The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8008: Seen before

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“First senior brother, second senior sister, third senior brother!”

Hearing Jiang Yun’s voice, Dongfang Bo finally stopped talking, and Situ Jing smiled calmly.

Xuan Yuan Xing took a deep breath, stood up directly, rushed to Jiang Yun who had landed on the top of the mountain, opened his arms enthusiastically, gave Jiang Yun a big hug and said, “Fourth, You are finally here!”

“Haha!” Jiang Yun laughed and returned the third senior brother’s warm hug: “The third senior brother’s ears are about to get calluses again.”

Xuan Yuan Xing let go of his arms, glared at Jiang Yun, shook his head hastily and said: “Fourth, don’t talk nonsense!”

“Being able to listen to Senior Brother’s teachings all the time is a blessing that many people can’t ask for. I was so mesmerized by what I heard that I couldn’t extricate myself.”

“You came back just in time. If nothing happens, don’t leave for now and let Senior Brother give you some guidance.”

Jiang Yun smiled again and said, “No, I really don’t have time.”

“When I come back this time, I mainly want to give you something to Third Senior Brother. After delivering it, I will leave.”

“Send me something?” Xuanyuan Xing was slightly startled and said, “What is it?”

Jiang Yun opened his palms, and there was a touch of Hongmeng Qi in his palms: “Of course it is a good thing.”

Xuan Yuan Xing had absorbed the energy of Hongmeng, so he recognized it at a glance and said in surprise: “The energy of Hongmeng!”

“Yes!” The Hongmeng Qi in Jiang Yun’s palm grew more and more, gradually condensing into a small sphere.

Now, let alone Xuanyuan Xing, even Situ Jing looked surprised and said: “Fourth, where did you get so much Hongmeng Qi?”

Jiang Yun smiled and said: “I went to the Soul Realm and found it among some abandoned stars there.”

Although Jiang Yun trusts the second senior sister, Jiang Yun is not ready to say anything about his meeting with the humanoid shadow for the time being.

A trace of gratitude flashed across Xuanyuan Xing’s face and he said, “Thank you, Fourth, for your hard work!”

Xuan Yuan Xing naturally understood that Jiang Yun had found this specially for him.

“It’s not hard work!” While speaking, Jiang Yun handed the Hongmeng Qi to Dongfang Bodao: “This Hongmeng Qi is too overbearing. Jiang Ying absorbed a ray before and almost blew himself up.”

“Senior Brother, please keep it safe for Third Senior Brother first.”

“After Third Senior Brother absorbs one ray, you give him another ray. You cannot give it to him all at once.”

Actually, Xuanyuan Xing had absorbed Hongmeng’s energy before, but after Jiang Ying’s experience, Jiang Yun still felt that it was better to play it safe.

After all, with the character of the third senior brother, if all the Hongmeng Qi were given to him, he would dare to absorb them all together.

Dongfang Bo took the Qi of Hongmeng with a smile and said: “Hongmeng is the state before heaven and earth were divided, time and space were gone, and everything ceased to exist.”

Seeing that the senior brother was clearly trying to explain the Hongmeng Qi to himself and others, Jiang Yun quickly took out another Hongmeng Yuan Stone and interrupted: “By the way, in addition to the Hongmeng Qi, this time I also Found this thing.”

After telling the process of how the Hongmeng Yuan Stone was produced, Jiang Yun looked at Dongfang Bo and said, “Elder brother, do you know what this is?”

Although Jiang Yun was asking Dongfang Bo, in fact, his attention was focused on the second senior sister.

Sure enough, Situ Jing was the first to speak: “This should be the Hongmeng Yuan Stone.”

“Generally speaking, it is a piece of heaven and earth, and the first stars and worlds that came out were formed after you took away the energy of Hongmeng.”

Situ Jing’s statement is consistent with that of the humanoid shadow.

Jiang Yun deliberately showed a look of surprise on his face, turned to look at Situ Jing, and then asked: “Sister, do you know what the Hongmeng Yuan Stone does?”

“I checked it with my spiritual sense and found that this is just an ordinary piece of dust and does not have any power.”

Jiang Yun’s question made Situ Jing hesitate for a moment, and then he suddenly changed his voice transmission: “It is said that the magic weapon made from the Hongmeng Yuan Stone is extremely powerful, surpassing the transcendent magic weapon.”

“Even if the Hongmeng magic weapon is used properly, it can kill the transcendent and powerful!”

Although Situ Jing’s answer was different from that of the human shadow, Jiang Yun believed that what the second senior sister said should also be true.

Since the Hongmeng magic weapon can open the way to the outside of the cauldron, it is reasonable to kill the powerful and transcendent person.

“However!” Situ Jing continued: “It is not only too difficult to refine a magic weapon from the Hongmeng Yuan Stone, but most importantly, it is difficult to find enough quantity.”

Jiang Yun nodded and said: “It’s a pity. It would be great if we could have a Hongmeng magic weapon.”

Situ Jing smiled slightly and said: “Collect slowly, and one day you will be able to collect enough.”

Jiang Yun smiled and put away the Hongmeng Yuan Stone, and then summoned Jiang Ying, asking him to stay here as well, absorbing the energy of Hongmeng under the care of his senior brother and second senior sister.

Finally, Jiang Yun took action himself and created a dream space on the top of the peak where the time flow rate reached thirty times.

One day of practice there is equivalent to one month of practice in reality!

After doing all this, Jiang Yun said to the three of them: “Brother and sister, I still have something to do, so I will leave first and come back when I am free.”

After leaving Zangfeng, Jiang Yun went to Jiang Village, which was built near Zangfeng, and met his grandparents, parents, Xue Qing and others.

After staying with them for a while, and telling them that they could go to the dream space at the top of Zangfeng Peak to practice, Jiang Yun left again and found Ji Kongfan.

“Senior Ji, I have some Hongmeng Yuanshi here!”

Jiang Yun gave all the Hongmeng Yuan Stones and a ray of Hongmeng Qi to Ji Kongfan, asking him to see if he could refine it into a magic weapon.

Of course, Jiang Yun did not say that the weapon could open the way to the outside of the tripod, only that it could kill the transcendent and powerful.

Ji Kongfan took the Hongmeng Yuan Stone and heard about its formation process. He suddenly narrowed his eyes slightly, frowned and said, “I remember, I seem to have seen this Hongmeng Yuan Stone somewhere before. .”

Jiang Yun naturally understood that the past that Ji Kongfan mentioned should refer to the time when he was a member of Guding.

That time was already quite a long time ago.

There must be much more Hongmeng Qi than there is now, so it is not unusual for Ji Kongfan to see the Hongmeng Yuan Stone.

However, Ji Kongfan said to himself: “The physical strength I saw is much greater than yours, it is as big as a fist!”

The size of a fist!

Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly widened. If there really was a fist-sized Hongmeng Yuanshi, it could almost be used to refine a dagger.

Furthermore, since it is the size of a fist, it must not have been formed naturally, but was deliberately collected by others!

Jiang Yun hurriedly asked: “Senior Ji, where have you seen him before?”

“Let me think about it!” Ji Kongfan closed his eyes.

His memory of his previous life was still incomplete. After a long time, he opened his eyes and slowly said: “Daofa Mountain!”


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