The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8035: Go to apply for certificate

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This request made by Hun Chaozi made Jiang Yun fall into silence.

It is true that if Hun Chaoszi helps Jiang Yun, it will indeed bring him great help when facing Jiang Yiyun, and it is possible to rescue the Nine Clans or defeat Jiang Yiyun.

However, Hun Chaozi is a clone with a transcendent aura.

In other words, he must be capable of performing attacks comparable to those of a transcendent and powerful person.

Even if he can only take one shot, it is a strike belonging to a transcendent and strong man!

As for Jiang Yun, it can be said that he has no understanding of Hun Chao Zi.

Whether the three ancient tripods he met or what his master had warned him about, they all came from his mouth and there was no evidence whatsoever.

With such a strong man hiding in his body, if the other party really had any malicious intentions, Jiang Yun would have no chance of suppressing or competing against him.

In fact, the other party may directly seize Jiang Yun.

Looking at the silent Jiang Yun, Hunchuanzi obviously knew what Jiang Yun was thinking. He smiled slightly and said: “Actually, the reason why I have been able to hide until now without being discovered by those powerful people outside the tripod is also thanks to you. Master.”

While speaking, the aura of chaos that had always filled Hunchuanzi’s eyes suddenly slowly dissipated, revealing a pair of his pupils.

Looking at Hun Chaosi’s pupils, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but be slightly startled.

Because, Hun Chaozi’s pupils are in the shape of two four-petaled flowers!

Jiang Yun is extremely familiar with this four-petaled flower.

Although their shapes are slightly different from the four-petal flower mark on his eyebrows, they are definitely the work of his master.

Ancient Mark!

Obviously, Master not only persuaded Hun Chaos Zi to leave a Hun Chaos clone, but also in order to help Hun Chaos Zi avoid the search of the strong men outside the tripod, he also personally took action, on a pair of Hun Chaos Zi’s pupils, Leave an ancient mark!

Although Jiang Yun didn’t know how his master was able to do it, according to Ji Kongfan, the fourteen people who formed the ancient cauldron were almost the most powerful beings in the cauldron.

Each of them is also the top existence in a specific field.

Since Jiang Yiyun can become transcendent and successfully hide from the powerful outside the tripod, it is not unimaginable that his master used the ancient mark to help Hun Chaoszi hide his aura.

Huntuanzi also continued: “I once had a discussion with your master.”

“Although he is not a transcendent and powerful person, in my opinion, he just doesn’t want to take that last step, not that he can’t take it!”

“This made me accept his suggestion, and I have always been grateful to him.”

After staring into Hunchuanzi’s eyes for a long time, Jiang Yun finally nodded and said, “Senior, you can hide in my body.”

“However, I may not go to Jiang Yiyun now. I may need to do other things first.”

Hunzhuanzi laughed and said, “The guest does as the host does.”

“Although my people have disappeared inexplicably, I believe that their lives are not in danger for the time being, so you can go about your business first.”

“Also, you can rest assured that I will not harm you.”

“And if you let me hide, I will repay you.”

“I dare not say too much, but I can take action twice for you!”

“When I dissipate, I might still be able to give you some benefits!”

After a while, Jiang Yun returned to the boundary land again.

He did not go to the large area where the other nine tribes were located, but went directly back to Daoxing World, summoning Ji Kongfan, senior brother, second senior sister, Pan Chaoyang, Brahma and others together.

Jiang Yun told what he had done when he left this time and his speculations about the disappearance of the Nine Clans: “I can basically conclude that Jiang Yiyun did all this.”

“Now, I would like to ask for your opinions. Should I go to Jiang Yiyun first and find a way to rescue the nine tribes, or should I go to the place where I should be certified?”

Even with Hun Chaoszi hidden in his body, Jiang Yun was not completely sure that he would be able to deal with Jiang Yiyun.

Whether it is to find the nine tribes or to go to the place where the certification should be made, both are equally important, making Jiang Yun difficult to make a choice, so he wants to listen to everyone’s opinions.

After listening to what Jiang Yun said, everyone couldn’t help but look at each other.

Of course they all understood that Jiang Yun should have gone to the place where he should be certified long ago to try to see if he could get through.

However, Jiang Yun was worried that after leaving, other regions would attack the Daoxing region, so he wanted to find the nine tribes first and inject the power of the nine tribes into the formation to increase the defense of the Daoxing region.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yiyun took the first step and captured the nine tribes, causing Jiang Yun’s plan to fail.

“Actually, it’s not safe anywhere you go now!”

“But if you have to make a choice, it is better to go to the place where you need to get certified.”

Ji Kongfan was the first to speak: “It has been some time since the leader of Dharma cultivation was born.”

“I suspect that he should be gathering all the monks from the legal domain to prepare for the attack, or has already started to attack the Tao domain.”

“There is no one in the Junchen area. It is very likely that they have received the order from the leader of the Dharma cultivator and went to a certain place to assemble.”

“If you wait until they are assembled and unite all the Dharma cultivators to attack the Daoxing domain, then even if you can find the nine tribes and successfully send the power of the nine tribes into the formation, you may not be able to withstand their attack.”

“To go to the place where you should be certified, as long as you can successfully pass through it, you will gain the status of a Taoist leader.”

“Not only can you strengthen the Taoist cultivators, you can also immediately summon the Taoist cultivators to unite against the Fa cultivators.”

“Of course, Dharma cultivators may also have prepared various ambushes at the place where they should be certified, waiting for Tao cultivators, waiting for you to go, so you must be mentally prepared.”

“When you get to the place where you need to be certified, breaking through the barrier is the next best thing. The prerequisite is that you must save your life first!”

Dongfang Bo nodded and agreed: “I agree with Senior Ji’s opinion.”

“Since Jiang Yiyun has captured the nine tribes, he may be targeting you specifically.”

“I’m afraid he has already set up a dragnet, waiting for you to fall into the trap.”

“Your strength is no match for Jiang Yiyun.”

“Therefore, don’t go to Jiang Yiyun, go to the place where you should be certified!”

In the end, everyone agreed that Jiang Yun should go to the place of certification first!

Jiang Yun nodded and said: “Okay, then I will go to the place where I will be certified.”

As he spoke, Jiang Yun handed the stone that opened the red door to Pan Chaoyang and said, “Please prepare more!”

Pan Chaoyang was so smart that he immediately understood what Jiang Yun meant.

Jiang Yun is still worried about Daoxing Dayu.

He gave this stone to teach Dao Xing Dayu to cross the Dao Realm hard, and to be prepared to escape with the entire Dao Dayu’s creatures if the enemy attacks and loses.

As for heading to the place where the proof should be taken, there is still a formation map laid out by Beichenzi in the gap inside the cauldron, so there is no need to use the red gate.

Pan Chaoyang did not refuse, took the stone and said: “Is there a suitable destination?”

Jiang Yun thought for a while and said: “Chaos Realm!”

The Great Chaos Territory is filled with the energy of Chaos all year round. Now that the Chaos Clan has disappeared inexplicably, it can indeed be used as the first choice place of refuge.

Farewell to everyone, Jiang Yun left the Daoxing Territory and soon found a formation diagram.

As the teleportation light disappeared, Jiang Yun finally went to the place where he should be certified!


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