The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7357: The Thunder of the Origin



“What kind of thunder is this?”


At this moment, it is not just Jiang Yun and Jin Chan General, but like the shock that spread out before, it includes 108 large domains including the Origin, Chaos Domain, and Daoxing Heaven and Earth. All the creatures inside saw this thunder in their sky, or in the crack of the boundary!


Naturally, the same question popped up in their minds.


Not to mention monks, even mortals, even animals with immature intelligence, can see a lot of thunder from childhood to adulthood, but like now, everyone is the first to see this almost transparent thunder. See it once.


Besides being a bit transparent, this thunderbolt is not too big, only about ten feet long.


There is almost no light emitting from the whole body, and there is nothing special about it.


However, under the thunder, everyone can feel a strong coercion, which weighs heavily on their body and heart, and it becomes difficult to even breathe.


Especially some Leixiu, no matter what type of Leixiu they are, and regardless of their strength, they feel that the power of thunder in their body has all fallen into a state of stillness, quiet to the extreme, and released There was a sense of awe.


As for Jiang Yun, from above this thunderbolt, he has a different feeling from everyone else.


He felt that this thunderbolt was alive and possessed will!


But this does not mean that this thunder has cultivated into a great demon.


To Jiang Yun’s feeling, this thunder has some similarities with the origin.


Its life form should also surpass most of life.


And just as Jiang Yun was secretly speculating about the origin of the thunder and the purpose of its appearance, a woman’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear: “Fourth!”


The simple two words made Jiang Yun’s body tremble suddenly, and his eyes became moist for a moment.


This is the voice of Second Senior Sister!


Although Jiang Yun felt the breath of the second senior sister in the vortex of the competition for the origin stone, and also saw the second senior sister’s three-flower gathering technique, which made him suspect that the second senior sister was still alive, but that was just his guess.


At this moment, he really heard the voice of the second senior sister, and finally verified his guess.


This is really a big surprise for him.


It’s a pity that Jiang Yun doesn’t know where the second senior sister is, so he can only listen, and there is no way to send his own voice to the second senior sister.


And Situ Jing’s voice continued to sound: “Don’t have any reaction, just pretend that you didn’t hear my voice.”,


Jiang Yun’s heart moved, he closed his eyes slightly, and opened them again, the moisture in his eyes disappeared, and his body and complexion immediately returned to calm.


Situ Jing continued: “I know you have a lot of doubts, but I don’t have the time and opportunity to explain to you.”


“Now, I only dare to send you a voice transmission and say a few words to you through the appearance of this original source of thunder.”


“The thunder you see is called the original thunder, and it is the true origin of all thunder.”


“Of course, this is not the real body of the Thunder of Origin, you can take it as a projection of it.”


“The source of thunder has no attributes, and there is no difference between Taoist and non-Taoist.”


“Originally, it would not appear, let alone be seen by you.”


“However, because your perception of the Dao of Thunder was transmitted to it and attracted its attention, it will show up and want to see you.”


“And what you have to do is to use the power of your avenue to attack it as much as possible.”


“If you can break it up, you can defeat its will, and even endow it with the Dao attribute.”


“Then, it will become the source of thunder, and become the source of power for all Taoists who practice the way of thunder.”


“As for you, you can even become the real master of thunder. Thousands of heavens and earth, endless domains, and all thunders are all for your use and obey your orders.”


“Of course, you should not be able to do this now, but you can try it and feel it for the future…”


Just as Situ Jing said this, her voice stopped abruptly.


And after Jiang Yun waited quietly for a while, seeing that transparent thunder seemed to be about to dissipate, Second Senior Sister’s voice never sounded again.


It was only then that Jiang Yun realized that his second senior sister might have encountered some accident and could no longer continue to transmit voices to him.


Although this made him a little regretful, he could hear the voice of Second Senior Sister, so he was sure that Second Senior Sister was indeed still alive.


Especially the second senior sister also told the origin of this thunder, which is already very satisfying for him.


As for the misfortune encountered by the second senior sister, Jiang Yun believes that with the strength of the second senior sister, it should be able to deal with it.


Therefore, Jiang Yun temporarily put aside his thoughts about the second senior sister, and refocused his attention on the transparent thunder.


“The original thunder!”


If it was changed to before, Jiang Yun would think that the second senior sister was too anxious and said the wrong name of this thunder.


But after learning about the dispute between Daoist and non-Taoist, Jiang Yun understood that the second senior sister was right.


The thunder that was first born should indeed not have any attributes.


It is neither the thunder of the great way nor the thunder of the non-great way.


It is the first thunder in the world, and it is the origin of all thunder.


To make an inappropriate analogy, this original source of thunder is a bit like the mother of thunder in the Shanhai Dao domain, the mother of all thunders.


After it, there will be thunder after another, some will enter the Dao world, some will enter the non-Dao world, and thus evolve into various thunders.


There are also thunderbolts that will be absorbed and fused by Taoist cultivators, or even worshiped, and gradually become the thunder of the great way.


However, the first thunderbolt born between heaven and earth has always been there, and has its own will.


Its identity and characteristics, at least until now, no monk can absorb it, give it attributes, and make it a thunder of the avenue, or a thunder of the non-adaptation.


Now, because of Jiang Yun’s tempering of Lei Yuanyuan’s body, and his actions of transforming other non-avenue thunders into avenue thunders, it is attracted.


And Situ Jing even hopes that Jiang Yun can defeat him through his own Dao power, so that the original source of thunder will become the original source of Dao thunder!


To be honest, Jiang Yun doesn’t have any confidence.


However, after knowing so many things that may or may not be true or false, especially the second senior sister’s personal reminder let Jiang Yun know that he must try it.


Even if you can’t succeed now, you must succeed one day.


Thinking of this, Jiang Yun showed fighting intent in his eyes, and slowly raised his hand.


On his arms and palms, Dao patterns emerged, which immediately turned into Dao Dao flowing golden light.


And in this sea of ​​thunder, those thunderbolts that had been motionless, as if they had been summoned, not only regained their ability to move, but also all rushed towards his palm.


Although Situ Jing asked Jiang Yun to use the power of the Dao, Jiang Yun had self-knowledge. At present, his other powers of the Dao, including the protection of the Dao, could not even beat the peak of the source, so how could he defeat the thunder of the source.


Therefore, he still chose to use the Dao of Thunder.


Because, his Thunder Origin Dao Body has changed!




The entire sea of ​​thunder shook violently, and all the thunders gathered towards Jiang Yun’s palm one after another.


Jin Chan will be dumbfounded watching this change of scene.


How many original peak powerhouses have been blocked by this sea of ​​thunder, no one can shake it.


But now Jiang Yun is able to summon them, even for his own use.


If it wasn’t for Jin Chanjiang’s current body being unable to move, he would definitely turn around and leave immediately, away from Jiang Yun.


Because if Jiang Yun used these thunderbolts to attack him, he would definitely die, and he would definitely be severely injured.


In just a few breaths, this sea of ​​thunder that existed for an unknown number of years has disappeared.


But all the thunder did not disappear, but all condensed in Jiang Yun’s palm!



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