiet.


Don’t say it’s a beast, he didn’t even feel the life characteristics.


“Could it be, this is a dead place?”


As soon as he rolled his eyes, Li Lingtian suddenly accelerated and ran away.


Not long after, Li Lingtian arrived at the area marked Lingyu.


It was a stone platform. On the stone platform, there was a spiritual jade.


Li Lingtian thought that there would be danger around him, however, he looked around for a while, but he didn’t sense any danger at all.


“It’s that simple?”


Li Lingtian was stunned, this is such a trial, shouldn’t some obstacles be set up?


Blinking his eyes, Li Lingtian slowly walked up to the stone platform and took down Lingyu.




As soon as Ling Yufu started, there was a gentle power that washed Li Lingtian’s mind.




Feeling that power, Li Lingtian was quite surprised, this Lingyu is a good thing!




Not far away, a strange wave suddenly erupted. Li Lingtian looked up and saw a hidden hole.


In the entrance of the cave, there seems to be spatial fluctuations.


However, the spatial fluctuations were extremely weak, and Li Lingtian was sure that those fluctuations would never be able to tear the space apart, so he didn’t care.


Looking around again and taking a look, there was still no abnormality. The corners of Li Lingtian’s mouth twitched violently.


It’s too easy for him to think how difficult this trial would be.


He picked up the map and looked at it. The other six people were all about to arrive at the area where Lingyu was located. With a slight smile, Li Lingtian quickly rushed towards one of them.


The Lingyu has already been obtained. Next, it is the Lingyu of the six people!


Let’s not talk about Li Lingtian~IndoMTL.com~, the other six people thought that there must be many dangers around Lingyu at first, and even there were many organs, so they observed around the stone platform hard and did not dare to go forward.


It lasted for a long time, and then I slowly went up and carefully tried to take down the Lingyu.


When they got the Lingyu easily, their faces were all weird, Nima, isn’t this a little too relaxed?


What about the trial?


What about the most basic trust between people?


Chen Qi originally came for the rich reward, but when he saw the strength of the other people, he had no intention of competing.


After all, his strength seems to be the weakest on the surface. Except for Li Lingtian, he may not be able to beat anyone.


Therefore, after Chen Qi got Lingyu, he wanted to leave here.


However, just as he turned around to leave, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.


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