The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7116: Utilization rules



Chapter 7116 Utilization Rules


While asking Jiang Yun, the woman in black took a step forward and easily came to the tomb.


And Jiang Yun could see very clearly that when the opponent moved, the circular lines in the shape of a chessboard did not react at all.


Especially the powerful coercion that is ubiquitous in this world has no effect on the black-clothed woman either.


Jiang Yun remembered that when he left the range of the chess grid, he was immediately hurt by coercion.


In short, this black-clothed woman is completely unimpeded in this Guantian Palace and is not affected by the rules here.


The woman came to the grave, raised her hand, and waved gently towards the grave.


As soon as I heard the thunderous sound of “Rumbling Rumble”, the tomb began to slowly separate towards both sides, revealing a huge crack.




In the crack, there was a shock, and a black light flew directly out of it and landed in the woman’s hand.


Because the speed of the black light was too fast, Jiang Yun didn’t see it clearly at all. It wasn’t until the woman held it that Jiang Yun saw it. It was a huge giant sword.


Then the woman turned her head and said to Jiang Yun again: “What are you still doing, hurry up and enter the grave, they will be there in a while.”


“Rest assured, the rules here will not hurt you.”


After dropping this sentence, the woman swayed and disappeared without a trace.


Jiang Yun understood, the woman entered here clearly to take away the black sword.


In other words, the first floor of the Guantian Temple seems to be used by women to store weapons.


Looking at the crack, Jiang Yun immediately stepped over it without hesitation.


He really wanted to see Chi Xiao and Mo Chen in the grave again.


The Taoist Qingxin kept silent, just following behind Jiang Yun.


So far, Daoist Qingxin can’t see that, although the overall strength of the real domain is not strong, the water is also very deep.


Whether it is Tianzun or the black-clothed woman just now, the strength is much stronger than himself.


In this way, the two entered the crack one after the other.




As the two entered, the crack healed on its own.


And the voice of the woman in black also sounded in the ears of the two: “You can see the outside scene with your spiritual sense, just stay here honestly, and you don’t have to worry about the rest.” /


Listening to the woman in black, Jiang Yun’s face showed a hint of disappointment.


Because the inside of the tomb is empty, there is neither a figure nor any treasures, it is completely an ordinary space.


Jiang Yun didn’t know whether Chi Xiao, Mo Chen and the others were already dead, or were sent to other places by Tianzun, or his guess was wrong.


At this time, Daoist Qingxin’s voice sounded: “They are here!”


Jiang Yun’s complexion suddenly froze, and he stopped thinking wildly, but released his consciousness and looked out of the tomb.


A group of monks have rushed in.


In it, Jiang Yun saw Di Zun and Jiayi and others, but he did not see the Lord of the Heavenly Stems and the Jiaojiao.


These non-territorial cultivators, like Jiang Yun, felt the pressure of the place the moment they entered, and all of them involuntarily fell slowly towards the bottom.


And those monks who fell to the ground were all placed on a group of circular lines.


Jiang Yun explained to Taoist Qingxin: “This Guantian Temple can be regarded as a place of trials, and there are rules on each floor.”


“We are now on the first floor. The rule here is to walk to this grave without going beyond the checkerboard.”


Jiang Yun has naturally understood that this Guantian Palace is indeed the reliance and trump card of Tianzun.


It’s just that she allowed herself to bring the monks from outside the territory here, not by arranging people to hide here, but to use the rules of every floor in the Guantian Palace to kill the monks from outside the territory as much as possible.


And the power of rules here, of course, is not as weak as when Jiang Yun entered.


Heavenly Venerable must have secretly increased the power of the rules, making it effective for the monks in the source realm, so that they have to abide by the rules here and need to act according to the rules.


As for the Lord of Heavenly Stem and Jiaojiao, because their strength is too strong, I am afraid that the rules here cannot suppress them, so Tianzun did not let them in.


And the woman in black should have left the Guantian Palace after taking the weapon, and went to fight the Lord of Heavenly Stems or the crocodile.


In short, for the monks outside the realm, Guantian Temple has also become a place of trial. If you want to escape alive, you have to pass through the ninety-ninth floor layer by layer.


If you can’t get past it, you’ll die here.


Sure enough, in Jiang Yun’s explanation, the circular lines that originally covered the entire land suddenly began to disappear.


At the end, only the body of each foreign cultivator has a circle of lines.


And this means that the game has already begun.


All foreign monks, if they want to reach the tomb, must choose a route like chess pieces.


And, they’re going to capture all the other pieces on this route!


“So it is!” After listening to Jiang Yun’s explanation, Daoist Qingxin nodded and sighed: “It will be very painful for these non-territorial monks now.”


“Among them, except for the four people who are respected and respected, the others are all from the same realm, and they may even be friends and the same family!”


“Now, they have to kill each other.”


Jiang Yun naturally understands that these more than 100 monks are basically from the Taoist realm where the leader of the Hongmeng Alliance is located.


Originally, they were always hiding in the dark, maintaining their strength, unscathed, and they were most likely to destroy the entire real domain,


But I didn’t expect Tianzun to have a hole card, so they now have to face a more painful choice.


Jiang Yun said coldly: “That’s what they asked for!”


It is impossible for Jiang Yun to have any sympathy for all the foreign monks who invaded the real domain.


“Senior, you and I should hurry up and adjust your breath, just in case!”


Qingxin Taoist nodded and said, “Okay!”


Since Qingxin Daoist has chosen to help Jiang Yun and Zhenyu, he is also an enemy like these non-territorial monks, so he will not help them just by feeling emotional.


Jiang Yun and Qingxin Taoist sat down cross-legged, and while recovering their strength, they released a sense of consciousness, paying attention to the situation of the monks outside the realm.


The weakest of the more than 100 foreign monks are supreme.


Although they didn’t know where the Guantian Temple was, and were confused by the sudden round rune, they quickly calmed down.


Everyone didn’t act rashly, just stood where they were and looked around with their divine senses.


At this moment, Ziyi suddenly spoke to Jiayi and Dizun Renzun: “Everyone, if your expectations are correct, this should be a formation, and that tomb is the gate of life.” /


“We need to get to that grave without leaving these runes beneath us.”


“This also means that anyone who gets in the way must be killed.”


Although Ziyi’s strength was weakened by Tianzun, as a high-level powerhouse of the source, his eyesight naturally surpassed others, so he was the first to see through the real purpose here.


“This is good news for us. We just need to choose a route and kill them.”


“The soldiers are very fast, we will start now, otherwise, when they understand, they will definitely find a way to kill us first!”


Listening to Ziyi’s analysis, Jiayi, Di Zun and Human Zun also understood.


Although they and the more than 100 cultivators appear to be a group, in fact, they belong to different camps. At this time, they naturally don’t need to care about the so-called cooperation.


Therefore, the consciousness of the four people immediately covered a hundred people, and soon Jiayi said: “I found a route that is suitable for the four of us, that is, using me as the starting point, we only need to kill ten consecutively. Seven people will be able to successfully reach the tomb.”


“So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!”


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