The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8036: Mutation of array pattern

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Although Beichenzi has arranged a teleportation array leading to the place where the certification should be made, it still takes several days to actually reach the place where the certification should be given because the area within the tripod is too large.

These few days are just enough for Jiang Yun to have a good rest and recover the energy he has consumed by constantly opening the red door.

While in the array, Jiang Yun also began to think about what kind of level the so-called place of certification was?

The number of monks in the cauldron, taken together, is more than billions.

It has been a long time since the place of certification appeared, and countless people have tried to break through it. However, until not long ago, only one Dharma cultivator successfully passed through.

As you can imagine, this place of certification is absolutely extremely difficult.

Even though Jiang Yun was confident in his own strength, he could not guarantee that he would be able to successfully pass the place of certification.

However, even if he fails to break through, Jiang Yun will not despair.

In fact, he hopes that there will be other Taoist cultivators who can truly break through the place of enlightenment and become Taoist cultivators who can lead all Taoist cultivators to fight against Dharma cultivators.

In that case, he only needs to obey the other party’s orders and act.

However, Jiang Yun knew that his hope was extremely slim.

Because he came all the way, and besides him, there was no other monk on the teleportation formation.

That is to say, although the place of enlightenment is still there, and although Taoist cultivators still have not given birth to a guide, there is no Taoist cultivator going to the place of enlightenment.

Maybe they are worried that they are not strong enough.

Perhaps, the large area where they are located has been captured by the Dharma Cultivator, making it impossible for them to go to the place where they should prove it.

No matter which possibility it is, it is not good news for the Taoist cultivators in the tripod.

While Jiang Yun was thinking, he successfully walked out of the five teleportation arrays.

Depending on the location of the starting point, the location and number of teleportation arrays that need to be passed to lead to the place of certification are also different.

Fortunately, in order to save everyone as much time as possible, all the teleportation arrays are basically connected together.

Jiang Yun walked a thousand feet away from the boundary gap and stepped onto the sixth teleportation array.

Standing on this formation diagram, Jiang Yun sat down cross-legged just like before, closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing, waiting for the transmission to begin.


As the array trembled slightly, a ball of teleportation light also lit up above the array, completely covering Jiang Yun inside.

At this moment, the teleportation light suddenly surged, as if it transformed into a small sun, dispelling the endless darkness.

Jiang Yun suddenly opened his eyes, stood up, and soared directly into the sky!

Jiang Yun himself is also a formation master, and he has passed through five teleportation arrays before, so it is very clear that there is no way that such a strong light will be released when the teleportation array is in operation.

Therefore, this teleportation array diagram must have been tampered with.

It’s a pity that although Jiang Yun’s reaction and speed were extremely fast, when his body touched the teleportation light, he immediately felt a huge pressure, which blocked his body. His body shape made it impossible for him to break out of the light.


Immediately afterwards, a series of crisp cracking sounds sounded.

Jiang Yun followed the sound and saw clearly that the teleportation array that had been intact just now had cracks appearing crazily on it.

Jiang Yun knew that someone had forcibly changed the original destination of the teleportation array.

It’s like forcibly twisting a straight stick, making the formation overwhelmed.

At this time, the formation diagram has begun to teleport, and even if Jiang Yun has the ability to reach the sky, he cannot stop it.

Jiang Yun calmed down and did not try to rush out again. He just looked at the ever-changing teleportation light and muttered to himself: “Some people don’t want me, or they don’t want all Taoist cultivators, to go to the place of certification. Land!”

“It seems that the cauldron has become increasingly chaotic!”

The teleportation array leading to the place of certification was all arranged by Beichenzi.

Logically speaking, no matter whether they are Taoist cultivators or Dharma cultivators, including Xue Hua, Zhu Fang and others outside the cauldron, as long as they are inside the cauldron, they should not, let alone destroy, the teleportation array.

However, now, even the teleportation array can be tampered with, but Beichenzi is indifferent.

This means that there are really almost no rules in the battle between Taoism and Dharma within the cauldron.


Finally, when the teleportation array under Jiang Yun made a loud noise and exploded, his figure also disappeared without a trace under the package of teleportation light.

At the same time that Jiang Yun disappeared, there was a legal domain called Xianling, two domains away from the Daoxing domain.

At this moment, within the fairy realm, the dark seam is densely filled with a large number of figures and various buildings, covering an area of ​​tens of millions of miles. .

These figures include humans, demons, spirits, and souls. The number is at least over 100 million.

There are all kinds of buildings, including tall palaces, cloud-like pagodas, low tents, and human-shaped mountains, all encompassing!

Above these figures and buildings, a boy clasped his hands behind his back, looked down at the scene below, and said softly: “If you are not sober, how many realms of law have not yet been reached?”

Behind the boy, a man was riding on a gourd that was taller than his own body. He took a strong sip of wine, smacked it in his mouth, and then said, “There are probably more than ten more!”

Of course, this boy is immortal.

The man riding the gourd is named Jiu Bu Xuan. He was the military advisor recommended to Gu Bu Lao by everyone after he became the leader of Dharma cultivation.

Being drunk also lived up to the name of this military advisor. Regarding the dispute between Taoism and Dharma, he immediately gave Gu Bulao a series of suggestions.

And Gu Bu Lao also accepted everything according to the order, and even handed over many things directly to Jiu Bu Lao, letting Jiu Bu Xing be responsible for handling them.

The most important thing I did when I was drunk was to summon all the remaining magic realms in the cauldron and ask them to bring people to this fairy magic realm immediately.

The goal is to attack the Daoxing region!

If someone dares to disobey someone and refuses to come, they will send someone directly to the door to invite them if they are drunk.

Of course, the ones he sent were not ordinary monks, but half-step detached monks!

More than a dozen or more than twenty masters of semi-transcendence came to the door in person at a time, which made all legal domains dare not disobey orders. They had to come regardless of whether they wanted to or not.

Some jurisdictions only sent out some of the strong men in the domain.

Some jurisdictions simply bring all the creatures in the domain.

For example, the Junchen Dharma Domain that Jiang Yun visited.

The reason why the drunken people chose the Daoxing Great Region as the first target of the Dharma Cultivators is because Zixu, Yaoguang, Liuxiang and other Dharma Domain Masters who had suffered defeats in the Daoxing Great Region were jointly named required.

Gu Bulao withdrew his gaze and said, “Okay, after all the legal domains have arrived, you will lead them to attack the Daoxing domain!”


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