Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5129: Holy Frost



Chapter 5129 Fierce Cold Eucharist


“Don’t worry, I’m not here to settle accounts with you. I’ll leave this medicine to your sister, and I won’t ask for it back.”


Hearing Lin Tiancheng’s words, the little girl suddenly became quiet.


“What do you want to do then?”


“I have something to ask you.”


The woman in plain clothes was relieved when she heard Lin Tiancheng’s words.


They are helpless in this underwater palace, and she can’t afford to offend anyone.


But the little girl didn’t believe Lin Tiancheng’s words at all.


“You must be lying, I took your things, how could you not come to me to settle accounts, saying, are you playing my sister’s idea?”


“I tell you, don’t even think about it, you have no good intentions!”


Although the plain-clothed woman looked sick, there was no color on her face.


But it’s indescribably beautiful.


Her facial features are exquisite, and her face is fair and pure, with no flaws to be found.


Like the snow lotus blooming on the Tianshan Mountains, it is extremely noble.


In this way, there are too many people looking at this woman, but they are all coveting her beauty.


Lin Tiancheng looked around at the house, which was even more dilapidated than it looked outside.


In this way, the sisters lived a very hard life in this underwater palace and were bullied by many people.


Lin Tiancheng helped the woman in plain clothes up from the ground.


Just when he let go of his hand, he found that there was a thick layer of ice on his hand.


This plain-clothed woman didn’t have the slightest bit of cultivation, but in just a few seconds, ice formed on her hands.


If she has a cultivation base, this strength is even more terrifying.


Fortunately, Lin Tiancheng was blessed with the power of spiritual flames, and he used the power of spiritual flames to force the ice back.


The woman in plain clothes was even more frightened when she saw the ice on Lin Tiancheng’s hands, and quickly apologized to Lin Tiancheng.


“I’m really sorry, but the chill is out of my control, and I didn’t mean to offend you.”


Lin Tiancheng waved to the woman in white and said, “It’s okay.”


“I just wanted to ask you, where did the jade pendants on you two come from?”


The woman in plain clothes was stunned for a while, then looked down at the jade pendant on her body.


She seems to be stuck in a memory.


Looking at Lin Tiancheng, the plain-clothed woman hesitated for a while before she said, “This jade pendant is not ours, it was given to our sister by a magician a long time ago, he told us, let us Living in an underwater palace, waiting for a destined person, this destined person may help our sisters escape from the current fate.”


Lin Tiancheng was even more excited when he heard the words of the woman in plain clothes. He asked, “Who is this person?”


“Is his name Luo Shenyi?”


Hearing Lin Tiancheng’s question, the woman in plain clothes looked a little excited, “Yes, that’s what everyone calls him.”


“Just why do you know his name, are you the person he made us wait for?”


Lin Tiancheng himself did not expect that this Luo Shenyi knew that one day he would come to this underwater palace.


Did he leave these two jade pendants to the sisters because he wanted me to help this woman out of her predicament?


Although the woman in plain clothes was very excited, she didn’t completely believe what the man in front of her said.


After all, there is no basis and no evidence. If he deliberately approached him, what other ideas would he have?


Lin Tiancheng also knew that the two people in front of him would not easily believe him, so he took out two jade pendants from his arms.


Seeing this, the woman in Suyi and Xiaoyue no longer doubt, they know that this person is the one who can help them.


Xiaoyue was very excited to see Yupei.


If you say this, your sister’s illness is saved.


Xiaoyue went forward and hugged Lin Tiancheng’s thigh, “Brother, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t rob you, it’s my fault.”


“Please help my sister, please?”


“As long as you can help my sister heal, if you want my life, I will give it to you.”


“Big brother, you will give me a spirit stone on the street. You look like a good person. You must save my sister!”


The woman in plain clothes began to cry when she saw Xiaoyue like this.


Xiaoyue saw that Lin Tiancheng didn’t respond, so she stepped forward and took the thousand pole ruler in Lin Tiancheng’s hand and put it on her neck.


“As long as you can save my sister and my life, take it if you want.”


Before Lin Tiancheng spoke, the plain-clothed woman on the side knelt down and kowtowed to Lin Tiancheng.


“It’s not Xiaoyue’s fault, please don’t kill her…”


Lin Tiancheng took back the thousand pole ruler in his hand and touched the little girl’s head.


“You little girl, you are very eccentric.”


“Rise up.”


Seeing this, the little girl quickly stood up.


She said to Lin Tiancheng with a smile on her face: “Big brother, I know you are a good person, you will definitely save my sister, right?”


Lin Tiancheng nodded and helped up the plain-clothed woman who was kneeling on the ground.


After the last lesson, Lin Tiancheng only dared to help him vainly, and quickly withdrew his hand.


“You’re not in good health, don’t kneel here all the time. Your body’s problem is not a disease.”


“But I have a solution, it’s just not the time.”


It is impossible to remove the cold from the plain-clothed woman, because she has the Holy Frost Host.


But as long as she can find the ice magic formula and let this plain-clothed woman learn to operate her own cold air, her body can gradually recover.


But at the moment, Lin Tiancheng doesn’t have the Frost Magic in his hands.


Hearing Lin Tiancheng said that his body was saved, Xiaoyue and the woman in Suyi were even more excited.


The woman in plain clothes lowered her head and took off the jade pendant on Xiaoyue’s body, and handed it to Lin Tiancheng together with the half of her body.


The woman in Suyi remembered what Luo Shenyi said, as long as she met this lucky person, she would give him the jade pendant, and he would naturally help the two sisters.


The woman in plain clothes said to Lin Tiancheng: “My name is Bai Yu, this is my sister, Xiaoyue.”


The woman in plain clothes looked at Lin Tiancheng and had a lot to say, but suddenly, she didn’t know how to start.


Over the years, she and Xiaoyue have suffered a lot of grievances and pain in this underwater palace, and her illness not only made herself miserable.


It’s even more implicated my sister, making her live in a life of lack of food and clothing for so many years.


The original hope of living is about to disappear. I didn’t expect that one day I would be able to wait for this person.


For this sister, Lin Tiancheng is the hope of life.


Xiaoyue sees that the jade pendant on her body is dirty, she can’t see the original color.


He looked very embarrassed.


Over the years, with the coldness on Bai Yu’s body getting heavier and heavier, she couldn’t go out at all.


Everything in the family is supported by my sister, Xiaoyue. It is conceivable how much this little girl has suffered.


Many times, Bai Yu looked at her young sister and thought that she would just die like this, so that her sister would not be affected.


Lin Tiancheng took the two jade pendants in Bai Yu’s hand and combined them into one.


The jade pendant is beginning to shine.


Suddenly, several people from the mermaid race broke in.



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