Unlimited Adventures in Films and TV series Chapter 1: Beginning with Resident Evil



A ray of bright sunlight entered the window and shone on Wu Qizhe’s face. He opened it slightly. The dazzling light made him unable to adapt for a while.


I blocked the sun with my palms, and it took me a long time to recover. I looked around at a loss where it was. Everything was broken, broken rooms, broken tiles, and leaking glass. What’s even more strange is that there are still on the walls. bloodstains.


Wu Qizhe, who was still tired at first, regained his energy in an instant. Why is there still bloodstains? Is this the scene of a murder? His heart was beating thumpingly, and why was he lying on the ground.


Wu Qizhe propped up his body and shook off the dust on his body. His body was a little stiff, probably because he had been lying on the ground for a long time. After moving his body, he looked down and saw his abdominal muscles. , The fat body that you can’t see even when you lower your head and belt, but now you can still see the abdominal muscles, this is really weird, Wu Qizhe is not surprised, even a little scared.


Anyone who wakes up overnight will be surprised to change from a fat man weighing 180 jins to a sturdy guy. Before Wu Qizhe was surprised enough, a sudden burst of urination came from his lower abdomen, and he panicked. He rushed into the restroom next to him.


The sound of water rushing, the physiological problem was solved, Wu Qizhe rarely showed a cheerful smile on his face, shook his body, zipped up his pants, walked to the mirror, turned on the faucet to wash his hands, and raised his head subconsciously, this face , Wu Qizhe is once again confused, this is not himself at all, with black eyes, black hair, handsome face, and a bit of mixed-race taste, this is definitely not himself. Visually measuring at least 1.8 meters tall, with eight toned abs, and pectoralis major muscles full of tension, just by looking at the figure, he is a hundred times stronger than himself in the past.


But now Wu Qizhe is completely unhappy. It’s all too weird. Before he could think about it, there was a sudden loud knock on the door.


Wu Qizhe’s eyebrows were both wrinkled together. Could it be that the master is here? What should I do? He couldn’t tell the difference between the current body and the person knocking on the door outside.


After a few steps to the front compartment, I was about to open the door, but when I went to pull the handrail, I paused. What if it was the bad guy? I swiped it casually. This should be an electrical and mechanical grocery store. There was a chainsaw on the container. I picked it up directly. Putting his hand on the switch, he was always ready to start the chainsaw. Of course, this was just a subconscious self-protection, and he didn’t dare to actually hurt someone with the chainsaw.


The knocking outside the door has not stopped, and it is getting louder and louder, but there is no regularity. It feels like a random knock, but the intensity is very strong. “Bang Bang Bang” every sound is deafening.


Wu Qizhe eased his emotions and tried his best not to be nervous. At most, he would be beaten up by others, and it would be fine. And now that he is so big, who knows who will teach whom!


Wu Qizhe carried the chainsaw with one hand and went to open the door with the other. The door had just opened a crack.


With a sound of “touch”, the person outside the door shoved it open.


Wu Qizhe quickly scanned with his eyes. He was wearing tattered clothes, he was 1.7 meters tall, his eyes were fierce, his complexion was sallow, his cheekbones were spit out, and he was still drooling. Silk, one by one, he didn’t have time to think carefully.


“Cough, cough…” The middle-aged white man on the opposite side made a hoarse voice, and he jumped up with his teeth and claws. Wu Qizhe was thrown to the ground without understanding what was going on. .


Wu Qizhe held the chainsaw in his hand and stared at the middle-aged man in front of him.


“Hey, can you hear me? I really did not want to break in, I’ll leave right now.” Wu Qizhe’s words were completely ineffective, and the other party was still grinning and trying to bite Wu Qizhe. The roar and the stench were ten times more fishy than the vomit of ordinary people after drinking. If it weren’t for the sudden situation he faced at this moment, Wu Qizhe would have vomited on the ground.


“Hey, did you hear what I said?” Wu Qizhe kicked the middle-aged man right on the wall, making a “bang”, he thought to himself now You should know that I’m not being rude.


But before he could play, the white man with a distorted face roared and rushed over again. Wu Qizhe panicked for a while, a carp turned over and started to chop with the chainsaw in his hand. Of course, he still hesitated. It’s the other person’s shoulder.


The other party seemed to be fine. He was slashed on the shoulder by Wu Qizhe several times in a row. He simply shook and continued to rush up to bite.


“Fuck you, what the **** is it.” For his own safety, Wu Qizhe can’t care about anything else, he doesn’t care if he commits a crime or not, he is killing me now, and he wants to eat mine Meat, it is a slashing that slashes the head and covers the face.


“Crash.” It seemed that he couldn’t stand Wu Qizhe’s slashing, his head burst open, colorful brains came out of the middle-aged man’s head, and now he seemed to have completely lost his vitality. , fell on the tile, and the sound of hitting the ground seemed to still be hitting Wu Qizhe’s heart.


“I killed someone~IndoMTL.com~ Wu Qizhe’s brain exploded. I killed someone, and I was a white man. The police found out that this is an international criminal! My mommy, what the **** did I do? What, who can tell me, the focus in the pupils kept flickering, looking at the chainsaw that was still covered in brains, as if it was holding the most terrifying thing, and threw it to the ground, the whole person slumped. , panting heavily.


All of this happened so suddenly that he couldn’t digest it at all. Just when he was helpless, an electronic sound suddenly came from his ear:


“Congratulations to the host for meeting the minimum requirements for enabling the infinite survival system.”


The electronic sound was very sudden, but compared to everything that happened before, it undoubtedly became the sound of nature. Wu Qizhe subconsciously asked: “What did you say, I didn’t hear it clearly. Say it again.”


“Congratulations to the host for meeting the minimum requirements for enabling the infinite survival system.”


“What **** system, I want to go home, you almost killed me, you know?” Wu Qizhe stood up and started searching randomly, as if he was looking for the source of the sound, but found nothing after a few minutes.


Wu Qizhe was sitting on the shabby sofa. Faced with all this, he finally compromised. He picked up the cigarette case on the sofa, shook one out of it, and put a lighter around. Burning, the small flame is like a light that illuminates people’s hearts.


He put the cigarette in his mouth, the flame lit the cigarette, and took two strong puffs. The breath of the cigarette circled around his mouth and nose, and finally ran to his lungs, and his spirit was also shocked.


He is only now in the mood to ask questions about the system: “Survival system I want to know how all this is going on.”


“This is the world of the Resident Evil 3 movie. What the host has to do is to survive in this **** biochemical world.”



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