The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8132: The burial place

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Qiu Yulong, who was moving rapidly downwards among his finger bones, had already caught up with the boy-like Gu Bu Lao.

After hesitating for a moment, he said to Gu Bulao, “Gu Bulao must have known my identity.”

“I am indeed a member of the Zhulong clan, but don’t worry, my Zhulong lineage is also a big Dharma cultivator clan outside the tripod, so we also hope that the Dharma cultivators inside the tripod can win.”

“Therefore, we are enemies, not friends.”

“If the Dharma cultivation is successful, you will go outside the tripod one day. If you are willing, you will become a guest of my Zhulong lineage, even a guest.”

“When the time comes, I may still need more care from you!”

Hearing what Qiu Yulong said, Gu Bulao turned to look at the other party, smiled slightly and said, “What, you want to cooperate with me?”

Qiu Yulong suddenly smiled and said: “Brother Gu is truly a leader in Dharma cultivation. I haven’t hid my little thoughts from you after all!”

“Yes, you and I not only have to cooperate to help the Dharma cultivators in the tripod win the battle between Taoism and Dharma, but we also have to cooperate to deal with that Peng San!”

“Think about it, Brother Gu doesn’t know Peng Da, Peng San and the others, right?”

Gu Bulao withdrew his gaze and said, “It’s true that I don’t know you. I don’t know anything about things outside the tripod.”

Qiu Yulong smiled and said: “Actually, I don’t know much about Peng San, or most people outside Ding, Peng San.”

“We only know that Peng San was originally three brothers. We don’t know whether they were Taoist cultivators or Dharma cultivators, or what happened to them. In the end, the three of them became one person.”

“The three of them were originally powerful detached people. After they merge into one, they have the strength of three detached people. Therefore, few people outside the tripod are willing to provoke them.”

“Of course, there is no need to worry in the cauldron. They dare not and cannot show their true strength. At most, they are on par with you and me, and they are only half a step beyond.”

Gu Bulao nodded gently, finally having a reasonable explanation for the scene where Peng Da appeared just now.

Qiu Yulong continued: “In addition, we also know that the three Peng brothers are extremely sensitive and concerned about negative emotions, and the path of spiritual practice should also be related to emotions.”

“You have also seen before, the black bugs that appeared when they split, we call them three corpse bugs, they feed on negative emotions and can parasitize in the bodies of living beings.”

“Therefore, when Peng San suddenly ran into the cauldron and came here, he was probably attracted by some negative emotions.”

“In a moment, no matter what we encounter, Brother Gu still needs to control his emotions and not be affected!”

Gu Bulao glanced at Qiu Yulong again and said, “Thank you, Brother Qiu, for reminding me.”

Qiu Yulong grinned and said: “It should, it should.”

The two stopped talking and continued walking hand in hand.

At this moment, Peng Da, who was not too far away from them, was frowning and saying to himself: “What exactly is this place and how big is it?”

“Before I entered the crack, I could still feel a trace of emotional fluctuations.”

“How come now that I have entered this phalanx, my mood swings have disappeared?”

“Logically speaking, shouldn’t this emotional fluctuation become stronger and stronger as I get closer?”

“Could it be that I made a mistake?”

As soon as Peng Da finished speaking, his frown suddenly relaxed, and his face showed joy.

Because, looking from his eyes, he could clearly see that the surroundings that were originally filled only with the energy of chaos suddenly appeared with streams of various colors and representing various emotions. Gas appears!

Of course, this means that there must be creatures below that release these emotions. Peng Da’s perception is not wrong!

Peng Da suddenly gained confidence again, accelerated his speed again, and rushed downwards.

Peng Da’s perception is indeed right!

Because, at this moment, Jiang Yun feels it more clearly than Peng Da!

Just after he finished those words, in the space he was in, not only all the bones that turned into mountains were shaking slightly, but even the light groups were swaying crazily from side to side as if they were going crazy.

A stream of colorful gases were released from their bodies.

Especially the old man’s body, as if it was on fire, there was a huge wave of aura like a storm.

However, Jiang Yun just brushed past these.

His eyes and consciousness looked far into the distance!

This space is like a world, boundless.

Although the energy of chaos no longer exists, Jiang Yun’s consciousness is still limited and cannot see places that are too far away.

But at this moment, he can feel it.

In the distance, there was a faint aura that was so powerful that it was difficult for him to compete.

At this moment, Jiang Yun seemed to have switched time and space and returned to the space created by the Master of All Spirits specifically to imprison the Three Corpses Taoist.

There is endless negative atmosphere!

Here, same thing!

The difference is that the negative aura here is much richer and much more powerful than that in that space.

Moreover, Jiang Yun can accurately judge that all negative auras only come from one emotion——


In short, this place is filled with anger, the anger that comes from the birth of countless creatures and powerful men.

The reason for their anger is because of Jiang Yun’s words – why was your blood smeared on this Longwen Red Cauldron by Dao Lord!

The Longwen Red Cauldron has two major characteristics, one is the dragon pattern, and the other is the blood on the cauldron!

Jiang Yun didn’t know where the dragon pattern came from, but the red blood on Ding’s body came from countless strong men outside of Ding.

Originally Jiang Yun thought that those powerful people outside the cauldron, regardless of their own volition, were forced to have their blood smeared on the dragon-marked red cauldron, at least they should be dead.

Those who are not dead must still be living outside the tripod.

But only now did Jiang Yun understand that some or all of these powerful men, whether dead or not, were actually buried in the cauldron.

That is, the owner of these bones and the owner of these consciousnesses in front of me!

This place can be called a huge tomb.

As for Jiang Yun, he himself came from a drop of blood on Ding’s body, so he would feel inexplicably familiar and cordial to this place.

These strong men may indeed be dead, with only hard bones left, but they are just like the souls in the soul ruins.

Their powerful cultivation during their lifetime allowed them to more or less retain some memories of their lifetime.

However, these memories brought them only endless pain and anger.

They obviously did not donate blood voluntarily, but were forced to do so.

Jiang Yun’s words touched their sore spots, which made them furious and made them all burst into anger.

“You shall be punished!”

At this moment, a muddy voice suddenly came from the distant depths that Jiang Yun could not see.

At the same time as the sound sounded, a black shadow shot out from a distance at a speed faster than lightning, and came to Jiang Yun in an instant!

Seeing this black shadow, Jiang Yun’s pupils suddenly shrank!


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