The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8133: Deep in the tomb

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This black shadow is actually a completely black dagger.

To say it is a dagger is a bit inappropriate, it is very rough.

It is about six inches long, has no handle, only the dagger body, and the whole body is not smooth.

In fact, there is no edge, and the tip is extremely smooth.

This is like a newcomer who just learned the art of building and found a random stone and built it!

However, this dagger contained a power so powerful that even Jiang Yun was shocked.

Because, this dagger is not made of ordinary ore, but made of Hongmeng Yuanshi!

Jiang Yun really didn’t expect that the person who was speaking would use a dagger made of Hongmeng Yuan Stone to kill him!

The power emitted by the dagger also carries a strong sense of corrosion. It seems to be able to dissolve everything. Jiang Yun also dares not to block it at will, and even more dare not reach out to grab it. Instead, he summons After exiting the Guardian Avenue, he reached out to grab the dagger.


As soon as Guardian Dao’s hand grasped the dagger, the dagger exploded on its own, turning into streaks of Hongmeng Qi. It completely ignored Guardian Dao’s own defense and sank into his body.


Immediately afterwards, a large number of cracks appeared on the body guarding the avenue.

He didn’t even last three breaths before he collapsed completely and silently.

Not only that, Jiang Yun was also able to realize that he was no longer able to condense the guardian avenue in a short period of time.

However, Jiang Yun ignored the matter of guarding the avenue, and instead stepped forward towards an invisible distance!


Jiang Yun’s sudden action caused the bone mountains and the light groups here to vibrate crazily again, causing all kinds of negative auras that originally filled the place to stir up and turn into… the energy of chaos!

In an instant, this originally empty space turned into a vast realm of chaos, filled with endless energy of chaos!

This sudden change made Jiang Yun stunned for a moment, and he finally understood why this place was in the Chaos Realm!

Obviously, the Chaos Domain, and even the Chaos Qi in the cauldron, should be closely related to the negative emotions released by these skeletons.

As for why he couldn’t detect these negative auras in the chaos, Jiang Yun didn’t know, and he didn’t bother to think about it.

He took a deep breath, and a large amount of chaotic energy immediately flowed into his body along his seven orifices and pores.

For Jiang Yun, who has not only mastered the power of chaos, but also understood the avenue of love, and has even fought against the Three Corpse Insects, whether these are chaotic auras or negative auras, their impact on him is limited. .

Therefore, Jiang Yun continued to rush forward despite the chaotic energy.

Up to this point, Jiang Yun could easily figure it out.

This tomb should be divided into several areas, just like Guantian Palace.

The area that I am currently in is only the outermost and lowest level of the tomb.

The bones and consciousness gathered here are relatively weak.

This is why he can easily defeat them.

The truly powerful bones and consciousness are hidden deep in the tomb.

Jiang Yun knew very well that only those strong bones could make the decision whether he could leave here smoothly today.

In addition, there is also the dagger made of the Hongmeng Yuan Stone from before!

Not only did Jiang Yun already know the importance of the Hongmeng Yuan Stone, but Ji Kongfan even demonstrated its power in actual combat.

Others may not know what it was made from, the black needle that Ji Kongfan used to kill two people with half a step of transcendence.

But how could Jiang Yun not know that it was refined from the Hongmeng Yuan Stone!

Since these bones can also be used to refine a Hongmeng dagger.

Maybe, where they are, there are a large number of Hongmeng Yuanshi, or the existence of Hongmeng Qi.

When Jiang Yun traveled thousands of miles away, a loud “rumbling” sound suddenly came from the shrouded chaos.

A large number of thunders of chaos appeared and struck at Jiang Yun.

Obviously, the other party is doing everything possible to prevent Jiang Yun from approaching!

This also made Jiang Yun a little puzzled.

The reason why the opponent’s skeletons summoned him is simply because he sensed that he came from their blood!

But their purpose is not to cooperate with them, or to really regard themselves as one of them.

Their real purpose is to seize their bodies and souls!

Then now that I have taken the initiative to rush to the place where the most powerful skeleton is and take the initiative to deliver it to my door, why do they refuse my arrival?

“Is it possible that there really is a large amount of Hongmeng Qi and Hongmeng Yuanshi there, and they are worried that I will take it away, so they won’t let me get close?”

While Jiang Yun was thinking, those thunders of chaos fell from the sky and kept falling on Jiang Yun’s body.

Although the thunder of chaos is astonishingly powerful, it does not pose much of a threat to Jiang Yun, who possesses the Taoist form of thunder.

Jiang Yun simply didn’t offer any resistance and just let the thunder of chaos strike down. Instead, he accelerated his speed and rushed towards the depths of the space!

However, after Jiang Yun advanced for tens of thousands of miles, his speed gradually slowed down.

It was not because of this space or the increased attacks on him by the skeletons, but because various scenes began to appear around Jiang Yun in the chaotic energy!

The content shown in each picture is the same——


You can see in every picture, monsters of different shapes, strange spirits, human beings dressed in different costumes, and even a variety of magic weapons, fighting with each other!

Because the scene was so chaotic, and there was only content and no sound, Jiang Yun couldn’t tell who the two or more warring parties were.

Until, Jiang Yun saw a face in a picture!

Jiang Yun saw this face not long ago inside a high platform at the place where he should be certified. Jiang Yun also learned the other person’s name from the second senior sister.

Dao Dui, one of the Taoist Guards of the Nine Palaces of the Tao Lord!

Of course, the two parties fighting here are the Dao Lord and the monks whose blood was smeared on the Longwen Red Cauldron and whose bones were buried inside!

They died extremely unwillingly, so even after they died, their memories kept reappearing here, reminding them not to forget.

After Jiang Yun stopped and watched for a moment, he withdrew his gaze and continued walking forward. He didn’t stop again until he was hundreds of thousands of miles away.

At this time, what appeared in front of him was a real tomb.

No, it should be called a mass grave, which is more appropriate!


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