The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8598: Large-scale invasion

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Jiang Yun looked at the Heavenly Sword Taoist in front of him with all his concentration.

Every pore in the body is full of strength and is on guard.

The power of wood and elixirs in the body were running crazily, allowing Jiang Yun’s missing body to quickly recover as before.

In the beginning, when Baji’s subordinates entered the cauldron in search of nothing, they were always led by a Dharma Master or Taoist Master.

Jiang Yun also fought against them.

However, those Taoist masters at that time were not able to release their full strength, and they all suppressed their cultivation, so Jiang Yun did not feel much pressure.

But at this moment, facing this Heavenly Sword Taoist master, even knowing that he was just a Taoist body, Jiang Yun felt great pressure.

However, what really makes Jiang Yun fearful is the sharp aura released from the Heavenly Sword Dao Master!

The aura seemed to be there or not, and Jiang Yun could not accurately capture it with his spiritual consciousness. He could still judge it through the space that was constantly being split around the body of the Taoist Master of the Heavenly Sword.

This aura is sword aura!

Since the other party is named after Heavenly Sword, it means that he controls the avenue of swords.

What should come is his sword body.

Although the reputation of sword cultivators is much greater than that of any other cultivators who enter the Tao with weapons, in fact, any kind of weapon is equally powerful when practiced to the extreme.

Not to mention, knives and swords are the most powerful weapons.

The Heavenly Sword Taoist Master is like a sword hidden in a scabbard. Before it is truly unsheathed, its sharp edge is already exposed!

At this time, Master Tiandao said to Jiang Yun: “Little guys, I don’t have much ill will towards you.”

“Just now, I helped you kill a transcendent soul outside the cauldron.”

Jiang Yun was stunned at first, but soon realized that the person the other party killed should be the soul of Daoli who escaped.

This can prove that although he entered the cauldron, he did not sacrifice his life for Dao Lord.

Tiandao Dao Master continued: “I’m not greedy, you just need to hand over your eight-foot Dao Fruit to me, and I will immediately turn around and leave the cauldron!”

This is not the kindness of Master Tiandao, but his self-awareness.

Although his status and strength outside the tripod are not low, he does not have the ability to take all six of Jiang Yun’s Dao Fruits as his own.

If he really does that, there will definitely be endless trouble waiting for him after he returns to the outside of the tripod.

Therefore, he might as well just ask for Jiang Yun’s largest Dao Fruit.

After listening to what Master Tiandao said, Jiang Yun was really tempted.

Jiang Yun had almost no chance of winning when he fought with the Heavenly Sword Taoist Master.

Furthermore, once he gets involved, Jiang Yun won’t have the energy or time to distract himself from dealing with other monks outside the tripod.

Losing a Dao Fruit will certainly make Jiang Yun’s strength drop a bit, but at least it can buy Jiang Yun a little more time.

Even, Jiang Yun might be able to kill Dao Kun, Di Zun and other powerful detached people.

However, the master’s voice rang in Jiang Yun’s ears: “Don’t hand over anything that belongs to you!”

The master’s words made Jiang Yun completely give up the idea. Without saying a word, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed towards the Heavenly Sword Taoist Master.


The power of the rules within the cauldron appeared and fell directly on the Heavenly Sword Taoist Master, immediately weakening the sharp aura he exuded.

Tiandao Dao Master’s face showed a look of surprise: “Hey, you still have this ability!”

The reason why the Tiandao Taoist Master suddenly separated himself from the Taoist body and came to find Jiang Yun was because he also noticed that the rules within the cauldron no longer appeared.

But he didn’t expect that Jiang Yun could control the power of rules within the cauldron.

Before Tiandao Taoist Master finished speaking, Jiang Yun reached out his hand again, and the thunderous Jie Kong Chain fell from the sky and wrapped around Tiandao Taoist Master.

Immediately afterwards, the human sword appeared in Jiang Yun’s hand, and along with the Jie Kong Chain, he slashed at the Heavenly Sword Taoist.

“Use a knife in front of me?”

Tiandao Dao Master showed a mocking look on his face and spoke lightly.

I didn’t see any movement from him. The human knife in Jiang Yun’s hand seemed to be embedded in the air.

No matter how hard Jiang Yun tried, the human sword would not move at all.

Jiang Yun’s eyes flashed again, and another white light flashed through.

The human sword shattered directly.

The endless thunder was cut into countless pieces.

Even the Jie Kong Chain was cut off in small sections, turned into countless runes, and dissipated.

Tiandao Dao Master looked at Jiang Yun with a smile and said: “Even if you suppress my cultivation, you can’t suppress my Tao!”

“In front of my avenue, all your attacks are in vain.”

Indeed, the Heavenly Sword Taoist Master did not use his extraordinary strength in his attack just now, but Jiang Yun’s attack could not get close to him at all.


A candle burned in Jiang Yun’s right eye.

In the left eye, ten thousand rays of light lit up, and ten marks emerged.

Jiang Yun wants to bring the opponent into the dreamland, and combined with the power of the rules within the cauldron, he may have a chance to defeat him.

Unfortunately, just as the candle in Jiang Yun’s right eye was lit, another white light forced its way into Jiang Yun’s eye.

Under the burst of blood, not only was the candle extinguished, but Jiang Yun’s right eye also turned into a black hole.

Although the light in his left eye was there, it was no longer enough to pull the other person into dreamland.

Tiandao Taoist Master said with some confusion: “Your strength is not as strong as it sounds!”

“Are you looking down on me?”

Jiang Yun is indeed not in peak condition, because his guardian origin Tao body and soul origin Tao body are not in his body.

And he also knew that he would not be a match for the opponent in his current state, so with one move of his hand, he would summon all the chains of the Nine Clans to deal with the opponent.

However, as soon as Jiang Yun raised his palm, he couldn’t help but frown.

Because a young man in white appeared above the chains of the Nine Clans!

Seeing the man, the blood in Jiang Yun’s body boiled slightly, and Jiang Yun immediately recognized the man’s identity.

White night!

Although Jiang Yun gave the last of the White Night’s blood to the Nightmare Beast, he had also fused the blood of the Zhulong lineage before, and thus mastered the magical power of closing his eyes for the night, so he could sense it.

There was a hint of curiosity on Bai Ye’s face as he was looking at the dragon-like chains of the Nine Clans.

At this time, the space beside him cracked, and Jiang Yun’s guardian origin stepped out.

Seeing Jiang Yun, the curiosity on Bai Ye’s face suddenly turned into a smile and said: “Jiang Yun, haha, he has been famous for a long time, today we finally meet!”

Guardian Origin Dao Shen didn’t say anything. He raised his foot and stamped his feet, and the nine chains immediately rushed towards Bai Ye.

Bai Ye didn’t panic at all, dodging to the side while still smiling and saying: “Before you attack me, you’d better look above!”

The guardian Taoist body raised his head and looked upward, and at first glance, his expression changed again!

At the mouth of the Longwen Red Cauldron above, it suddenly started pouring rain.

It’s just that it’s not the raindrops that make up the heavy rain, but the monks outside the tripod!

Countless, densely packed monks outside the cauldron are all heading towards the inside of the cauldron!


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