Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 2: Ling Zhe 9 Yang God Art


It’s not how effective Ye Hang’s medicine is, but Ye Yuan’s current state is really bad.

Although Ye Hanglian’s medicine has some side effects, Ye Yuan can’t control so much now, it’s better to ease his bad body first.

As for the hidden dangers left by the detoxification pill, Ye Yuan naturally has a way to get rid of them.

Ever since he got this body, the great Dan Emperor Qing Yunzi really couldn’t bear to see it. I really don’t know how his predecessor came here for more than ten years.

Born in a family of medicinal herbs, this kid has not even reached the second-level vitality level.

Even in a mortal kingdom, being born in such a noble family would eat the most ordinary vitality pills as jelly beans. Now, it should be above the fourth-level vitality level, right?

I want to cry but have no tears – Mr. Dandi can only use this word to describe his mood at this time.

With such a bad body to endure such a violent poison, it’s no wonder that Ye Yuan didn’t die. Although Qing Yunzi now occupies this body, there is really no good way to take such a broken body at a time, so he has to take one step at a time.

Ye Yuan’s actions of taking pills were revealed in the eyes of others.

“Hey, I knew you were being blinded just now, don’t say it, it really scared me.” Ye Hang said with a smile.

At this time, Ye Hang also “suddenly realized”, this kid must have peeked at the party, or heard the detoxification pill that he refined, and then said what he just said.

Since this kid is joking, it shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

In this regard, Ye Yuan naturally won’t explain anything, and it seems that it is more suitable for the current body if he is inexperienced.

Let’s just be a dude in peace.

“Father, mother, the child is a little tired, and I want to rest for a while.” Ye Yuan still had to recuperate his body, so he issued an evicting order.

“Yuan Er, you are recovering from a serious illness. You should rest more. Let Lu Er inform us if there is anything.” After that, the couple left the room with everyone.

Ye Yuan began to meditate, turning the Yuan force in the body to dissolve the medicinal power of the detoxification pill, clearing the toxins in the body.

It’s a pity that the primordial force in the body is really poor, so the efficiency can be imagined. The first generation of Dan Emperor had just been reborn, and he was not poisoned to death by poison, but was almost suffocated to death.

When Ye Yuan had digested all the medicinal power in his body, the sky was already bright, and it took six hours to meditate this time, which is strange enough.

However, this hard work finally paid off. Ye Yuan’s complexion was obviously rosy at this time, his face was radiant, and the toxins in his body had been cleared away.

Naturally, this is no big deal to Ye Yuan today. With Qingyunzi’s alchemy attainments, it is not difficult to dig out all the effects of a small detoxification elixir.

Thinking about it now, although the ex-practice was a little less serious, it wasn’t that there was no benefit at all.

Now this body is like a blank piece of paper, Qing Yunzi can play freely without worrying about destroying him. If the predecessor practiced indiscriminately, Qing Yunzi would have to spend a lot of money to rebuild the foundation, but now it has saved a lot of things.

It’s just that although the poison of the heartbroken grass is no longer a serious problem, Ye Hang’s detoxification pill is really limited, and there is still a small amount of toxin remaining in the body, and the detoxification pill itself has flaws, and it is also in Ye Yuan’s body. There are some erysipelas left, and after dawn, we need to find some medicinal materials to completely eradicate the hidden danger.

Fortunately, the Ye family is a family of medicinal herbs in the Qin state, so getting some medicinal materials is not a big problem.

There is still some time before dawn, Ye Yuan decided to plan the road after rebirth.

Qing Yunzi was obsessed with medicinal pills in his previous life, but he was a little abandoned in martial arts, otherwise he wouldn’t be powerless in front of that traitor.

Qing Yunzi practiced martial arts just for better alchemy, as long as it was enough. It is precisely because of this that he can become the youngest Dan Emperor in the Divine Domain.

When he became the Alchemy Emperor back then, he was hailed by the major holy places in the Divine Realm as the genius most likely to reach the realm of Alchemy God in the past tens of thousands of years. You must know that no one has been able to reach the realm of Pill God for hundreds of thousands of years.

The glory of the past has become the past, and now there is no genius Qing Yunzi in the God Realm, and there is only Ye Yuan, a young man from the lower realm who has embarked on the road of revenge.

Since he wants to take revenge on that traitor, Qing Yunzi must use his martial arts in his life. Although the traitor is slightly inferior to Qing Yunzi’s genius in Dan Dao, he is an uncompromising genius in Martial Dao. To surpass him, Ye Yuan now has to pay more sweat.

Originally, for a teenager in a lower world mortal kingdom, the most lacking thing was resources and exercises. Resources are indeed a bit extravagant for the current Ye Yuan, but cultivation techniques, the most important thing he does not lack is cultivation techniques.

The pharmacist’s status is extremely respected no matter in the lower realm or in the realm of the gods, not to mention that Qing Yunzi’s father, Zhengyangzi, is the number one pill emperor in the realm of the gods, and he has collected countless exercises over the years.

Although Qing Yunzi is not very interested in martial arts, but in order to assist alchemy to improve his realm, he can be said to have read a lot of books. It is naturally not difficult to find a few exercises that suit him.

After sorting through the memories of his previous life, Ye Yuan finally chose a practice called “Ling Zhe Jiuyang Divine Art” as his main practice.

This practice is the main practice of the well-known God King Lingzhe in the God Realm. Back then, in order to refine a ninth-order medicinal pill, he asked Zhengyangzi, but he could not get the corresponding revenge. He kept his main practice.

This exercise is extremely domineering. With this exercise, the God King Lingzhe has beaten the invincible hands of the gods and became one of the ten most mysterious gods in the gods.

In God’s Domain, anything linked to the word “God” is extremely precious, and anything will cause a **** storm.

When this set of “Ling Zhe Jiuyang Divine Art” was released, the entire Divine Realm was shaken. In order to **** this set of exercises, it is said that more than a dozen **** kings have fallen, but they were finally acquired by the little-known little person at the time, the **** king Lingzhe.

And he was born after being dormant for more than ten years, and he became the top generation of God King in God’s Domain in one fell swoop. If it weren’t for the fact that the ninth-order medicinal pill was too precious and had too much effect on the King of Lingzhe, he would never be able to use this exercise in exchange for it.

Of course, he was relieved to give this exercise to Zhengyangzi~IndoMTL.com~ It is also because Zhengyangzi and his son are both obsessed with Dan Dao and incompetent with the world. There is no attempt.

Ye Yuan reviewed the “Ling Zhe Jiuyang Divine Art”, and began to run the exercises according to the above method.

The Primordial Qi Realm, which draws the energy of the heavens and the earth into the body, is the realm of foundation building.

The Primordial Qi state may seem inconspicuous, but it is a very critical state of martial arts cultivation. It is common sense that tall buildings rise from the ground, but the foundation must be solid, otherwise, there will be no roots, and there will always be a day when the building will collapse in the future. It’s just that this common sense is put into martial arts cultivation, but very few people can break it. Many cultivators blindly pursue cultivation speed, but they don’t know that they have cut off their future.


Two hours later, Ye Yuan woke up from the meditation and took a long breath.

“This “Ling Zhe Jiuyang Divine Art” is really powerful. Although the cultivation in these two hours did not increase much energy, the quality is very high. If you practice like this, isn’t it invincible at the same level?”

Ye Yuan used to be Emperor Dan, and his vision is naturally very superb. To get him such praise shows that this set of exercises is indeed extraordinary.

In the past two hours, Ye Yuan used “Ling Zhe Jiuyang Divine Art” to temper the little Yuan Li that his predecessor had cultivated, making the Yuan Li in his dantian much purer.

Only in this way, his realm not only did not improve, but regressed a little, almost reaching the level of first-level vitality.

Fortunately, the previous ten years have been too wasteful for Ye Yuanguang. Otherwise, Ye Yuanguang would have spent a lot of effort in refining his internal energy, which is a blessing in disguise.

It was already bright, Ye Yuan got up and went out, ready to go to his own pharmacy to grab some medicine and come back to recuperate his body, but as soon as he went out, he bumped into a green figure.


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