Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 209: A man should be self-improvement!



It’s nothing.


He told himself silently, this is nothing.


Compared to the dark and turbulent years, the years of wandering between life and death every day, and the moments of watching relatives leave one by one, this is nothing.


Although some kind of shame has been deeply engraved in the **** of the body, it is really nothing compared to the cruelty of the dark chaos.


It’s nothing…


After a long time, Lao Jiang walked out of the shadow, holding on to the trunk.


At this time, Tianpeng was sitting on the edge of the river, processing some river fish that had just been picked up from the water… Tianpeng did not light a fire, but after cleaning the river fish, he carefully sliced ​​them into thin slices , and placed on a smooth stone.


Good guy, this guy is unexpectedly a delicate boy.


“Are you feeling better?” Tianpeng raised his head at this moment, showing a kind smile.


——This **** intimacy!


Lao Jiang took a deep breath, and threw the small medicine bottle back in front of Tianpeng expressionlessly.


“The wound caused by Ji Fa’s big sun treasure body is not so easy to heal.” Tianpeng shook his head at this moment, and bounced the medicine bottle back, “Please believe me, you will still need it. “


Only those who die can keep secrets forever.


The inside of the ruins is very good, if you stop breathing in the ruins, then even the Ninth Prison can’t take away Tianpeng’s three souls and seven souls… No one knows this secret—except for the beast-like thug Ji Fa outside.


But Lao Jiang quickly gave up this idea. When it really came to the moment of life and death, Tianpeng could just crush the ring and leave… crush the ring!


This made Lao Jiang feel another inexplicable pain in his heart.


He also has the ring, so he can leave, but he is confident that even if he can’t deal with Ji Fa, at least he can escape calmly, so he didn’t plan to use the ring from the beginning.


But how did he think that the number one young emperor of the present age, the future [Wu Tiandi], would actually do such insane things?


When he realized it, it was too late, too late.


“You…do you want something to eat?” Tianpeng asked again at this time.


Jiang Qiyun came to the side without saying a word and sat down… But just as he sat down, his expression changed slightly, but he finally gritted his teeth and sat down.


Tianpeng didn’t say anything at this time, but showed a look of unbearable expression, and said softly: “You need to rest.”


——This **** intimacy! !


“Why did you appear then?” Lao Jiang asked calmly.


Tianpeng said slowly: “Actually… I have been following Ji Fa all along.”


“You’ve been following him?” Jiang Qiyun frowned subconsciously. If Tianpeng followed him all the way, he wouldn’t have noticed…Ji Fa, didn’t he notice it too?


“I…I have supernatural powers of perception.” Tianpeng thought for a while and said, “It’s useless, but it’s farther than the spiritual perception of a cultivator.”


Lao Jiang frowned, “Why are you following Ji Fa… are you going to deal with him?”


“No, no, no!” Unexpectedly, Tianpeng shook his head and waved his hands at this time, “How could I possibly want to deal with that demon! I’m afraid that it’s too late for him! He will really kill me!”


“Then why do you still…”


“It’s because I’m afraid.” Tianpeng smiled wryly and said, “Instead of wandering around in the ruins and worrying about not knowing when to run into him, it’s better to locate him from the beginning… as long as I have always maintained this state where I can perceive his position, but he can’t find it, that is the safest…it’s dark under the lights.”


Jiang Qiyun didn’t ask Tianpeng, since he was so afraid of Ji Fa, why he didn’t leave the ruins from the beginning, or didn’t enter the ruins directly.


Just like when he was enduring the huge humiliation, he also thought about escaping from the ruins.


However, thinking of the things in this relic… between being humiliated and giving up fighting for such things, Lao Jiang finally chose to be humiliated with tears in his eyes.


In order to enter this ruins, he even endured two setbacks in his cultivation, how could he suffer another severe physical and mental injury… No matter what he said, he couldn’t give up anymore.


He does not allow himself to give up under such circumstances!


Then what is the reason for Tianpeng to stay… for Daoyun?


With Tianpeng’s background, there should be no lack of such things as Daoyun. After all, he is a descendant of the demon emperor, and his status in the human race is completely comparable to that of the holy sons of the Holy Land…


“Why did you save me?” Lao Jiang decided to insinuate.


Tianpeng sighed, “Actually, I didn’t intend to save you at the beginning… But when I thought that you were suffering similar pain to me, I subconsciously took action. I’m sorry, I should have done it earlier It’s just that I didn’t expect that you were also an explorer of the ruins. At first I thought you were just a witch in the ruins. By the way, when I entered the ruins, why didn’t I see you?”


“I’ll come later.” Jiang Qiyun said expressionlessly.


His disguise has not been lifted, and he is still in the appearance of [Li Ming] at this time-this is also the reason why Lao Jiang did not really have a killing intent when facing Tianpeng!


Even Ji Fa doesn’t know what he really looks like.


This is the reason why Lao Jiang was able to persevere in this humiliation… At most, he just regarded it as being stabbed by a dog, and he would not commit suicide.


“Then you are?” Tianpeng opened his mouth at this time.


“Not broken.” Lao Jiang said calmly.


Tianpeng nodded, but also quickly searched in his mind for information about “Bupo” among the younger generation-but Tianpeng didn’t think of any information about “Bupo”.


This is a pseudonym.


Tianpeng didn’t put it bluntly either… Maybe he still needs some time before he can accept himself.


“As the saying goes, if you don’t break, you can’t stand.” Tianpeng comforted softly at this time: “Brother Bupo, I wish you break and stand soon…I will do my best to help you.”


——No, I just want to kill you! ! !


Lao Jiang suppressed the killing intent in his heart and said: “Since you have rescued me, you have already been exposed. Ji Fa will come here anytime… What are you planning?”


At this moment, Tianpeng shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, Ji Fa won’t come here, he’s only interested in the prey that hits the door. As long as we don’t jump in front of him, he will even come back soon.” Will forget our existence…”


“You seem to know him well?”


Tianpeng’s face darkened at this time, and he said quietly: “After that incident, I tried to assassinate him three times… but three times, three times with the same result. Every time, he will always be on me… …Later, I figured it out, he could kill me easily, and let me go just for fun.”


No wonder this guy has that kind of wound medicine on him…


Jiang Qiyun took a deep breath, picked up a piece of sashimi and ate it… Judging from the current situation, it is obviously difficult for him to clear this ruin by himself.


As for the things that will appear in the ruins, he only knows a general idea, and many details are ignored in the middle-after all, Lao Jiang did not experience this time before his rebirth, but only a little bit later. The collected information finally pieced together a general context.


Tianpeng’s supernatural powers of perception may be useful to him…


“Brother Bupo, is my face dirty?” Tianpeng subconsciously touched his cheek and asked.


So Lao Jiang instantly put on a mask of pain, and said hoarsely, “Tianpeng, I…can I trust you?”


“Not broken?” Tianpeng was startled for a moment, then quickly nodded, “Don’t worry, I will help you… In this world, I am the only one who understands you.”


“Tianpeng…” Lao Jiang couldn’t help but his eyes turned red, “I want to cry, I want to cry a lot! But a man doesn’t flick his tears easily, I am in so much pain!”


“Cry, cry!” Tianpeng’s eyes were also slightly red, “I used to cry too… even the tears have been drained! Just cry, and you will feel much more comfortable when you cry! Don’t break, don’t worry, only I will not laugh at you, because He is your friend!”


He is also a fallen person in Tianya, what Tianpeng sees in [Brother Bupo] is his former self!


“Swear to kill Ji Fa!” Lao Jiang roared with tears in his eyes.


“What?” Tianpeng was taken aback.


I saw Jiang Qiyun suddenly stood up at this time, “Tianpeng! Do you want to watch more people being humiliated under Ji Fa? He is a demon! This time it’s me, next time What about next time? Next time it might be your relatives! If Ji Fa has always existed, what about your descendants in the future? Think about it! This is a demon, if we don’t eliminate him, our next generation will have to bear this burden in the future Evil!”


“Impossible!” Tianpeng shook his shoulders, his face turned pale instantly, “Those who can’t kill him, those who can’t kill him…”


“Tianpeng!” Lao Jiang put his hands on his shoulders, “Since you are willing to save me, it proves that the fire in your heart is still extinguished! As long as you kill Ji Fa, you… we, Only then can we truly walk out of this nightmare and prove that we are real men!”




“Tianpeng!” Lao Jiang said in a hoarse voice, “You used to be alone, but the reality is no longer! Now, you are two people!”


“Brother Bupo…”


Lao Jiang decided to strike hard… He punched out a huge splash on the stream, and then roared angrily: “Kill Jifa, and become a real man!”


Tianpeng’s body shook instantly, and he felt empathy!


“Kill Jifa!” I saw Tianpeng push out his palms, and let out a lung-piercing roar, “Be a real man!!”


“Kill Jifa!”


“Kill Jifa!”


“Be a man!”


“Be a man!”


A man should be self-improvement, and the alliance of those who break the chrysanthemum will succeed!






Every time the dense forest advances, the danger that Lin Feng feels will become heavier. At this time, he is still wearing a little white girl, which makes Lin Feng’s SIR feel even worse.


Soon, a huge corpse appeared in front of Lin Feng.


It is five or six meters long, and it is still curled up… a black-scaled monitor lizard!


I saw that many of the scales on the black-scaled monitor lizard had peeled off, and the real question was bloody… This made Lin Feng secretly dumbfounded, wondering how the black-scaled monitor lizard’s wound was caused—but It didn’t feel like it was caused by the bite of other beasts.


“Don’t go there.”


At this time, I saw Bai Su’s little loli walking towards the monitor lizard’s corpse abruptly. Seeing this, Lin Feng had to pull Bai Su back quickly…Little loli didn’t struggle either, but just looked at the monitor lizard with his eyes His corpse looked rather pitiful.


Lin Feng didn’t notice Bai Su’s gaze, his attention was attracted by the monitor lizard’s corpse… and the surrounding environment!


The surrounding area seems to have experienced a fierce battle, there are fallen ancient trees everywhere, some of the trunks are full of claw marks, but more of them are straight cut marks!


When Lin Feng walked up to a cut mark, he felt a sharp aura rushing towards him. He couldn’t help but be surprised: “This is a sword mark… What a powerful sword aura, it still can’t condense?!”


Before Lin Feng was overwhelmed, there were some chaotic hissing sounds in front of him, and then a beam of sword light shot up into the sky… It was obviously not far from where Lin Feng was.


Sword Qi means someone!


At this time, Lin Feng really needed someone to tell him where this place is… But he didn’t know who the sword wielder was, so after weighing it in his mind, he finally decided to go.


Thinking of this, Lin Feng SIR simply memorized Bai Su directly, so that in case of any special circumstances, he could escape immediately.


“Susu, you must hold me tight, you know?” Lin Feng ordered in a low voice.


Little Lolita nodded, and put her hands around his neck, her whole body stuck to his back… The little girl’s figure was unusually soft, as if she was carrying nothing on her back, but her hands Had to support the girl’s thigh.


——Prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony… Evil thoughts fade away!


After shaking his head and dispelling the strange thoughts in his mind, Lin Feng picked up his breath and started to run… Although his rank is not high, he barely stepped into the third-level cultivator-this kind of cultivation is in Huoyun The General Administration can also catch a lot, but the victory lies in the solid foundation.


After all, he is a ruthless person who can see the scenery of Huoyun at 4:30 in the morning every day.


Running all the way, SIR Xiaolin didn’t feel out of breath—and he finally got close to the place where the sword light exploded!


Passing through a place of shrubs and thorns, dozens of towering ancient trees are in sight. woman!


During this fierce battle, no fewer than thirty black-scaled monitor lizard corpses had already fallen on the ground.


The sword-wielding woman probably kicked into the lair of the black-scaled monitor lizard?


Sir Kobayashi couldn’t help being secretly surprised at this moment… The sword-wielding girl was so fierce, fighting alone against a group of black-scaled monitor lizards, she looked like she could handle it with ease… Even, from the beginning to the end, the sword-wielding girl’s eyes never open!


At this moment, the little loli Bai Su behind her suddenly grabbed Lin Feng’s shoulder forcefully, and Lin Feng subconsciously turned his face back, almost sticking to Bai Su’s little face.


He swallowed quietly, but saw that Bai Su was looking at a certain place in front of him at this moment, with a rather focused expression.


Lin Feng couldn’t help looking subconsciously, and saw a pair of scarlet eyes suddenly appeared in the dark dense forest—just as the woman with the sword was slaughtering the black-scaled monitor lizard, those scarlet eyes suddenly appeared near!


“Be careful——!”


Lin Feng subconsciously screamed.


The woman holding the sword frowned slightly when she heard the sound, she felt something in her heart, and her body instantly turned towards the place where the scarlet eyes were!


At this moment, the thing with scarlet eyes was finally exposed. It was a monitor lizard that was more than twice the size of an ordinary black-scaled monitor lizard, and a golden thread grew from the black scales on its back… the monitor lizard king!


In an instant, the woman holding the sword seemed to feel the threat of death.


I saw her coldly throwing the long sword in her hand into the sky, and then her whole body soared into the sky… At this moment, the woman slowly opened her eyes!


In an instant, thousands of gorgeous sword lights emerged, and a huge storm of sword lights instantly killed everything!


Under this storm of sword light, the ordinary black-scaled monitor lizard was crushed into a pulp in the blink of an eye… and the terrifying monitor lizard king was actually under this terrifying sword light Persevere!


The monitor lizard king roared frantically, and suddenly opened his mouth to spit out a wave of light!


At this time, the woman was holding the sword formula, and the long sword that was thrown in the air split into hundreds of ways in an instant, and they all stabbed out!


Boom! ! ! !


The earth trembled, and the huge impact instantly sent Xiaolin SIR flying. With quick eyesight and quick hands, he hugged a big tree in an instant to avoid being blown away, and a strong brilliance in front of his eyes covered everything!


After a long time, the brilliance faded, and countless rifts were wrung out in the entire battle area… SIR Lin Feng got up in embarrassment, and first glanced at Bai Su.


Seeing that little Lolita was being protected by herself at this time, she was not harmed, so she was relieved.


Lin Feng looked towards the center of the battle again, and saw that the monitor lizard king was still standing, but he had stopped moving… The monitor lizard king had thousands of sword marks on his body, his eyes were closed, and he was obviously dead .


“So strong…”


SIR Lin Feng was shocked, and saw the woman holding the sword in front of the giant lizard king, holding the long sword in one hand, like a fairy.


Suddenly, the fairy holding the sword fell back and fell to the ground. Feng hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth, and put Bai Su down on the spot, “You wait for me here, don’t go away!”


After speaking, without waiting for Bai Su to respond, Lin Feng raised his breath and jumped out… Soon, he landed beside the woman holding the sword, and quickly leaned over to help her up.


“How are you?”


The woman’s eyes were closed tightly, and the corner of her mouth screamed blood, and she spit it out suddenly, it seems that she also suffered a serious injury.


The woman’s lips moved slightly, as if she wanted to say something, and she looked weak.


“You’re injured here too!” Lin Feng hurriedly said at this moment: “Why is there a needle here…and here too?”


I saw the hairline on the back of the woman’s neck, where there was a slight thorn, and Lin Feng happened to be holding the woman’s head at this time, and was stabbed.


Therefore, SIR Kobayashi reached out and pulled out one of the needles without thinking too much.




The woman suddenly struck out with a palm, but she was seriously injured, and she didn’t seem to have much strength. This palm could only send Xiao Lin SIR flying!


Lin Feng couldn’t help spitting old blood, and looked at the woman holding the sword in astonishment… but saw that the woman showed a look of panic at this time.


“You pulled out my needle, you pulled out my needle, I will… kill… kill…”


The woman holding the sword struggled to lift the sword and climbed up, but before she could take two steps, the woman suddenly showed a look of pain-then, under Xiao Lin SIR’s dumbfounded, the woman’s body turned out to be inflated Like a balloon, it inflated all of a sudden!


But in an instant, the woman who looked like a peerless fairy turned into a mountain of flesh.


This appearance, I am afraid it will weigh four to five hundred catties…


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