The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7488: Extraordinary blood wine

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Although Jiang Yun already knew that Jiang Yiyun possessed three kinds of power that made him extremely powerful, but no matter how strong he was, he could not be a transcendent strongman.


As for Bei Chenzi, he is definitely a transcendent powerhouse.


Even if Bei Chenzi’s strength is subject to certain restrictions, he shouldn’t be unable to deal with Jiang Yiyun who is not a transcendent powerhouse.


Then, how did Jiang Yiyun hide it from Bei Chenzi’s eyes and ears, and how was he able to come and go here freely, so that Bei Chenzi had nothing to do with him?


Jiang Yiyun didn’t rush to answer Jiang Yun’s question, but turned around, looking around as if looking at the scenery.


I didn’t see any movement from him, but Jiang Yun suddenly realized that the red mist around him, about a hundred feet in radius, had submerged into the ground again, allowing him to see clearly the scene in this area.


This area is a grassland with green grass.


But at this moment, these green grasses are becoming withered at an extremely fast speed, crushed into mud, submerged in the soil, regenerated roots sprout, grow out, and grow back into green grass.


For this change, Jiang Yun naturally understood that it was due to the power of time.


Even, Jiang Yun has seen such a scene with his own eyes, and he can easily do it himself.


Because, this is what Jiang Yun saw when he comprehended the Desolate Pattern of the Desolate Race.


After the green grass completed a cycle of growth, Jiang Yiyun turned around, looked at Jiang Yun and said, “Do you understand?”


Obviously, all he did was to answer Jiang Yun’s question.


And Jiang Yun was naturally stunned by the question.


Using the power of time to speed up the passage of time, can an origin realm escape from the hands of a transcendent powerhouse?


But no matter how strong Jiang Yiyun’s power of time is, its effect on those who transcend the strong will definitely be limited.


Just like before Jiang Yun wanted to turn back the time around Bei Chenzi’s palm, but he couldn’t do it.


This does not seem to be the answer!


“Oh!” Jiang Yiyun let out a helpless sigh, shook his head and said, “Your aptitude…forget it, you can reach out and touch those green grasses!”


Jiang Yun didn’t care about the other party’s contempt for him, so he stretched out his hand suspiciously, and touched a handful of green grass beside him.


However, when his palm touched the green grass, he felt nothing, but the green grass immediately began to wither again!


The green grass is clearly in front of my eyes, but I can’t touch it!


After a moment of surprise, Jiang Yun suddenly realized: “Are you in a different time and space?”


“That’s right!” Jiang Yiyun nodded and said, “Just because he can see me, doesn’t mean I’m in the same time and space as him.”


“The me he saw may be in the time and space before a day, or in the time and space after a day.”


“Unless he can forcibly break the barrier between time and space, otherwise, he can’t touch me at all.”


“As for me being able to come and go here at will, the same is true.”


Jiang Yiyun stretched out his hand and pointed around and said, “I call the place where Bei Chenzi lives, the Ding Xinyu, and it can be divided into three major areas.”


“One is Bei Chenzi’s residence, the other is the funeral tomb, and the other is the tripod noodles!”


“Although these three regions, including the entire Tripod Heart Region, are completely closed most of the time, they are always open!”


“Therefore, as long as I enter the time and space when they are opened, I can naturally enter easily, and Bei Chenzi can’t find me.”


Jiang Yun nodded clearly.


It is true that entering a certain area from a different time and space seems unimaginable to others, but to Jiang Yiyun, it is a piece of cake.


No matter how strong Bei Chenzi is, it is impossible for him to monitor even different time and space at all times.


Even if he wanted to monitor, he probably couldn’t do it.


Jiang Yiyun waved his hand again, and the scenery in the Baizhang area around Jiang Yun’s body changed again.


Under the slight ups and downs of the earth, a green lake appeared, weeping willows by the lake, and the breeze was blowing.


A square table appeared in front of Jiang Yun, with a wine jug and two wine glasses on it.


Even, from the jug, Jiang Yun could smell the aroma of wine!


Jiang Yiyun raised the jug and poured a glass of wine into each of the two cups. The wine turned out to be red.


Jiang Yiyun pointed to the wine glass and said, “Try it, most people will never drink this wine.”


Looking at the wine in front of him, Jiang Yun frowned slightly.


Everything here is just made up of runes on the surface of the tripod, not real objects at all.


This wine is naturally fake.


What’s the point of Jiang Yiyun making such fake wine and letting himself drink it?


Although he was puzzled, Jiang Yun knew that the other party must have a deep meaning in what he did, so he didn’t ask. He picked up the wine glass and took a closer look.


At first glance, Jiang Yun showed surprise.


The surface color of the wine is red, but there are colorful rays of light in it, and it even seems to contain countless stars and worlds, faintly visible.


Then, Jiang Yun put the wine glass on his nose and smelled it carefully, and found that in addition to the aroma of the wine, there was also a faint fishy smell in the wine.


This wine is not fake, but it should not be wine!


Jiang Yun looked up at Jiang Yiyun and said, “Is this blood?”


Jiang Yiyun also drank the wine glass in front of him in one gulp, smashed his mouth twice in satisfaction before replying: “Don’t worry, drink it, I’m going to harm you, you don’t need to be so troublesome, this is really a good thing, drink it After that, you will know the benefits!”


Jiang Yun couldn’t help but looked at himself, and then looked around, thinking in his heart, could this be the blood shed by himself and the Lord of Heavenly Stems, which was collected by Jiang Yiyun, and then let himself drink it!


After a little hesitation, Jiang Yun finally raised his neck and drank the wine in the glass.


Drinking into the stomach, there is no spicy feeling, there is only endless warmth, and a strong force, instantly permeating the whole body.


Before, Jiang Yun was shaken by Bei Chenzi’s palm wind, his body was already in pieces.


Although there is healing with the power of wood, there is basically no recovery.


But now, all the injuries on his body are healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.


What surprised Jiang Yun the most was that these powers were not only all-encompassing, but also different from the powers he was familiar with, but the number was extremely large, as if he wanted to explode his body.


In addition, Jiang Yun felt that there were many kinds of feelings in his mind, which seemed to be like enlightenment.


At the same time, Jiang Yiyun’s voice also rang in his ears: “It’s not digested and absorbed properly, don’t waste it!”


Jiang Yun didn’t bother to answer, and hurriedly closed his eyes, sat down cross-legged, and began to absorb the powerful power contained in the drink.


Jiang Yiyun ignored Jiang Yun, and poured himself another glass of wine. After drinking it, he put down the glass, and Jiang Yiyun looked at Jiang Yun!




After more than three hours passed, Jiang Yun let out a long breath, finally opened his eyes and said: “This is not our blood!”


At first, Jiang Yun thought that this was the blood that Jiang Yiyun collected and spilled in this world by himself and others, but now he naturally knows that it is impossible for the blood of himself and others to have such a powerful, terrifying power.


“Hahaha!” Jiang Yiyun burst into laughter and said, “You really think highly of you!”


“Of course it’s not your blood. I don’t know whose blood it is!”


“But every drop of blood should come from a detached and strong man!”


Jiang Yun suddenly realized: “On this dragon-patterned red tripod, all the blood of the transcendent power is smeared!”


Although Jiang Yun had seen that the Longwen Red Cauldron was red, he never thought that the red color was smeared by the blood of a detached powerhouse.


After understanding this, Jiang Yun suddenly realized that drinking a glass of blood wine would have such a great effect.


Then Jiang Yiyun has been here for countless years, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was soaked in the blood of a transcendent powerhouse.


So, his current strength…


Jiang Yun finally understood why the other party dared to teach him the three powers he was good at, but he was not afraid of being killed by him in turn!


Seeing the change in Jiang Yun’s expression, Jiang Yiyun nodded and said: “It seems that you have understood!”


“Okay, now it’s time for you to answer some of my questions.”


“However, in order to save time, why don’t I search your soul directly!”


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