Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 217: Little Luo, tie her up!



“Arrogance raised temporarily?”


When hearing Li Yu’s explanation, Sanjing in the jar couldn’t help showing a look of understanding and surprise. With Sanjing’s qualifications, she also thought about temporarily shielding Confucianism and Taoism.


It’s just that this approach can easily bring disasters. If after leaving the ruins, the newly cultivated awe-inspiring aura will not be compatible with the original one, and it will easily cause problems in the exercises… Overall, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.


But now that Li Yu has come to this point, Yue Huaixian can’t say anything… Although they are all scholars in the jar, the four of them have their own strengths. Li Yu reads, and reading is the easiest way to cultivate the righteousness of the world.


As for Lao Yue, without the blessings of Confucianism and Taoism, with the killing spirit inherent in the chess pieces… his cultivation of murderous spirit is almost the same.


“I can transfer some new aura of grandeur to you.” Li Yu said abruptly: “Use my aura as the fire, you just need to be the fire guardians, and you can disperse it directly after leaving the ruins. The root of the disaster.”


Not only Lao Yue, but even Gu Kai and Qiu Niang are quite emotional at this moment. .


In this perilous relic, if you really don’t have the ability to protect yourself, it’s really hard to move forward—although the safety is guaranteed now with Song Jiaoxi and Xiaoluo SIR, but it’s unavoidable that there is a sense of relying on others…


Thus, after thinking about it for a while, Sanjing in the jar immediately made a decision.


Lao Yue directly clapped his hands and said, “Since that’s the case, then Brother Li, let’s start spreading the fire now… let’s pass on the skills!”



It takes time to pass on the skills, so naturally it needs to stop, which is bound to arouse the dissatisfaction of the Yellow Emperor’s daughter.


But Li Yu seems to have thought about this a long time ago, “You might as well take a step ahead. When I finish teaching my skills, Huai Xian and the others will not be considered a drag, and we will catch up with you.”


“Yes, Mr. Luo, if you want to be more stable, you can also draw another aperture for me… just make it bigger this time.” Perhaps because of the hope of recovering his skills, Lao Yue’s tone of voice also slightly changed.


Unexpectedly, without waiting for Xiao Luo SIR to speak at this time, the concubine snorted directly, raised her hand, and a red light shot out, directly hitting the bottom of a nearby cliff.


The terrifying red light actually melted at the bottom of the cliff to create a cave where one can hide.


“Don’t bother, here is the aura I left behind, ordinary beasts dare not approach! Don’t waste time!” The woman looked at Xiao Luo SIR impatiently and said: “Maybe you give me the map , let’s say goodbye.”


Song Jiaoxi did not express an opinion on this kind of issue – she can stop or go…but she prefers to leave early so that she can go to the next witch people’s land.


Nothing can stop a scholar from seeking knowledge, if anything, it must be love!


Love… love?


Song Jiaoxi couldn’t help being surprised by the idea that popped up in her mind… Instinctively, she felt that this was not her own idea, but another thought that did not belong to her.


Casual, irritable, contradictory, entangled… fragile.


Miss Sakura 2.0 felt a sudden burst of dizziness. The forest and rocks in front of her eyes seemed to have turned into an overcrowded place in an instant.


This is someone’s perspective… the perspective she often sees in her dreams.


In front of you, there is a downlight like a sky full of stars, and a huge circular conference hall… filled with all kinds of people in suits.


It’s like a strange portrait suddenly flashed in a TV series… Ms. Sakura 2.0 even saw a woman standing on the central podium.


The aura of a woman completely suppressed all the people present at the meeting… I am the only one in the sky and on the earth.




What Ms. Ying 2.0 saw turned out to be the daughter of the Yellow Emperor… It’s just that the woman on the podium has black hair and black eyes, and she doesn’t seem to be a concubine.


“This real dragon is really scary…”


Miss Ying 2.0 suddenly trembled slightly, and everything in front of her eyes faded like a tide, but seeing everyone looked at her in surprise at this moment… She couldn’t help frowning, “What’s wrong?”


“No… Song Jiaoxi, it’s just what you said just now… a real dragon?” Qiuniang hesitated and said, “Scary or something… Song Jiaoxi, did you find something?”


“I don’t remember.” Ms. Sakura 2.0 shook her head, “I was just distracted just now, and I thought of something on the topic, you don’t have to worry about it.”


The few people in the jar really didn’t care too much—after all, Song Jiaoxi, who can make the school [Hongyan Lake] full of suitors’ sincerity, has always been a strange person, and often has amazing remarks.


“Then, Song Jiaoxi, let’s stay away for now.” Yue Huaixian was the type to stop and stop, and walked directly to the cave that was blown out by the concubine.


Gu Kai and Qiu Nian also followed after seeing this, and finally Li Yu nodded slightly to bid farewell to Xiao Luo and SIR.


“Li Yu, I will leave a mark along the road, and follow when you see it.” Ms. Ying 2.0 said suddenly at this moment.


Li Yu just nodded and didn’t look back.


Song Jiaoxi frowned at this time and said: “I always feel that he is different from before.”


“I think Mr. Li is pretty good now.” Little Luo SIR smiled slightly, and then said again: “Miss Song, do you really not remember what you just said?”


She shook her head and said, “It seems that there is, it seems that there is no… Maybe it’s because of the excessive mental consumption, but it’s okay, I still have enough energy, and I won’t delay the schedule.”


“You guys still want to go!” The Yellow Emperor’s daughter snorted coldly: “If you want to make out, hand over the map and go away!”


I don’t know why, but seeing these two people approaching each other, the dry-looking princess became upset—she didn’t understand why.


Miss Sakura 2.0 did not speak, disdain to argue.


On the contrary, after thinking about it for a while, Sir Luo suddenly took out the ink map, and then directly divided it into two… one copy in front of the concubine’s eyes, and threw it into the concubine’s hands.


The daughter-in-law was stunned by this operation, and said in a daze, “What are you going to do.”


“I’ll give you half, then we don’t have to leave.” Xiao Luo SIR casually smiled and said, “Maybe.”


Is this guy your nemesis? ?


The Yellow Emperor’s Daughter snorted coldly, and flashed forward, the flames along the way forced her to walk out a burning road.


Miss Sakura 2.0 took a look at Xiao Luo SIR at this time, nodded and took the initiative to take a step ahead.


Looking at the backs of the two who seem to have known each other, Xiao Luo SIR… Boss Luo didn’t blink his eyes, but murmured.


“It seems that Song Ying’s power is getting stronger and stronger…” That was a voice that only he could hear, “Can even others be influenced…”






The People’s Assembly Hall of a certain capital city.


“In short, in Huaxia ahead, new humans are forbidden! It is your business to find black cards all over the world, but don’t come to my territory to make trouble! The delegation of Xinguo, please listen to my old lady, come to me Hit one, come to a pair, I will hit a pair… Write! Whatever you write, I will leave my words here, come here if you are not afraid of death! I want to see if the people in your clubhouse dare to form a group to attack me!”


The on-site flash flickered wildly.


In one of the seats at the back of the venue, Miss Sakura, who was lying on the table with her head buried, was suddenly pushed by someone… She raised her head in a daze.


“Miss, at least this meeting was broadcast live on Star… You should also pay attention to the image of our [Song Dynasty].”


“Did I fall asleep…” Ms. Sakura rubbed the center of her brows subconsciously, and muttered to herself, “But why do I feel like I’ve been seeing this Master Dragon all the time…but it’s the one with red hair ?”


“Miss, wake up! Lord Zhenlong can hear you!”


“Tsk…” Ms. Ying muttered again: “I don’t know why, but I get angry when I see this woman! When will this **** meeting be over…”






In the cave, the three of Yue Huaixian are sitting cross-legged around Li Yu… This kind of operation of transferring the awe-inspiring aura requires both giving and receiving to get rid of all distracting thoughts, especially the one who benefits, almost opens his own mind mind.


This is a very dangerous thing.


It’s just that the Sijing in the jar have known each other for a long time, know each other well, and trust each other-although Lao Yue often criticizes Li Yu’s scum, the nickname of “Little Saint” in Li Yu’s jar is not for nothing.


However, the three people who were opening their minds did not know that at this time Li Yu actually stretched out his finger, and Yun Gong forced three drops of blood from his body.


The blood did not fall to the ground, but condensed in the air, and slowly floated between the eyebrows of the three, and merged into the bodies of the three strangely.


“I have buried the seeds in your body and cultivated them well.” Li Yu said indifferently, then turned and left the cave.


Outside the cave, Li Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he looked towards a dark place, and said expressionlessly: “Come out.”


I saw a smear of blood passing by, and then I saw a figure, kneeling in front of Li Yu… It was the blood witch surgery tree that should have disappeared.


“Houshu, I have met Lord Shenzi!” Houshu said respectfully at this time: “Thank you, Lord Shenzi, for helping me reunite my blood body with supreme magic power! I will definitely…”


“No need to brag, if I have supreme mana, I don’t have to be controlled by others… No need to talk nonsense.” Li Yu said indifferently: “You know what I want you to do, go! Remember, don’t worry Don’t appear in front of those people. Remember, you are already [dead].”


“I will definitely make the whole Houtube prostrate at the feet of the Son of God!” Hou Shu trembled and feared… more excitedly said.


As soon as Li Yu waved his hand, the back tree turned into a blood shadow and disappeared.


He was about to enter the cave again, but he stopped again… Turning around, he only felt that he was confronted with fiery breath.


Li Yu couldn’t help frowning at this time, and saw that the ground in front of him suddenly cracked, and more scorching air erupted, and then a three-meter giant that seemed to be gathered from ashes crawled from the crack in the ground out!


This kind of feeling that makes the blood dry out is exactly the same as the daughter of the Yellow Emperor!


“It seems.” Li Yu looked at the giant of the ashes indifferently, sighed and said: “Princess of the Yellow Emperor, from the beginning, she never planned to let us go…or me.”


The fiery breath spread wildly all around.


Li Yu laughed lightly, “That’s fine, just take it as a familiarity, how to resist the power of the legendary [Drought Demon].”




Frightening the birds in the forest, Xiao Luo SIR has entered the inhuman mode of picking up the rhyme again.


Song Jiaoxi has long been numb. Compared with Dao Yun, she wants to take the compass and study it. Maybe, you can ask yourself.


But what if he doesn’t give it?


Or, what conditions does he want to put forward… What kind of conditions will he put forward?


“Does this kind of divine pattern still have any effect on you?” The concubine said abruptly, “It is said that in the Houtubu, there is still the Ancestral Spirit Hall that has not been opened… Could it be that you are also planning to use the Ancestral Spirit Hall? ?”


Xiao Luo SIR said in a well-mannered way: “Don’t be in vain, there is another one in front of you, why don’t you pick it up, Your Royal Highness also… Her Royal Highness said just now, too?”


“It has nothing to do with you.” The female concubine shook her head indifferently.


But soon, the concubine frowned, and looked back thoughtfully—that was the way she had come.


For a moment, the female concubine said indifferently: “It seems that your companions are not a bunch of trash.”


Xiao Luo SIR casually said: “It’s not a companion, just a companion. But it’s very interesting. After getting along for a long time, maybe we will become friends, just like me and Her Royal Highness, maybe we will become friends.”


“I don’t need friends.” The concubine snorted coldly… and then sneered: “I will **** your blood dry!”


Xiao Luo SIR said coldly: “Your Highness, have you ever thought that maybe one day, you can be full without having to drink blood.”


The daughter-in-law sneered: “I know what people outside say about me, saying that I am a monster who lives on blood! But it’s a pity, in fact, I don’t necessarily need to **** blood to be full. Only if I have been bitten Only those who live with blood need to live with blood… Perhaps, you will be the next one.”


“Is this true?” But Song Jiaoxi’s eyes lit up at this time, and he didn’t even know when he had taken out the notebook, “It is said that the daughter of the Yellow Emperor is the first zombie in the world, who lives on blood …So, are you able to eat normally? A major discovery! Then why do you still **** blood? Is blood really the source of your strength? When you **** blood, will you have a physiological reaction? Your first When is the blood sucking time? Is this a natural ability, or an acquired ability?”


Another…another weirdo!


The female concubine let out a sigh of relief, the light in her eyes burst out, and she said calmly: “You talk too much.”


She wants to seal the mouth of this nagging woman.


It’s just that Shen Guang was photographed aside by Xiao Luo SIR… The seal is sealed, but it’s just a crow passing by [Xiao Xiba], [Xiao Xiba] and shouting.


The concubine’s face was filled with murderous intent.


At this time, Song Jiaoxi looked at Xiao Luo SIR with a little excitement: “Sure enough, in this ruins, you can exert a power far beyond the fifth level… Daughter of the Yellow Emperor, can you suppress it casually. Little Luo SIR blinked and said, “Miss Song, what are you going to do. “


“Don’t you think this is a chance to learn more about the legendary [Hanba]?” Song Jiaoxi said frantically: “You tied her up, I have a lot of questions to ask her, I feel that I can do it Write a biography about the daughter of the Yellow Emperor!”


Xiao Luo SIR laughed dumbly and said: “Using force casually is not good.”


“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Song Jiaoxi said: “Once we leave the ruins, it’s like a dream in Nanke. Our fate will not stay in the ruins, and this place is just a photo of the previous era… Regardless of us What has been done, the history is still that history, but we are here to understand the past history.”


Does it make sense?


Xiao Luo SIR still blinked…but didn’t move.


Song Jiaoxi immediately made a big move, “Xiao Luo! If you tie her up, I will give you a raise!”





“You…what the **** are you talking about?”


The daughter of the Yellow Emperor suddenly had a bad premonition, and saw that the man and woman were speaking in a language that she did not understand—the uncomfortable thing was that she was still unable to sense the meaning of these languages ​​with her spirit.


I saw Xiao Luo SIR walking slowly at this time.


The daughter of the Yellow Emperor took a step back subconsciously, her brows were furrowed, her voice was stern but she said, “What are you going to do!”


“This is the first time someone has given me a salary increase.” Xiao Luo SIR smiled slightly and said, “It’s very attractive.”


As we all know, the boss is not paid.


So, the daughter of the Yellow Emperor was tied up.


“Let go of me! Let me go… let go…you…bad guy! Ah~”


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