The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7050: Listen to Tianzun’s words



At this moment, not only the Lord of Heavenly Stem was stunned, but even Jiang Yun looked shocked and stared blankly at Tianzun.


Especially the Lord of Heavenly Stems, his eyes were slightly straight, and with an almost dull gaze, he looked at the tree demon that was gradually disappearing into ashes.


He always believed that Tianzun and Jiang Yun had absolutely no guts to kill the tree demon and the red wolf, to bear the consequences of all the foreign monks attacking the world.


But he never imagined that after Jiang Yun told the real situation facing the entire Daoxing world to all living beings, Tianzun did not discuss with anyone at all, and even killed the tree demon! Naturally, this also shows that, in fact, Tianzun has already made a choice in his heart.


The shock on Jiang Yun’s face gradually turned into enlightenment, and he already wanted to understand that Tianzun deliberately delayed for so long, in order to let himself integrate his consciousness into the Daoxingtian map and let himself The truth, tell all beings.


Sure enough, Tianzun’s voice sounded in Jiang Yun’s ear: “Can’t you still see it 1


“No matter what we choose today, these foreign monks will attack us.”


“What they want is the real domain, our entire Taoist world.”


“Killing the Dryad and the Red Wolf now will at least save us two strong opponents in the future 1


Jiang Yun was silent for a while before opening his mouth and said, “Then how to explain it to the sentient beings who promote the world?”


Actually, Jiang Yun didn’t know that what Tianzun said was the truth.


It’s just that he always hoped that the attack on the Daoxing Heaven and Earth by the cultivators from outside the territory would be as late as possible, so that the sentient beings of Daoxing Heaven and Earth could have more time to prepare.


Therefore, Jiang Yun also accepted Tianzun’s approach.


And all that is happening here at this moment, the sentient beings of Daoxing Heaven and Earth are not aware of it.


They’re still figuring out which choice to make.


Jiang Yun wants to know what Tianzun is going to do once they know the truth.


Tianzun turned his head and smiled lightly at Jiang Yun: “What to explain to them?”


“Although your strength is not weak, but don’t forget, I am still Tianzun 1


“As long as I don’t die for a day, my words, in the whole realm, are the words of heaven, and no one dares to violate them.”


“If I die, I don’t need to explain it to anyone.”


Jiang Yun has known Tianzun for a long time, and he has also played against Tianzun, but at this moment, the Tianzun in his eyes is the real Tianzun! The weak eat the strong, and the strong are respected! The strength is at the top of the real domain, let alone in the real domain, even if it is a cultivator outside the realm, few people can be her opponents.


Her choice represents the real realm, and the choice of Dao Xingtian and all sentient beings.


At this time, Tianzun looked at the red wolf in Jiang Yun’s hands and said, “It’s your turn 1


Since she has already killed the tree demon, it is naturally Jiang Yun’s turn to kill the red wolf.


Jiang Yun pondered: “I can’t separate the Master of All Souls from the Red Wolf. If I want to kill the Red Wolf, I must kill the Master of All Souls together.”


“But I still want to give this memory of the Master of All Souls to my master.”


“As for whether my master chooses to merge or to give up, that’s his business.”


No matter how bad the former Master of All Souls is, Jiang Yun still wants to keep his memory.


Because, only if you have this memory, your master is complete.


Even, Jiang Yun is worried that without this memory, the master will be the same as himself before the fusion of soul avatar. When the practice reaches a certain level, he can no longer continue to practice.


Tianzun shook his head and said, “I have already remembered everything about Dao Zun and Zungu.”


“You can rest assured that even without this memory, Zun Gu can still improve his strength and even reach the same height as me.”


This answer from Tian Zun made Jiang Yun slightly stunned, wondering what Tian Zun remembered about his master.


Could it be that, my master, is there any secret?


Tianzun did not continue to explain, but suddenly opened his palm, and in the palm, there was a seed and a group of rays of light containing various colors.


“This is what I got from the Dryad. One is his magic weapon, and the other should be the treasure.”


“I’ll give you 1


While talking, Tianzun threw two things to Jiang Yun with a casual toss.


Until Jiang Yun caught these two things, he still couldn’t believe that Tianzun gave these two things to himself so easily! The seed is good to say, it is the broken bone vine seed, an original Taoist device, which cannot enter the eyes of Tianzun.


But that treasure represents the biggest secret of Daoxing Heaven and Earth.


Even though there is a connection between the treasure and himself, Jiang Yun believes that as long as Tianzun is willing, there must be a way to cut off the fate and take the treasure as his own.


But when Tianzun had already obtained all the treasures, he gave it to himself without any rarity.


“Don’t be surprised.”


Tianzun smiled and said: “I have heard about this treasure for a long time, and I know that stepping should be related to the Great Dao.”


“I took a closer look just now and couldn’t see anything.”


“Although I have also come into contact with Dao Xiu, my understanding and cognition of Dao Xiu is still weaker than yours.”


“And the whole Dao Xingtiandi, the person who has walked the furthest on the road of Dao cultivation is you.”


“Therefore, the treasure can only play its greatest role in your hands.”


“However, the ugly words come first


Speaking of this, Tianzun’s expression suddenly became serious, and there was a hint of chill in his eyes, looking at Jiang Yundao: “Give the treasure to you, and you will fight for the sake of the world. “


“Once you want to run away, or fear the battle, betray the Tao and prosper the world, then even if you have the treasure, I will kill you 1


“Tian Zun 1


At this moment, an angry voice sounded: “Even if you release the red wolf, from now on, I will take revenge on you for ten days, and slaughter all the living beings in the world1


The voice is naturally from the God of Heaven! The killing of the tree demon, especially when Tianzun gave the treasure to Jiang Yun, made all his hopes in vain.


Therefore, even if Hongmeng is willing to give up attacking Daoxingtiandi now, he will not be able to do it in ten days.


Tianzun smiled coldly: “I’m here waiting for you 1


Then, Tianzun urged Jiang Yundao again: “Hurry up and do it 1


Up to now, Jiang Yun can’t find a way to do both.


After hesitating for a while, with the last glimmer of hope, he asked Xia Ruliu, “Senior Xia, is there still no way?”


“No 1


Xia Ruliu sighed helplessly: “Their relationship is too messy, at least I can’t separate them.”


Jiang Yun also sighed in his heart, and then said: “Then if I destroy this memory of the Master of All Souls, will it have any effect on you?”


There is a relationship between Xia Ruliu and the Master of All Spirits, and it is also the only relationship between her and the entire Daoxing world. Even, this time Xia Ruliu came back to the real world, also to completely Cut off this dharma and restore the true free body. From then on, there will be no connection with Daoxing heaven and earth.


Xia Ruliu smiled and said: “If his memory is gone, then the relationship between me and him will naturally disappear.”


“Don’t worry about me, just listen to Tianzun’s words1


“You can doubt Tianzun’s character, but she cares about the real world, you definitely don’t have to doubt it1


It is not difficult to hear that Xia Ruliu has a very high evaluation of Tianzun.


Jiang Yun nodded, looked at the red wolf, and quietly said with a voice transmission: “Red wolf, I’m sorry 1


“I have no choice but to kill your avatar today. When the other day sees your deity, you and I, let’s have a showdown 1


When Jiang Yun bit his teeth, the power of the Great Dao was about to rush into the red wolf, but the red wolf’s voice suddenly sounded: “Wait a moment 1


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