The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8596: Death of Daoli

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Jiang Yun stood up, stretched out his hand to seal the secret, and saw dust particles emerging from the space around him.

These dusts are really as small as fine dust and are difficult to see even with the naked eye.

They are called space dust, and they are formed after the space is shattered.

Of course, this is Li Chen’s magical power.

The shattered space dust, combined with special seals, and wrapped in it, can make everything, including living things, hide in another space.

With Jiang Yun’s current strength, it is not difficult to hide in space. With the help of these space dust, the hiding is naturally deeper.

Surrounded by the dust of space, Jiang Yun took one step forward and appeared directly beside Dao Li and Tianyi.

Tianyi’s sword had already slashed down, but it failed to hit Dao Li. Instead, it hit the golden ripples surrounding Dao Li’s body.

The golden ripples are made up of countless patterns, and Tianyi Sword cannot cut them off.

“You have been chasing me for so long, now it’s my turn!”

At this moment, Daoli, with a ferocious smile on his face, had already exploded with his powerful strength as a leader.

Logically speaking, Dao Li can detect Jiang Yun’s arrival and existence.

But he is in a state of contentment!

After entering the cauldron for such a long time, he has always felt extremely aggrieved and was wary of the power of the rules within the cauldron.

Now, he can finally exert his full strength without any scruples.

When he thought about it, no one in the cauldron could be his opponent.

And his attention was completely focused on Tian Yijian, and he never thought that other people would appear at this time.

Tianyi also didn’t notice Jiang Yun’s arrival.

The Hongmeng pattern that lit up between her eyebrows suddenly extended out to the outside world like a vine, and intertwined with the Hongmeng pattern on the Tianyi Sword in her hand.

Under this intertwining, she and Tian Yijian seemed to be one, becoming one.

Therefore, she must exert all her strength to firmly control Tianyijian.

Tianyi suddenly retracted his sword and retreated dozens of feet away. He let out another loud shout and raised the Tianyi sword towards his head again.

The weight of Tianyijian in this state has reached an unimaginable level.

Even if Tianyi had used all his strength, he could only lift it little by little.

The tip of Tianyi Sword spit out a sword light, which suddenly grew to a length of ten feet.

It is said to be a sword glow, but it looks no different from the sword body, just like an extension of the sword body.

Even, there are Hongmeng patterns permeating the sword light.

The strange thing is that when Tianyi finally raised his sword above his head and slashed towards Daoli for the second time, Tianyi’s sword did not fall straight down, but still fell a little bit.

Wherever it passed, the space could not bear the weight of Tianyi Sword at all, and large areas collapsed, with countless ferocious cracks spreading in all directions.

The seams within millions of miles around seemed to have been trampled by giant beasts from the wild, becoming fragmented.

Facing the sword light that was getting closer and closer to him, Daoli did not panic at all, and even commented with a sneer on his face: “This sword is more than heavy, but not light enough.”

“However, it is not easy for you to make the Hongmeng pattern appear on Tianyi Sword.”

As he spoke, Daoli slowly raised his hand, stretched out a finger, and pointed at the sword light that had come in front of him.

This is not because Daoli deliberately despises Tianyi, but at this moment, he is indeed not something Tianyi can shake.

Unfortunately, Daoli didn’t know that at the moment he raised his hand, Jiang Yun, who was not far away from him, also stretched out a finger and pointed at him.


The power of rules within the cauldron appeared, condensed into a large net, and fell straight down towards Daoli.

Dao Li’s expression suddenly changed, and even though his raised finger fell down, a circle of golden ripples formed in front of him.

However, this time the sword light of Tianyi Sword easily cut off the ripples and struck directly on Dao Li’s head.


“Stab it!”

Daoli’s screams and crisp tearing sounds sounded almost simultaneously.

Golden blood burst out, and Dao Li’s whole body, starting from the center of his eyebrows, was split into two by a sword from the sky!

Even his soul was split in half and rushed out of his body.

But even so, Daoli was still not completely dead.

There are actually countless lines connecting his two halves of the soul, connecting the souls together again.

Before his soul could fully recover, Dao Li had already fled madly in the opposite direction.

He was really frightened!

When he was the most powerful, when he was least likely to be killed, he almost died. How could he not be afraid?

Seeing Dao Li escape, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but secretly sigh. He was so transcendent that he was almost immortal.

I previously used the art of opening the sky, but failed to kill Dao Dui when he was completely defenseless.

Now, Tianyi’s shocking sword also failed to kill Daoli.

However, with only Daoli’s soul left, Jiang Yun believed that he should be able to kill him.

So, Jiang Yun stepped out from under the dust of space and was about to chase Dao Li.

However, at this moment, a “pop” sound came from behind Jiang Yun.

Tianyi held Tianyi sword in his hand, and his whole body fell directly into nothingness.

Her eyes were closed tightly, and the Hongmeng pattern between her eyebrows, as well as the Hongmeng pattern on Tianyi Sword, slowly dissipated.

Obviously, the sword strike just now exceeded the load of her cultivation, causing her to exhaust all the strength in her body and fall into a coma due to exhaustion.

Jiang Yun waved his sleeves and wanted to take Tianyi into his body.

But what I didn’t expect was that Tianyijian could not be absorbed into the body at all.

And Tianyi’s hands were tightly holding the Tianyi Sword, making Jiang Yun unable to take her into his body.

Jiang Yun wanted to pursue Dao Li, but he was worried about the dangers in Tianyi’s place.

Just when Jiang Yun was struggling with whether he should chase Daoli, kill a Dengtang detached, or take care of Tianyi, an ancient voice sounded in his ears: “Old Fourth, protect Tianyi , don’t let her die!”

Hearing the master’s words, Jiang Yun was startled!

My master, not to mention ruthless, actually killed Tianyi and Gu Mo Gu Ling with his own hands.

Now, I specifically told myself to protect Tianyi and not let her die!

This made Jiang Yun vaguely think of something.

But at this moment, he had no time to think deeply, so he could only give up chasing the soul of absolute Daoli. With a wave of his sleeve, a whirlwind swept up Tianyi and Tianyi sword.

Jiang Yun staggered and almost fell to the ground!

Because the Tianyi Sword is so heavy, he cannot even lift it with his strong physical strength.

In the end, Jiang Yun almost used all his strength to barely lift the Tianyi sword and walked away with Tianyi.

Daoli’s soul was escaping in a hurry when a white light suddenly lit up in front of his eyes.

The next moment, Daoli’s soul had disappeared.

At the same time, outside the tripod, Daojun, who was in the palace, suddenly let out a muffled groan!

“Daoli is dead!”


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