The Whispering Verses Chapter 730: Desolate Village


Chapter 730 Deserted Village

“Horror stories in deserted villages? I really like this genre, but don’t worry, these red butterflies will protect us? A.”

The girl in the black skirt pointed at the red butterflies in the sky around her. The flying translucent butterflies seemed to be responding to her, trying to land on her fingertips:

“As long as you don’t leave Hongdie, I mean we won’t be in danger.”

Xia De looked at her and nodded after a long time:

“Okay, I’ll go into the village with you, but I have something to go to the top of the mountain later, so move faster.”

“No problem, I can go to your destination with you later. I know there is a shortcut in this village that can directly reach the top of the mountain.”

She smiled and held Shade’s hand, walking out of the gloomy jungle into the black mist, and officially entered the village wrapped in black mist that seemed to be in the night.

[Outlander, you have entered the interior of a location-based relic again. 】

“I know.”

The whispering elements became more and more intense, and the terrifying black mist with a strong curse swept towards the two of them, and ferocious faces could even be seen in the mist. But surrounded by flying red butterflies, not a single bit of the black mist could see them all. On the contrary, the fog gradually became thinner around Shade and the girl in the black skirt, as if afraid of the red butterfly.

“What a powerful curse.”

Xia De looked around with fear. If he was the only one, he would definitely not come in.

“Sir, have you also studied curses? Yes, this is a curse bred together by resentment, hatred, regret, and disaster deep underground. We’d better not touch them too much. ”

The girl in the black skirt said that she knew this place very well.

Countless undead souls wander in the dilapidated mountain villages. The souls inside the relics are invaded by the whispering elements and turn into twisted monsters that are more terrifying than evil spirits. Walking in the deserted village, there seemed to be no enemies around, but Shade’s keen inspiration could feel that the evil spirits hiding around them, almost integrated with the environment, were watching them.

But surrounded by red butterflies, no enemy dared to take the initiative. So when Shade and the girl in black skirt were walking in the village, all they saw were buildings that had been abandoned for who knows how many years.

It can be seen that this place was once prosperous. Although it is an old village in the mountains, except for a few conspicuous houses at the entrance of the village, most of the other buildings were renovated before being abandoned. The ground in the village is also very flat, and the several buildings in the center of the village are the houses where only the mayor and the sheriff of the town can live.

Perhaps, the village has extra income.

The girl in black skirt who claims to be a student of Fort Midhill Mechanical College knows a lot about this village. While the two were walking on the only village road in the dilapidated mountain village, she told Shade the story that had happened here.

This is a story that happened a long time ago. A small mountain village is located in a remote mountain. The villagers in the village have stayed behind for generations, rarely going out to make a living or marrying away from home. The peaceful days disappeared with an earthquake.

The earthquake did not cause much damage to the existence, but after the earthquake, people discovered gold mines under the cracked wells in the village. The villagers unanimously decided to keep this secret, and used the excuse of “building a tower in the village” to hide it from the villagers in nearby villages and the nobles in the mountain town, and secretly excavated under the tower.

“So, what did they dig up?”

Shad asked, looking at the houses standing in the darkness. Most of these houses have locked doors, which can only be opened by finding a key.

“No one knows what it is, maybe it is the entrance to the so-called hell, maybe it is the lair of some sleeping ancient one.

In short, when out-of-control desire prompted the villagers to carve out the final blow in the deepest part of the mine tunnel, black mist continued to seep from the irreparable cracks in the ground. Corroding the land, summoning the undead, and preventing villagers from leaving the area. Only by sacrificing two children under the age of ten to the cracks in the ground every ten years can the invasion of the black mist here be slowed down. ”

The girl in the black skirt said, Xia De raised his head and looked around from the gap between the red butterflies:

“Looking at the situation, they failed.”

The girl in the black skirt nodded and took Shade to the bottom of the tower in the village. The village was already small, so they didn’t actually walk long.

“Look, this is the tower. This kind of small mountain village does not actually need this kind of building, so there was no planned use at the beginning of the construction. It was just claimed to be built as a bell tower.”

Shad looked up at the gray stone bell tower. It had been completed, but it was only about four stories high. It looks like it has been abandoned for a long time like other buildings in the village, but the door of the bell tower is tightly closed.

“Should we look around for the key?”

Xia De asked, looking at the building next to him:

“The key may be in the village chief’s house, or the village sheriff’s house. We may have to solve some puzzles from the past, or encounter some terrible undead, defeat them and listen to their pasts before we can Strange corners or mountain village cemeteries get the key here.”

“Sounds really interesting.”

The girl in black skirt smiled and said:

“But it doesn’t have to be that troublesome. Mr. Hamilton, since you are a detective, you should have no problem opening this door.”

Two translucent red butterflies landed on her shoulders. After the black coat was illuminated, it was still only black.

Xia De nodded:

“Yes, of course I can pick locks. This is my specialty, but please let go of my hand first.”

He tried to free his hand that had been grasped.

“Of course.”

The girl in the black skirt offered her hand, and then joked:

“So sir, can your lockpicking skills be able to open all the locks?”

“Of course not. For example, girls’ heart locks cannot be opened casually.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand to touch the rusty black iron door. When he tried to rotate his wrist, he felt a huge force rushing from the direction of the door.

The huge force almost caused Sha De’s feet to fly off the ground, but fortunately, the group of flying red butterflies spontaneously came behind Sha De, like a giant red net, and gently caught him Shard.

Obviously, this door is the key to the core of the relic, and the power of the relic prevents Shade from opening the door in a way other than using the key.

“Looks like we still need to find the key.”

Xia De shrugged, but the girl in the black dress still shook her head:

“Detective, come on, let me help you.”

She took a step back and moved behind Sha De, and then almost hugged Sha De from behind. The right arm passed through Shade’s armpit, and the soft arm circled to Shade’s arm. Then a white hand pressed the back of Shade’s right hand, and five fingers inserted into the gaps between the fingers in sequence. Aprila The lady also did similar actions to Shade.

The girl behind her seemed to be taking a deep breath, but her voice was very soft. She was completely close to Shade, with her feet propped up, her head gently placed on Shade’s shoulder, and she whispered in his ear:

“Get moving, Detective, I think you’re also curious about what’s inside the tower.”


This very inelegant posture made Shade very uncomfortable, but he also knew that the girl in black skirt behind him would never be pushed away by him.

The two hands reached out to the iron door of the bell tower, and at some point, the dense red butterflies actually wrapped up the two arms. After the palm came into contact with the cold burred metal, the force of pushing outward appeared again, but it was easily offset by the hand of the girl in the black dress.

“You are so strong.”

Xia De praised.

“While waiting for my sister’s return, I have to live on my own. I have more strength, but it’s just to protect myself.”

She whispered in Shade’s ear.

The two hands pressed on the door and rotated together. With the effect of the spell [Key to the Door], the red butterflies flapped their wings to provide strength for them. The whispering elements fight against the whispering elements, and the power of the deserted village is obviously no match for this group of red butterflies.

As a result, the iron door of the clock tower was opened silently.

The iron door opened a gap, and a strong corpse smell blew out from the gap, which was even worse than the corpse smell that diffused in this mountain village.

“We continue the story just now, sacrificing two children under the age of 10 every ten years to suppress the black fog in the gold mine. How did this fail?”

Xia De asked, hesitating:

“The two children who were sacrificed escaped?”

“This is just one aspect. The other aspect is that outsiders came here. Because they couldn’t bear the cruel things that continued to happen here, they stopped the sacrifices back then, making this place look like this.”

The girl in black skirt behind said, then walked to the side and stood side by side with Shade.

Xia De nodded, this is only reasonable. Although this world is not full of extraordinary beings, whether it is the fifth or sixth era, there are generally not many witches or ring sorcerers. This is a relic, so it must have been the fifth era when the accident occurred. It is not impossible for such a kind-hearted witch to pass by the place.

“The one who passed by back then was.”

“A pair of black and white twins came with the red butterfly. Because they bumped into the two children who escaped that year, the 9-year-old twin sisters, they promised them to end it all. The church called the black and white twins [ “Red Butterfly Twins”, they are girls of unknown origin who wander in the material world. Although their ages change with time, they always follow the 22-year cycle. Although they are twins, they rarely appear at the same time.”

Xia De looked at the red butterflies all around him and didn’t know what to say for a moment:

“Those twins must be very powerful, right?”

The girl in the black skirt showed a slight smile:

“Before I entered the mountain, I obtained some information through church friends. The [Red Butterfly Twins] are known as angel-level relics and are suspected of possessing part of the power of the old **** [Twin Gods]. Every time they appear, there are always people around them. The twins are born. The black skirt brings the curse of fate to the twins, and the white skirt brings the blessing of relics to the twins. When they appear together, they are bound to bring disaster, so they are also called the twins of disaster, the embodiment of disaster. ”

“That’s it”

Xia De pursed his lips and looked at the iron door in front of him:

“So do the church records indicate how well they have been doing over the years?”

The expression in those blue eyes seemed to become softer in an instant:

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, life is a big empty dream. Maybe, they just haven’t woken up from the dream.”

The last sentence was almost a whisper.

Xia De’s mood suddenly became worse. He turned his head slightly to look at the girl beside him, only to find that the other girl had been looking at him. The sky was full of red butterflies surrounding her, with their wings twinkling and red light spots falling. Her real person has become a little unreal.




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