The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8595: Give up completely

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Although not many people knew about the explosion of the black cloud, the disappearance of the whirlwind arranged by the original wind was seen by all the creatures in the cauldron.

The consequences of the disappearance of the whirlwind are extremely clear to both the creatures inside the cauldron and the monks outside the cauldron.

Naturally, this greatly inspired the monks outside the tripod who had already lost confidence.

As long as they persist a little longer, help will come.

The hearts of the creatures in the cauldron have almost sunk to the bottom.

Although they can still see Jiang Yun guarding the place with the chains of the Nine Clans above, no matter how much they trust Jiang Yun, they know that Jiang Yun will never be able to hold it!

No matter how unwilling they are to admit it, they cannot deny the fact that there is a huge difference in strength within the cauldron and outside the cauldron.

The number of monks outside the cauldron currently in the cauldron is only four to five thousand, and it has already overwhelmed the life within the cauldron.

They tried their best, but they could only maintain the balance of the situation and gain a slight upper hand.

If another monk from outside the cauldron enters the cauldron, this balance will soon be broken.

Once it is broken, there is almost no possibility for the creatures in the cauldron to stand up.

But there was nothing they could do.

All they can do is to continue to fight desperately while waiting for the monks outside the cauldron to enter the cauldron, waiting for death to come, and waiting for the end of life.

Several voices sounded in Gu Bu Lao’s ears at the same time, all asking the same question.

“Lao Gu, what should we do now?”

The ancient divine consciousness stared at the vicinity of the tripod mouth and did not answer in a hurry.


It wasn’t until several tombs in the Tomb of All Living Beings began to vibrate slightly that Gu Bulao said, “Don’t move!”

Although several tombs suddenly became quiet again, an old voice came from one of the tombs: “If we don’t move, I’m afraid we won’t have a chance to move.”

In another tomb, a high-pitched voice also sounded: “We have waited for so many years, even if we can’t get revenge in the end, we still have to collect some interest!”

“We can’t, just let us die again if we really do nothing!”

The people in these tombs are naturally the same monks who survived the massacre by the former Dao Lord just like Li Chen.

They also know far better than others what will happen next.

They have survived for so many years just for revenge.

Revenge is not hopeless now, but it is obvious that there is little hope, so it is even more urgent to take action.

Gu Bulao said in a low voice: “If you take action now, you will only be able to kill some minions at most, and they may not even be Dao Lord’s people, so there is no meaning.”

“If you wait for a while, you will definitely have a chance to take action and get revenge.”

“Trust me!”

These last three words, Gu Bulao said decisively, indicating his attitude.

In the tomb, after a moment of dead silence, two voices sounded one after another: “Okay, we believe you again!”

After finishing speaking, several tombs, as well as the entire Tomb of All Living Beings, became completely quiet.

Gu Bu Lao continued to speak: “Xueling, Guqianguhen, Zishen, Tianyi, Lu Yunzi, you guys must not use your trump cards.”

“If you can solve your current opponent, do it as soon as possible.”

“If you can’t, leave immediately. Don’t be reluctant to fight. Put your own safety first!”

“When you are unable to escape, you can die, but your death must be valuable!”

“Especially Tianyi, don’t let hatred go to your head.”

“As long as you live, you will still have a chance to meet Huayin again!”

“If you die, then Huayin will die alone!”

Tianyi, who was fighting with Dao Li, suddenly stiffened when he heard Gu Bulao’s special words.

Not long ago, Gu Bulao told Tianyi that Daoli was the murderer of Huayin, saying that he had deceived Tianyi and that Huayin was already dead.

This made Tianyi desperately fight with Daoli to kill Daoli.

But now, Gu Bulao said that as long as Tianyi is alive, there is still a chance to reunite with Huayin!

This made Tianyi’s simple mind unable to tell for a moment which of the ancient words was true!

Tian Yi gritted his teeth and said: “Gu Bu Lao, Hua Yin is dead or not!”

Gu Bulao said calmly: “No!”

Tian Yi said bitterly: “There is no truth in your mouth at all, I don’t believe you!”

“Believe it or not, it’s up to you, I just don’t want you to die!”


Tian Yi let out a roar full of anger, and a more violent aura suddenly came out of his body.

On her eyebrows, a vague Hongmeng pattern appeared faintly, and it lit up with light.

On the Tianyi sword she held in her hand, the Hongmeng patterns also lit up one after another, emitting a misty light, as if they reflected and echoed each other’s Hongmeng patterns.

Looking from a distance, Tianyi and Tianyi Sword seemed to be on fire.

“Go to hell!”

Immediately afterwards, Tianyi roared, raised the Tianyi sword high, and slashed at Daoli.

Tianyi chose to vent all his anger and resentment on Dao Li.

Daoli’s expression suddenly changed!

Tianyi always used the strategy of perish together, so he kept suppressing Dao Li, and the fight made Dao Li extremely embarrassed.

Now, Tianyi obviously used some kind of forbidden technique, which made the sword more powerful and made Daoli feel dangerous.


But Daoli suddenly discovered that around Tianyi, there was no power of rules within the cauldron!

You must know that in the previous battles between them, Dao Master Tiandao, Dao Kun and others, and Zi Shen and others, they all suppressed their cultivation.

Unless you are really in danger, you will risk being backlashed by the rules within the cauldron to improve your strength.

And Daoli can be sure that the power released by Tianyi at this moment definitely exceeds Chuqiao Detachment and exceeds the upper limit of power allowed in the cauldron.

However, the power of rules within the cauldron did not appear!

“Could it be that your Excellency has completely gained control of the Longwen Red Cauldron, so you just broke the whirlwind, and now you have banned the rules within the cauldron?”

Thoughts were running rapidly in Daoli’s mind, and he immediately thought of this possibility.

And this is great news for him.

“Haha, Tianyi, you are the one who died!”

Daoli laughed loudly and suddenly stopped. On his body, golden light emerged, forming a circle of golden ripples.

The surrounding space began to shatter!

Daoli finally showed his extraordinary strength without reservation!

At the same time, Jiang Yun, who was sitting on the chains of the Nine Clans, had his consciousness covering the entire cauldron.

Jiang Yun is self-aware that he will definitely not be able to block all the monks outside the tripod like the original wind.

Therefore, he wanted to deal with the monks outside the cauldron who were inside the cauldron first.

The huge auras released by Tianyi and Daoli were naturally sensed by him immediately, which also made him realize that the rules within the cauldron no longer appeared.

Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes and said to himself: “Longwen Red Cauldron has completely given up on protecting the creatures within the cauldron.”

“But I can still control the power of the rules within the cauldron!”


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