Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5413: Heart Eater



Chapter 5413 Heart Eater


“Now that the Holy Son has taken a fancy to the treasure in our Demon Spirit Tower in the Demon Realm, he will come again soon.”


Madam Demon Sect looked at Lin Tiancheng.


“Your purpose in coming to the Devil Realm was also to obtain the second part of “The Sacred Art of Slaying”.”


Lin Tiancheng nodded.


In fact, his purpose of coming to the Demon Race was indeed the same at the beginning. He came for the lower part of “Slaying the Holy Art”.


But later, he also really fell in love with Han Mengting.


So he didn’t mention the matter of “Sacred Swordsmanship”.


Otherwise it will make others feel that they have a purpose.


“There is still half of the “Zhan Sheng Jue”, which is inside the Demon Spirit Tower.”


“Besides, there are countless monsters in the Demon Tower, you can choose one to take away.”


These demon spirits are the remnants of ancient powers captured by Han Xingyan in the void realm.


And these wreckages have already lost consciousness due to the washing of time.


But the energy and cultivation they contain are very powerful.


And these things were captured by Han Xingmin for his cultivation.


Of course, some outstanding disciples can also go to the Demon Spirit Tower and choose a suitable monster as their own puppet.


And these demon spirits are different from **** pets, because they don’t have their own consciousness, so they can be completely controlled by their masters.


Moreover, they are a group of spirit bodies, without pain, and they are a big killer.


When the Holy Son visited the Demon Realm for the first time, he searched for a lot of good things.


I was very interested after hearing about the good things in the Demon Spirit Tower, so I just said that I would come to see it next time.


Mrs. Demon Sect thought, since Han Mengting has agreed to give Lin Tiancheng the lower part of “The Sacred Art of Slaying”.


And Lin Tiancheng has also been recognized by his husband and daughter.


Then give him the things in the Demon Spirit Tower, and there is nothing to criticize.


“Other than that, my only request is that you can take Mengting away from the demon clan after you have obtained the “Sacred Art of Slashing.”


“The current demon world is no longer suitable for survival, and anyone who can escape is counted as one.”


Lin Tiancheng nodded.


As for the strength of the evil race outside the territory, although I have not seen it with my own eyes, judging from the performance of these seniors, I know that they are very powerful.


“Madam, don’t worry, since Mengting has chosen me, I will definitely use my life to protect her.”


Han Mengting was in a very depressed mood.


When she was trapped by the Tianyuan Five Elements Formation, she worried that she would never return to the Demon Realm.


Finally breaking the formation, I thought I could go back home again, but I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.


“Can I really just leave? I don’t want to, I don’t want to leave.”


Han Mengting murmured in a low voice.


As the leader of the demon world, I feel so powerless.


Madam Demon Sect touched the back of Han Mengting’s head, and comforted, “You have nothing to blame yourself. If you want to blame, you can blame your father.”


Lin Tiancheng also said comfortingly to Han Mengting, “Soldiers come to cover the water and soil, I believe there will be a way.”


After leaving the main hall, Lin Tiancheng did not go to the Demon Spirit Pagoda immediately, but brought the ice silkworm to a secret room in the side hall.


Yun Zhongjun was meditating at the side at this time, and when he sensed someone coming in, he immediately launched an attack without the slightest hesitation.


Luckily, Lin Tiancheng reacted in time, and with the help of the extreme cold, he froze Yun Zhongjun’s lower limbs.


“Lin Tiancheng, are you back?”


Yun Zhongjun looked very excited.


During the five days, no one knew how he survived.


By the fourth day, he had lost all hope.


He also knew that the ice silkworm was a sacred object of the ice royal family, so how could it be easily given to others.


So he didn’t have much hope that Lin Tiancheng could bring back the ice silkworm.


At first glance, my lower limbs are bound by a tyrannical force.


“Lin Tiancheng, have you obtained the power of extreme cold?”


If ice silkworms are the sacred objects of the ice royal family, then the power of extreme cold is the foundation of the ice royal family.


Yun Zhongjun couldn’t imagine how Lin Tiancheng obtained these two treasures.


Lin Tiancheng is not very old, and his strength is not very high.


But he is constantly creating all kinds of miracles, which shocks people.


“I’ll explain other things to you later, I’d better get rid of the poison on Fairy Yu first.”


With a wave of his hand, Lin Tiancheng easily dispelled the extreme cold force that restrained Yun Zhongjun.


Before, Lin Tiancheng used some medicinal materials to protect Fairy Yu’s body.


The poison did not cause much damage to her body.


Lin Tiancheng held up Fairy Yu’s wrist, which was as white as jade, and with a light tap, made a cut.


As the blood flowed out slowly, the blood turned out to be black.


“Yun Zhongjun saw this scene, and his heart hurts.”


The Jade Fairy is a baby picked up by the Seventh Highness of the Heaven Defying Alliance.


But I didn’t expect his heart to be so vicious, not only let Yu Xianzi stay undercover in the devil world, but also completely deprived of life freedom.


He even planted poison such as Heart-eating Gu on Jade Fairy from the very beginning.


Even Lin Tiancheng didn’t dare to touch the black blood easily, he gently scraped them off with a wave of spiritual power, and put the ice silkworm on the wound.


The ice silkworm, who was very lazy at the beginning, smelled something different, and then began to burrow into Fairy Yu’s wound.


Not long after, a longhorn-shaped worm crawled out of the wound.


This is the Gu poison that has been controlling Jade Fairy.


When Yun Zhongjun saw this thing, he became very angry, wishing he could step forward and trample it to death immediately.


Fortunately, Lin Tiancheng understands the ancient tree Bran, Yun Zhongjun may never see Fairy Yu again.


Lin Tiancheng stopped him with his hand and said, “This is a good thing.”


From what He Long explained to Lin Tiancheng, Lin Tiancheng knew that this was a very advanced Gu poison.


The heart-eating worm is an extremely rare worm. Even if it is found, it is very difficult to cultivate it into a Gu worm.


If it is not certain, it will consume a Gu poison master’s life’s painstaking efforts.


Thinking of this, Lin Tiancheng is almost certain.


Lin Tiancheng once discovered the Mu clan, the Dragon clan, and the Gu clan in the glaciers around the Ice Emperor.


After seeing the heart-eating worm in the palm of his hand, he was almost certain that He Long was not the only one who survived the Wu clan.


After Cang Tianyi was defeated by Lin Tiancheng some time ago, He Long decided to return to Southern Border to avoid the limelight.


At this point, Cang Tianyi must also know that he has been instigated.


Then it is no different to continue to stay in Hei Sanjiao, so I am waiting to die.


He Long is not afraid of death, but the revenge of the entire Wu clan is still waiting for him to avenge.


This proposal was also made by Lin Tiancheng to He Long.


This guy He Long is different from the people in the Alliance of Sky Defenders, he hasn’t been completely brainwashed yet.


He still has a chance to walk on the right path.


He Long also knew that Lin Tiancheng really wanted to help him get revenge, instead of just using himself like Cang Tianyi.


In addition, Lin Tiancheng’s ability to comprehend Gu art is beyond He Long’s imagination.


He Long is weak now, if one day he is tricked by the Protoss and the Heaven Defying Alliance, then there is really only one dead end.


After weighing the pros and cons, He Long taught Lin Tiancheng the Gu art without hesitation.


This Gu technique was not broken in He Long’s hands, so he was worthy of his ancestors.


Presumably, my ancestors would not blame me for spreading Gu skills to the outside world.


Lin Tiancheng did not disappoint He Long either, and he also showed great talent in this respect.


In Lin Tiancheng’s hands, the Heart Eater wanted to do bad things again.


There is no rush for tomorrow, he said: “If you make another bad idea, I will let the ice silkworm eat you up.”


When he heard the ice silkworm, Heart Eater couldn’t help but tremble all over.


The ice silkworm is its only natural enemy in this world, how could it not be afraid.


At this moment, a jet of water shot out from Fairy Yu’s blood, and rushed towards the heart-eating worm.


Fortunately, Lin Tiancheng had quick eyesight and quick hands, and used the original light cluster to restrain the ice silkworm.


“You can see how much the ice silkworm wants to eat you. If you are disobedient in the future, I will feed you to it.”



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