Thunder Martial Chapter 2505: Combined attack


Latest website: The steward was on tenterhooks along the way. Someone was causing trouble along the way, and he deliberately avoided going to the place where Zi Chen lived to make him feel uncomfortable.

During this period, the treasure ship continued to accelerate, no matter the consumption of resources, and arrived at its destination several days in advance.

As Zi Chen and the others stepped off the treasure ship, the others immediately followed.

As for those people who died back then, no one is investigating the truth.

The treasure ship seemed to become empty in an instant, and the steward felt more relaxed than ever before.

He would be happy even if no one would board the ship again.

At this time, there are still merchants transferring goods, otherwise the stewards would want to take off immediately. What if the owner changes his mind and boards the ship again?

Zi Chen and the others walked down the Immortal Terrace, and Li Su stretched out, “We finally arrived. Those guys probably won’t do anything. I followed them all the way, and they had to pay their own way. I don’t know what they were after. ”

Li Su smiled and said: “Next, let’s go drink the good wine from Danxue Mountain.”

Wherever there is water and soil, there is naturally also wine, and each has its own unique taste.

The wine from Danxue Mountain is also very famous. Because the output is very small, it is never disclosed to the outside world. Just like the wine from Changyang Mountain, it is only used to entertain friends.

This is already the territory of Danxue Mountain. As a first-class mountain in the Sumeru Realm, the strength of Danxue Mountain cannot be underestimated. No one dares to take action here.

It can be said that as long as you get off the treasure ship, you will be absolutely safe.

Zi Chen suddenly stopped.

The group got off the treasure ship, and the people who had been following them also stopped.

“Why don’t you leave?” Li Su turned to look at Zi Chen.

“Something happened in Danxue Mountain.” Zi Chen’s expression gradually became solemn.

Li Su smiled hoarsely, “Is that an exaggeration? Just because Han Shilan didn’t come to greet her? She is a girl after all, so she can’t be more reserved?”

Xingdian also nodded, agreeing with this point of view.

Zi Chen’s expression did not relax, but became more solemn.

The two of them immediately stopped smiling. Zi Chen was not a stingy person. He would not care about Han Shilan’s failure to show up, nor would he curse Danxue Mountain because of it.

“Should we rush over and take a look?” Li Su asked via voice message.

If something really happened in Danxue Mountain, now that they have arrived, they have to go take a look regardless of whether they can help.

Zi Chen said: “Kill everyone behind you.”

“Huh?” Li Su was startled.

Even the criminal code was surprised.

Zi Chen’s words were not transmitted through sound, and everyone could hear them clearly.

“Kill everyone behind you.”

Zi Chen repeated it again, his eyes looking straight ahead and not looking behind him.


A ray of light flew past Li Su and went straight behind him.

He did not hesitate at all when Zi Chen repeated his words for the second time.

The light swept across, and each existence fell to the ground and died.

The guests on the treasure ship have long sensed that the atmosphere on the treasure ship is not right, and usually do not go out. When the treasure ship arrives at the Immortal Terrace, they leave in a hurry to avoid danger.

After a long delay, the person who is still following the three people is naturally someone with evil intentions.

What puzzles Li Su is why Zi Chen didn’t take action all the way before, but now he wants to kill someone?

The lack of understanding does not affect Li Su’s action.

Kong Zhishang ran away immediately, dragging Liu Yulin with him.

Looking at the flickering light of death, Liu Yulin was shocked and said: “Really killing people?”

“I’ve kindly reminded you, do you really think it’s a joke?” Kong Zhishang said: “You have dealt with Zi Chen, when did you ever see him make a joke about life and death?”

On the treasure ship, the remaining staff immediately exclaimed, “There’s a fight, steward, they’re fighting! Come and watch the show!”

The steward just breathed a sigh of relief. When he heard these words, his heart suddenly rose to his throat and he quickly ran to the deck.

Looking at the fallen people, he immediately exclaimed: “Quickly…quickly…leave…here! Hurry…take off!”

Because I was too nervous, my voice stuttered.

The deputy next to him looked puzzled. The other party had already disembarked from the boat. If they were to fight again, they would be fighting to death outside. It had nothing to do with them, right?

Now is a good time to watch a play.

Even if the fight down there is dark and dark, it has nothing to do with them.

And those are Zi Chen and his group, and we may not see them take action in this life.

It wasn’t until the steward slapped the people next to them that those who stood still quickly took action.

The treasure ship began to take off at an inappropriate time.

Those who ran fast at the rear fled, while those who ran slowly turned into corpses.

Zi Chen still looked straight ahead and said indifferently: “Stop hiding, come out.”

A light suddenly appeared in front of them, and a group of people emerged from the light.

The leader was surprisingly Yuan Tai, the Yuan Tai who was supposed to be killed by Zi Chen.

“Sure enough, he’s not dead.”

After Li Su saw Yuan Tai, he was not surprised at all. He had already told Zi Chen that Yuan Tai might still be alive.

As long as you are the core of a big force, you will basically have one more life than ordinary people.

After they determine their talents, they will separate a life soul to stay in the ancestral hall, which can save a life at a critical moment.

But it is not without any cost. For example, although Yuan Tai came back from the dead, his future cultivation path will end here.

This is much greater damage than a spiritual body dying in the Sumeru Realm. It is almost equivalent to reaching the end of a dead end, and it will no longer be possible to take a step closer in the future.

The light next to them is also flashing. It is Wei Ming who is leading his tribe.

The two families who dared to show up at this time must not be afraid of Danxue Mountain, or they must have reached some kind of agreement with Danxue Mountain.

After seeing these two groups of people, Li Su realized the seriousness of the matter.

It is obviously impossible to destroy Danxue Mountain, and it is impossible for the two parties to reach an agreement. The only possibility is that Danxue Mountain is in trouble and there is no time to take care of this place at the moment.

The only way Danxue Mountain can take care of itself is Tianyin Holy Land.

Why not the Evil Spirit Alliance?

Because as long as there is any big movement among them, the Mythical Alliance will definitely know about it and will immediately notify Zi Chen.

“Zi Chen, today next year will be your death anniversary!”

Yuan Tai is full of murderous intent. This is the last time he will command the battle as a direct descendant of the family.

When this happens, although he is still a direct descendant, the resources he originally enjoyed will be greatly reduced.

And all of this was caused by Zi Chen.

Yuan Taichong said indifferently: “You two leave quickly, this matter has nothing to do with you!”

But he didn’t lose his mind. He knew that he couldn’t offend the three parties at once.

Both Xingdian and Li Su responded with sneers, and each took a step forward to stand on the left and right of Zi Chen.

“How to fight?” Xingdian said.

As long as Zi Chen speaks, the two of them will cooperate.

I’m afraid it’s impossible.

“You two conserve your strength while I take action alone. You must ensure that you can lead me to break through and escape from this place at the critical moment.”

Zi Chen’s mental power has long since dispersed, and there are only two groups of people nearby, numbering more than fifty.

But it does not rule out that there are strong people hiding in the dark.

Zi Chen walked forward, while Li Su and Xing Dian stood behind him without moving.

Yuan Tai waved his hand, and the people he brought immediately dispersed to surround Zi Chen.

Yuan Tai’s eyes flashed with murderous intent and shouted: “Kill!”

No need to hold back, no need to hold back.

The lowest realm of these people is the peak of Chengshan, and the rest are all divine gates.

Some of them were holding weapons, and some were directly using secret techniques to kill Zi Chen.

At the same time as they took action, a huge magic circle appeared around them, covering the entire battlefield.

Being in the magic circle, everyone’s combat power seems to have improved a bit.

Zi Chen felt a lot of pressure, and the power flowing in his body seemed to be hindered.

“This is the Yuan family’s combined attack technique! In the combined attack formation, everyone’s combat power will be improved, and at the same time, the formation will also decompose and transform the attacks that fall on the individual.”

Li Su looked at the scene ahead and quickly sent a message to tell the truth, “Since the Yuan family has used the combined attack technique, it proves that both parties are determined to fight to the death this time. Zi Chen, don’t be careless.”

Zi Chen had no expression on his face. While avoiding the two attacks, he punched a Chengshan in the body.

According to Zi Chen’s fighting power, it is very easy to kill a Chengshan peak person with one punch.

Chengshan’s body slipped backwards, during which Zichen’s attacks were constantly neutralized by the magic circle under his feet.

After exiting Shizhang, the power of the punch has completely dissipated.

The other party was unscathed.

A strange color flashed in Zi Chen’s eyes, this combined attack technique was truly extraordinary.

The light flashed in his hand, and the spear was in his hand.

This is the Zhiyang Soldier!

A shot swept across, but was blocked by two people in an instant. Those two weapons were obviously not Zhiyang level, but they still blocked the blow.

Then, attacks from others came one after another, and Zi Chen retreated.

His figure flashed and he struck out at the right time. The sound of weapons clashing continued, but he did not effectively kill the enemy.

The Yuan family’s combined attack technique in Dongting Shenzhou is well-known, but not many people have actually seen it.

Because under normal circumstances, the personal combat power of the Yuan family is already strong enough, and there is no need for this technique at all.

The greatest function of the combined attack technique is to intimidate, and it is a form of protection when foreign enemies invade.

As long as the combined attack technique exists, no matter how powerful you are, you will still be like a trapped beast if you fall into this technique.

Without this technique, they would have been slaughtered in Zi Chen’s hands before they could make it past a few rounds.

But with the blessing of the combined attack technique, they can make an enemy of Zi Chen, and eventually exhaust Zi Chen’s power, leaving Zi Chen exhausted and executed.

Zi Chen obviously also sees this, and if it continues, it will only be detrimental to him.

With the blessing of the magic circle, the opponent’s consumption is much less, and every time he retreats, the magic circle will provide power, just like swallowing a pill, which can keep recovering.

One goes down and the other goes up.

So Zi Chen stopped and stood in the center of the formation.

Others also spread out, slowly rotating around Zi Chen, waiting for opportunities to move.

Yuan Tai did not participate. He stood watching the battle from a distance with an indifferent expression.

The moment the combined attack formation was successful, Zi Chen was destined to die.

Unless someone comes from Danxue Mountain.

But there is already too much to take care of, so no one can come.


Behind Zi Chen, Broken Mountain appeared.

This is his true meaning of first-class Sumeru Realm Mountain.

The terrifying pressure swept across, but as it spread, the magic circle was also radiating light, resolving this pressure.

The Divine Gate appears on Mount Cheng!

The divine gate seems to come from the ancient times, and an ancient majesty spreads out as soon as it appears.

The tall Shenmen is shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere, giving people a strong sense of oppression. At the same time, it also gives people a hazy feeling, like clouds and mist, making it difficult to see clearly.

At this moment, Zi Chen’s realm aura was fully displayed.

Under the double weather conditions, the operation of the combined attack formation seemed to have stalled for an instant.

At this moment, a light appeared around Zi Chen.

Secret Technique·Tianmang!

A Shenmen who tried to attack Zi Chen from behind was instantly pierced by black light between his eyebrows. Mobile phone users please browse and read, it is more convenient to read on your handheld device.


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