The World That Tao Rules Chapter 6910: Continue the past



“Gu… Zun Gu is the teacher of all spirits, and Tian Zun is the first monk!”


The answer given by the devil made Jiang Yun somewhat puzzled: “She must be the first monk, otherwise, it is impossible to become the first supreme, the first of the three.”


“Even, dare to compete with Dao Zun!”


After Jiang Yun finished speaking, he felt something was wrong.


Because, the title of the first monk is actually not suitable for Tianzun, but should belong to Taoist.


Or, it is more reasonable to belong to your own master.


After all, in terms of qualifications, my master was the first person to embark on the path of cultivation, the real first person among the monks.


In terms of strength, the Dao Zun who trapped all beings in the Guantian Palace should be called the first monk.


Even, Dao Zun’s strength must have surpassed his master, and even more than Tian Zun.


Then why is Tianzun called the first monk by the devil?


Seeing the contemplative look on Jiang Yun’s face, the demon master naturally understood that Jiang Yun had realized something was wrong.


The devil continued: “The experience of Tianzun and yours is somewhat similar.”


“It’s just that she has better luck and higher qualifications than you.”


“In the era we lived in, although Zun Gu created the path of cultivation and taught other beings, all monks, including Zun Gu, practiced from scratch.”


“Furthermore, our strength is not high, a group of people are crossing the river by feeling the stones, the front is dark, and they don’t know which way to go, how to continue, and where is the end point. .”


“Doesn’t this look like the way you were in the past, or even the way you are now?”


Jiang Yun nodded, admitting that the real realm at that time was indeed somewhat similar to Dao Xiu’s situation.


Dao Xiu is the master’s avatar who has opened up a path of cultivation.


However, the road behind was opened up by countless Dao Cultivators, including myself, working together.


The Demon Lord sighed and said, “Becoming a cultivator has allowed us to experience the benefits of being strong and the changes that strength brings to us.”


“Therefore, each of us monks is doing our best to explore the direction of the path of practice, and try to broaden the path of practice little by little.”


“But unfortunately, none of us can actually do that.”


“I remember very clearly that the highest realm of our practice at that time was the realm of life!”


Real life!


This realm is a long time ago for Jiang Yun.


Compared to the complete cultivation realm of a monk, this realm is indeed not high.


After the real life realm, there are the realm of defying the sky, the realm of fate, the realm of breaking the law, the realm of reincarnation…


The Demon Lord continued: “At that time, I don’t know how many monks have cultivated to the realm of life, and they can’t advance any further until they die.”


“So many monks have lost confidence in their practice.”


“Until one day, Tianzun appears!”


Jiang Yun’s heart moved slightly, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.


And the Demon Lord affirmed Jiang Yun’s thoughts, nodded vigorously and said, “You are right.”


“Now all the realms behind the secrets of the real cultivator, the path of cultivation, and the supreme realm are all created by Tianzun alone!”


“Zun Gu is the teacher of all spirits, helping all living beings to find the path of cultivation. Tian Zun is to continue the past and open up this road all the way to reach the position of the supreme.”


“Therefore, Tianzun is called the first monk!”


After listening to the explanation of the Demon Lord, Jiang Yun’s heart was immediately awe-inspiring for Tianzun!


No matter what kind of person or character Tianzun is, her contribution to the entire Daoxing Tiandi cultivator is indeed comparable to that of Master.


Even Jiang Yun thought about it, Tianzun may continue to open up the path of cultivation to the source realm later.


But for some reason, she didn’t tell other monks, she just stood above this realm and became a goddess.


Jiang Yun thought for a while and then asked: “That is to say, my master, and Dao Zun, they all walked along the path opened by Tian Zun until they surpassed Tian Zun in turn?”


However, this question caused the Demon Lord to shake his head and say, “I don’t know.”


“I have the memory of Tianzun, and it is complete, but the memory of Zungu and Daozun, especially the latter, I am almost blank.”


After a pause, the Demon Lord continued: “I told you Tianzun’s true identity, just want to tell you that Tianzun is really similar to you, and they are really protecting us and protecting everything in the Guantian Palace. life.”


Jiang Yun glanced at the Demon Lord thoughtfully, realizing that the Demon Lord told him the true identity of Tianzun, clearly speaking for Tianzun.


However, Jiang Yun also admitted that, at least for now, Tianzun is indeed fighting to protect Guantiangong, so he nodded and said, “I can see it!”


Jiang Yun’s answer made the Demon Lord let out a sigh of relief: “That’s good!”


“Although she has disappeared, I believe that one day, she will definitely come back.”


Jiang Yun took a deep look at the Demon Lord again, and nodded as well: “Yes, I also believe that she will definitely go home.”


A smile appeared on the Demon Lord’s face.


It seems that he can get Jiang Yun’s approval of Tianzun, which makes him very happy.


“Tianzun asked me to wait for you here because I want to give you this Tianzun decree.”


“During her absence, the Celestial Domain is under your control.”


The Demon Lord took out a very ordinary token and handed it to Jiang Yun.


After hesitating for a while, Jiang Yun accepted the token bluntly.


It’s not that Jiang Yun really wants to control the Tianzun domain, but that he came this time to stabilize Tianzun’s disciples and subordinates.


It will be much more convenient to have the Heavenly Venerate Order in hand.


Then there are many relatives and friends of Jiang Yun in the Tianzun domain.


If this token is handed over to someone else, such as Liu Yingfan, the first disciple of Tianzun, Jiang Yun can’t guarantee that the other party will take the opportunity to hurt his relatives and friends.


Jiang Yun rubbed the Tianzun decree and said, “Is the ancient demon in the Tianzun domain?”


“Go!” The Demon Lord replied very simply: “After you came last time, she left.”


“Although she didn’t say where she was going, I asked her about Mengyu, and she said she would not hurt Mengyu, but would try to protect it.”


Jiang Yun couldn’t help frowning.


Everything the ancient demon does is obey the orders of the Three Corpse Daoist.


I’m afraid, her departure is also because the Three Corpse Daoist asked her to hide from herself on purpose, so as to avoid letting herself take the dream domain away.


Jiang Yun hesitated for a while and said, “Then is there any way for you to contact the Taoist Three Corpse?”


“No!” The Demon Lord shook his head and said, “I haven’t had any contact with him since I saw him once.”


Jiang Yun couldn’t tell whether what the Demon Lord said was true or not, but now he didn’t have time to worry about this issue, so he didn’t ask any further, and explained the purpose of his visit this time.


After listening, the Demon Lord said: “Tianzunyu, you don’t have to worry, as long as you hold the Tianzun Order, no one will dare to disobey.”


“As for me, I’m naturally willing to go to the Zangfeng space, hoping to break through to the Supreme.”


“Okay!” Jiang Yun nodded and said, “Then please call Yuan Ning out, and I will let her take care of the Heavenly Venerate Domain for the time being.”


Among Tianzun’s disciples, only Yuan Ning is familiar to Jiang Yun.


Furthermore, Yuan Ning is very kind to Zhutianjiyu, so let her take charge of Tianzunyu, at least Jiang Yun doesn’t need to worry that she will be detrimental to his relatives and friends.


Just as Jiang Yun was waiting for Yuan Ning and the Demon Lord, his body suddenly lit up.


Jiang Yun raised his eyebrows, and a happy look appeared in his eyes.


This light is from the token Qin Bufan gave him!


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