The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6912: The Mirror of the Five Elements



Yuan Ning and the Demon Lord appeared in front of Jiang Yun.


The two of them naturally felt the chilling air emanating from Jiang Yun’s body, and couldn’t help but glance at each other, wondering what happened to Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun also came back to his senses and greeted Yuan Ning, “Miss Yuan.”


“Brother Jiang.” Yuan Ning was still the same, holding a candy man in his hand, and said puzzledly: “Brother Jiang, what is the matter with me?”


Yuan Ning is only a real emperor, so Tianzun has many things, and she has never told her at all, and she naturally does not know that Tianzun has disappeared.


Jiang Yun didn’t hide it, and directly explained the current situation of Zhenyu and the disappearance of Tianzun.


“Although Tianzun temporarily entrusted Tianzun’s domain to me for hosting, but I have other things to do, I really don’t have that time.”


“The devil will also leave with me, and in the entire Tianzunyu, the only person I can trust is the original girl, so I hope that the original girl can help take charge of the next Tianzunyu.”


Jiang Yun’s words made Yuan Ning open his mouth and eyes wide, with an unbelievable look on his face, staring at Jiang Yun.


Obviously, what Jiang Yun said was far beyond her expectations, making her unable to accept it for a while.


Jiang Yun didn’t care so much, he directly stretched out his hand and took out the Heavenly Venerate Token and handed it to the Demon Lord: “Demon Lord, you have to work harder and support the original girl.”


It is absolutely impossible for Jiang Yun to hand over the order to Yuan Ning.


Jiang Yun himself didn’t want to appear in the eyes of the monks in Tianzunyu, so he asked the devil to hold the Tianzun order and said that it was an order from Tianzun.


The strength and identity of the Demon Lord is second only to the Heavenly Venerate in the Heavenly Venerate Domain.


With him supporting Yuan Ning, and having the Heavenly Venerate Order in hand, it is enough to shock everyone.


The Demon Lord naturally understood, nodded, and took the order of the Heavenly Venerate.


Jiang Yun took out some stone formations and communication jade slips, and handed them to Yuan Ning, so that she could ask An Caiyi for help.


In short, regardless of Yuan Ning’s willingness or not, in the end he could only follow the Demon Lord obediently and enter the sky.


Jiang Yun was outside the Vault of Heaven. After waiting for nearly half an hour, the Demon Lord came out and handed over the Heavenly Venerate Order, Soul Beast Soul Spring, and Bloodline Congealing to Jiang Yun.


When he and Tianzun and Dizun attacked the Zangfeng space, these things were taken away by Tianzun, and now they are given to Jiang Yun.


Next, the two of them rushed towards the Tibetan Peak space together.


Although there was unpleasantness between the two, it is now as if it never happened.


Especially about ancient times, it’s like a taboo, and neither of them mentioned anyone.


Along the way, Jiang Yun told the Demon Lord about his own experiences over the years and some feelings about the magical cultivation methods such as incarnation of heaven and earth.


Aside from his views on ancient times, in Jiang Yun’s heart, the status of the demon master and Ji Kongfan are similar, and they are both teachers and friends.


Therefore, Jiang Yun also hopes that the Demon Lord can become the supreme, or even the powerhouse in the source realm!


In this way, the two came to the Zangfeng space, and Shura, Ming Yuyang and Yungui, who received Jiang Yun’s notification, had already arrived with a few supreme bodies.


For the arrival of Jiang Yun and the Demon Lord, the three of them didn’t even say hello.


Obviously, they were completely immersed in the perception of the Supreme Corpse.


In addition to Shura, Ming Yuyang and Yungui, the three pseudo-vendors, Jiang Yun unexpectedly discovered that there was another acquaintance of his own here.


Live from the dead!


Living from the dead, the disciples of the two dead emperors in the nine emperors in troubled times. They were once made into corpse puppets by the ancient corpse spirit, and then awakened with the help of Jiang Yun.


After defeating the ancient corpse with Jiang Yun, he was seriously injured and disappeared with the ancient corpse.


Because his strength is not weak, and there are two dead emperors, Jiang Yun thinks he can be trusted, so he specially asks An Caiyi to find his whereabouts.


Unexpectedly, An Caiyi really found it!


Today’s life in the dead is already a pseudo-respect.




Seeing Jiang Yun, of course living in the dead can’t pretend not to see like Shura and others, but immediately stepped forward and bowed respectfully.


The two dead emperors asked him to assist Jiang Yun.


Over the years, although he has been hiding from his injuries, he has a good understanding of the outside world. Naturally, he knows that the current Jiang Yun, whether in terms of strength or status, is far superior to the past, so this lord is also convincing. oral.




Jiang Yun smiled and stretched out his hand to hold him up. He didn’t ask him where he went or where the ancient corpse went. He just had a simple chat with him and let him, the Demon Lord and others continue. To feel the Supreme Corpse.


Next, Jiang Yun placed the blood clot and the soul beast in the dream.


With those few supreme bodies, this place seems to have become a holy place for the pseudo-religionists.


After another day passed, the Earth Zun and Human Zun also arrived.


Furthermore, the Earth Zun brought a fake Zun, and the Human Zun brought two people.


Except for one pseudo-zun, the other one is Sanchiqing!


Although Sanchiqing is only a real-level emperor, his swordsmanship skills alone are not as good as human-zun and earth-zun, and his strength is far beyond the real-level, so Jiang Yun specially notified Renzun and brought him here .


As for the other two pseudo-vendors, Jiang Yun has never seen them.


But he also knows that Earth and Human Respect have a very deep heritage.


Apart from themselves, outsiders have no idea how many cards they have.


The power of the Earth Venerable has almost collapsed, but it can still bring a fake Venerable. It is conceivable that he must have something to hide.


However, Jiang Yun didn’t bother to ask about these things, and after directly marking the two false venerables with the Dao of Guardianship, he let them comprehend the corpse of the Supreme Being together.


Sanchiqing took the initiative to voice transmission to Jiang Yun: “Jiansheng is retreating.”


“If it goes well, when he leaves the border, he should at least not be weaker than me.”


“After he leaves the customs, my disciple will notify him and let him come here too.”


Sanchiqing did not regard Jiansheng as a disciple, but as a peer.


Jiang Yun said with a slight smile: “Okay, it’s time to work.”


Looking at San Chiqing’s leaving back, Jiang Yun suddenly thought of the body sculptor who used to be as famous as his master, so he asked Ren Zun, “By the way, where is Wu Chenzi?”


“Although he is the Great Emperor of the Ancients, his strength should be equivalent to a pseudo-respect. Why didn’t he come over?”


Ren Zun said with a stern face: “On the day when the rule imprint became ineffective, he had already escaped.”


Jiang Yun nodded clearly, knowing that people like Wu Chenzi have no so-called loyalty to Renzun, but they are suppressed by the rules of Renzun and have to be loyal.


Once the suppression is lost, he will naturally run away and find another way to make a living.


Thinking of Wu Chenzi, Jiang Yun inevitably thinks of his ancestors and Weiyang daughters, as well as everyone in the dream realm.


If they can show up, it is also possible to become the Supreme.


“When I come back from the Five Elements Barrier, even if I search the entire realm, I will find the ancient demon!”


Jiang Yun said to Di Zun and Ren Zun: “I still have some things to do. After we are done, we will leave and go to a place.”


“There are still six other monks who have escaped from outside the Territory who have not been found.”


“Don’t be idle, both of you, go around the world to see if you can find their traces.”


Jiang Yun is unceremoniously summoning the two supreme beings.


Naturally, the two of them couldn’t resist, they could only swallow their anger and turn away.


After the two left, Jiang Yun sat on the top of Zangfeng himself and took out a mirror!


Naturally, this is Jiang Yun’s mirror in the chaotic airspace prison, Jiang Shan’s guardian, the mirror that Haotian gave him!


The Mirror of the Five Elements!


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