Thunder Martial Chapter 2320: Triumph



Zi Chen has never used the spirit of the mountain root, so be careful.


But this time, he wanted to mix the spirit of the mountain roots into the wine.


He didn’t believe that a person who drank the alcohol produced by Shan Genzhi’s bubbles every day would not be able to perceive Cheng Shan’s true meaning after a long period of time.


This is to use another extreme method, forcibly using the spirit of the roots of the mountain to smash out the true meaning of the mountain.


It’s like someone with poor talent, but he is very rich, so if he eats countless talents and treasures, he is better than a genius if he is not a genius.


The business in the tavern is very hot, because the adventurers have had a good harvest recently, they form a team, and naturally they are in groups of three or four when drinking.


Busy and lively.


One day, a large number of strange beasts suddenly appeared outside the desert, killing the adventurers by surprise.


After a short period of panic, they retreated while fighting, and they stabilized the battle when they were about to retreat to the market town of Gesha.


Zi Chen walked out of the tavern as usual, and saw that the adventurers were all wounded, especially a lot of them, and he found out the reason after asking.


Zi Chen fell into deep thought.


In the afternoon, people from the administration came, and they hadn’t been to the tavern for a long, long time.


Whether it is business or private, never deal with ‘not a black shop’.


I came to ask for money today, because the front line is fighting, and all aspects need to be maintained. The merchants who live here need to pay part of the money. To put it bluntly, it is protection fees.


“Sir, will you give me the money?”


Zi Chen was squatting there drinking, Zi Lan came to ask.


The adventurers turned their heads to look at the person coming.


It is a young girl, somewhat pretty, standing there pretending to be calm.


“In these days, I haven’t seen anyone from the administration come forward to kill the strange beast. What kind of protection fee do you want?”


“That’s right, what are you protecting?”


“The last time the alien beasts attacked the city, the people from your management bureau hid in the management bureau and didn’t even dare to fart. In the end, it was the people from the black shop.”


“This bureau is getting more and more shameless. It first asked for money from us adventurers, but now it dares to ask for money from black shops.”


Adventurers complained about it.


Zi Chen is a little ashamed, and every mouthful is a black shop, you have called all the names anyway, I call it ‘not a black shop’, not a black shop.


For the first time, he had doubts about his naming ability.


The young girl said: “Without the deterrence of our administration, you adventurers would have killed each other long ago. We only work in secret, and you are protected invisibly, of course you don’t know.”


This sentence attracted more dissatisfied voices.


Zi Chen could tell that this young girl was suppressing her anger.


If she was in the management office, she would not even look at these local turtles. Those who entered the management office would not be polite when they saw her, nodding and bowing, just like grandsons.


“If it is really to maintain law and order and protect Gesha Market Town, then this money should be given, and more should be given.” Zi Chen said: “Adventurers who come here have their heads tied to their waists, and they are in danger. Therefore, if the administration takes action in times of crisis, it should also charge management fees. We will pay more for what she wants.”


Then, the topic changed, “However, if I don’t do anything after receiving the money, I will go to the management office and ask if their building is strong. Don’t use all the management fees collected to repair the building. In this regard.”


Everyone next to him cheered loudly.


Several adventurers came carrying a corpse of a strange beast, and shouted from a distance: “Fairy Zilan, help us get a drink, come here soon.”


They took the body of the alien beast and walked towards the back door of the tavern.


Zi Chen also recycles the corpses of alien beasts here, and the price they pay is not low, after all, they consume a lot of meat every day.


Even these adventurers who are squatting in the corner will ask for some strange beast meat to recover the exhausted physical strength faster.


The young girl took the money and left, she was very happy. Being able to take the money from the black shop is a great achievement in itself.


But thinking of the words of those local turtles before, it made her face extremely ugly. I must deliberately make things difficult for those who are determined to come to work next time.


A group of soil turtles, why don’t you know your identity?


In the next few days, more and more adventurers were injured, and some adventurers could be seen in the corner, grinning while drinking wine.


There was even an adventurer, lying on the ground wrapped in a bandage, and his companion helped pour wine into his mouth.


“Is this okay too?”


Zi Chen couldn’t handle this scene anymore, he was a little confused, so he kindly suggested: “Let’s drink after recovering.”


A man said ashamedly: “Boss Chen really thinks my brother is good at wine? In fact, he just came here, and he didn’t kill any of the beasts, and he got injured. It’s not a bit embarrassing. Boss Chen, your family Drinks and meat can heal wounds, and the price is affordable.”


At the end, the man was so ashamed that he bowed his head and stopped talking.


He was also injured, his arm was bandaged and bleeding.


The adventurers next to him all cast sympathetic eyes.


“Don’t listen to their nonsense, the wine in my house is the most common wine, so it has no healing effect. But the meat of those strange beasts can restore some strength, but the price is not cheap.”


Zichen squatted down with a smile, “It’s just an unconscionable propaganda for you kid, you have to show it anyway.”


Zi Lan on the side has already brought two bowls, she obviously knows what Zi Chen is going to do.


Zi Chen took out a jug of wine out of thin air and poured two bowls.


This was prepared in the past, and it was given to Lao Gao once, and it is not a new product recently.


There are still some processes for new products, which need to be done slowly.


After finishing speaking, Zi Chen left, he was going to take a look outside the market town.


“Don’t be dumbfounded, brother, this is the bottom of Boss Chen’s box. You can’t drink it if you have money, so hurry up and have a sip. If you don’t look at it, the eyes of the big guy next to you are all green.”


There is an adventurer reminder next to it.


The man who hadn’t reacted yet, turned his head and saw a pair of straight eyes.


The man was a little confused, so he took a sip first. As soon as the wine entered his stomach, there was a medicinal power mixed with the smell of the wine, which spread in his body.


This is more effective than taking pills.


“Brother, drink!”


When the man bowed his head, he touched his face quietly and fed the brother who was wrapped in a tie next to him.


The adventurers next to him also laughed when they saw this, and they just squeezed the beans in their eyes. For Boss Chen, this is a normal operation.


It’s just that everyone seems to have forgotten that the self at the beginning didn’t seem to be much better than this guy.


The battle was fifty miles away from the market town, Zichen didn’t stop, and continued to go to the desert, and then went deeper.


A large number of strange beasts are here, so this battle will definitely not end for the time being, or it will last for decades.


After returning to the tavern, Zi Chen already had an idea in mind.


The next day, the tavern launched a new wine.


The name is ‘Triumph’.


A bowl of twenty spirit money, every adventurer who comes back can drink a bowl.


There is only a bowl of wine, which does not go with the barbecue.


But the second bowl requires two hundred Ling coins!


The third bowl requires five hundred spirits!


Wine is as its name suggests, if you can come back alive, you will return in triumph.


As soon as the wine was launched, it was welcomed. This is really something comparable to a elixir.


Its medicinal effect is much better than the medicinal pill bought with a few hundred Lingqian.


The most important thing is that the effect of two bowls of medicine is superimposed, and the effect of three bowls of medicine is the best.


As for the fourth bowl?


If you can’t recover after three bowls, just lie down slowly and waste money.


At the beginning, some adventurers were curious and asked for a bowl to try it out, but they stopped asking for it.


When other adventurers come over, they will also kindly remind those people, if it is just for drinking, don’t buy Triumph Wine.


Because every time they drink a bowl, Boss Chen will lose a lot of spiritual money here.


After being reminded one by one by the adventurers, the first thing that the other adventurers who came to Gosha Market Town knew was that there was a black shop selling Triumph wine, which was more effective than pills when they were injured. , also cheap.


Don’t order if you don’t get hurt, and leave a way for the black shop owner to survive.


At the beginning, the adventurers were a little confused. The store is all black, so why leave him a way to survive?


When you come, you will understand.


Damn it, people call it ‘not a black shop’, and it has been turned into a black shop abruptly.


People who don’t know really think this is a crazy black shop owner.


But if you think about it carefully, the owner of this store is indeed a ‘crazy’… kindhearted.


The appearance of Triumph Wine is a good thing for these adventurers.


Everyone has a higher chance of surviving, so they won’t be like before, when they are injured and have no money to buy pills, waiting to die.


But for those merchants who sell drugs, this is a serious setback.


If the medicine cannot be sold, how can I make a fortune?


It looks like wasted money, how can a black shop owner make money?


Thus, these merchants formed an alliance, and during the period they intended to let the authority come forward, but the authority was unwilling to live or die. In this kind of matter, the Administration has already suffered a loss, so naturally it has learned a lesson.


If you really want to find trouble with Zi Chen, it is not certain who will ask for the money in the end.


But businesses still hope that the authority will come forward.


After going back and forth, they found the young girl named Zhao Hanlu and promised her some profits.


Last time, Zhao Hanlu didn’t find it difficult to ask for money from Zi Chen, whom everyone was afraid of, so he accepted it this time.


So after taking part of the benefits first, she went directly to Zi Chen.


Of course not the unreasonable kind, she can still be flexible, to be precise, she knows how to speak some relatively advanced languages.


For example, we cannot just watch those drug sellers starve to death. The market must be fair and give other people some ways to survive.


A bowl of Triumph wine with twenty yuan of spiritual money can never be sold again, it would be a loss of conscience.


At least five hundred and one bowls are required. In this way, the profit of the store will increase greatly, and other people will also have a market, so everyone is happy.


And she also said that in the future, Zichen will definitely earn less money, because more adventurers will come in the future.


Zi Chen didn’t respond, because he was completely useless.


Those adventurers rushed forward and beat up Zhao Hanlu. Some adventurers even snatched a few, so that Zhao Hanlu’s clothes were disheveled and his hair was messy.


“Do you know who I am? How dare you attack me, you are dead!”


Zhao Hanlu said resentfully: “And you, Zichen, who condone diners attacking me, don’t open your shop.”


Zi Chen still did not speak.


This time I was tired.


Such a person can enter the administration and hold an important position.


With such lawlessness, I don’t know how other merchants survived, and how many merchants died because of her.


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