The Whispering Verses Chapter 728: Mountain Stream Girl


Chapter 728 Mountain Girl

Put the gift box of God A into the backpack you made, and carry it from the ruined tower to the city at the foot of the mountain. Cassandra Auction House, located in the city center, is still so busy in late autumn. Shade also met Granny Cassandra and Sister Devlin in the reception room on the top floor of the auction house.

The nun will also accompany to witness this ceremony. Apart from the three people, because Grandma Cassandra’s teacher does not want too many people to know the details of the ceremony, only Grandma Cassandra’s young apprentice will follow up the mountain. .

Apprentice Miss Rita Swift is a young girl who looks about the same size as Agelina. She is thin and has long, slightly curly flaxen hair.

She responded to Shade who greeted him very cautiously, but she was not doubtful that a man like Shade existed. Probably Grandma Cassandra had already mentioned this matter to the young apprentice.

Before departure, Granny Cassandra expressed doubts about the box that Shade was carrying, and Shade gave a vague explanation:

“This is a box used to seal evil beasts.”

“I thought it was the angelic relic [Golden Holy Wardrobe]. I remember that the relic was clearly used to create the Holy See of the Church.”

The old witch was in a good mood today and even joked.

The ceremony on Monday has already been planned, so no additional preparations are needed before going up the mountain. Miss Aurora was not here, and Granny Cassandra did not want anyone from the Witch Council to see the ceremony. Miss Helen Black, who attended the ceremony, was not there. When Shade asked about her whereabouts, the old witch smiled and said that she had gone up the mountain.

The carriage that had been prepared long ago stopped at the main entrance of Cassandra Auction House, and it was appropriate for four people to sit on the same carriage.

However, the carriage had just started, and Sister Devlin claimed that she had forgotten important items at the auction house and asked the carriage to put her down. She would rush to the ceremony venue on the top of the mountain later.

“Would someone like Sister Devlin forget to take things?”

Shad found this very funny. In his eyes, Sister Devlin was the kind of reliable person who would never make mistakes.

The carriage then carried the three people forward, but just after leaving the core of the city and entering the west side of the city, Granny Cassandra stopped the carriage again and said rather unhappily:

“Just now, I saw an old friend outside. I must meet him.”

As the old witch said this, she actually left the carriage and claimed that she would go to the ceremony venue on the top of the mountain alone in a while.

“Which one is Granny Cassandra’s friend?”

After the carriage started again, Shade curiously asked Miss Rita Swift, the young apprentice of the old witch. The latter blushed, as if he was uncomfortable talking to Sha De, so Sha De didn’t ask any more questions.

It feels strange to be in the same carriage with a strange girl, especially if the other person is unwilling to talk. But fortunately, this strange feeling did not last long. When the auction house’s carriage carried the two people to a location in the west of the city near the mountains, the young Miss Swift suddenly spoke:

“Oh, I actually forgot what my mother-in-law told me!”

She hurriedly shouted to the carriage to stop, and then stammered apologetically to Shade:

“The teacher asked me to go to the Middleburg Railway Station to pick up a batch of goods last night. I accidentally forgot about it last night. Now.”

“It doesn’t matter, let the carriage go now, it’s not far from the train station.”

Xia De said very understandingly.

“But, that batch of goods cannot be known to others.”

Xia De looked at her suspiciously, then nodded:

“That’s okay. I’ll get off the car and wait for you. You can pick me up later.”

The young girl with flaxen curly hair bit her lip and lowered her head not to look into Shade’s eyes:

“Sir, why don’t you walk towards the mountains first, and I’ll catch up with you later. If you go back here from the Middleburg train station, it’s equivalent to going around in a circle, but if you go directly into the mountains to catch up, the speed will be faster.”

After finishing speaking, he blushed and said very apologetically:

“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. Please forgive me for the trouble I’ve caused.”

Since the other party said this, Xia De could only agree.

So he carried the box on his back and held the sword, jumped out of the carriage, explained his route into the mountain to Miss Swift in the car window, and then set off alone towards the entrance of Sikal Mountain.

This place is very close to the entrance to the mountain. Shade chose to walk the rest of the way to prevent the carriage from catching up with him. In order to make the journey more interesting, Shade let the cat out of the box.

Of course, little Mia would never climb a mountain by herself, so she squatted on Shade’s shoulders.

Although the four of them went into the mountain together and ended up going up the mountain alone with Mia, Shade wouldn’t complain when he thought that he would be able to see the twins after a long absence soon.

In late autumn, the Xikal Mountain is already golden all over, and the road into the mountain is also covered with fallen leaves. The crunching sound of shoes on those leaves was very pleasant, and the passing freight truck asking Shade if he wanted to hitch a ride also put him in a good mood:

“Thank you for your kindness, but I’m still waiting for someone.”

He pointed in the direction down the mountain, and then watched the carriage carrying the grain leave.

Further north from Fort Midhill at the northern foot of the Sikal Mountains is the open Lanseld Plain in the northern part of the Old World, which is rich in grain; while further south from the southern foothills of the Sikal Mountains is still the Rommel Mountain System Although there are scattered towns in the area, the supply of food is not so easy. Therefore, farmers in Fort Rice often transport food across the windy trail checkpoints to southern countries in autumn.

The witch’s apprentice claimed that he would catch up soon, but until eleven o’clock in the morning, Shade did not see the carriage again, nor did he see Sister Devlin and Granny Cassandra who had come down the mountain earlier.

At this time, he had already crossed the height of the ruined tower in the mountain and was heading higher up the Sikar Mountain.

The mountain road in the mountain that allows carriages to pass only extends to the windy path on the mountainside, but the ceremony is held at the top of the mountain. According to Shade’s current speed, he would be able to reach the vicinity of Fengqi Trail at about four o’clock in the afternoon. In order to be able to go home tonight, he hoped that his other three companions could catch up as soon as possible.

“Can someone help me?”

While thinking, I heard a voice calling for help. The voice was not on the mountain road that allowed carriages to pass, but in the dense forest on one side. Although it was not a wise choice to rush into the forest, the sound seemed to be not far away, so Shade hesitated and left the mountain road.

Pull aside the trees and walk in the dense forest. Not far away, you hear the sound of gurgling water. After taking a few steps forward, your eyes suddenly open up. It was a stream in the mountains. There was a short dam a few dozen meters upstream, causing the stream to form a small waterfall nearby.

Beside the stream is a shoal made of gravel and pebbles, and the midday sun shines directly on the surface of the stream. Walking out of the dark forest, facing the sparkling light, Shade even raised his arms to block the dazzling water surface.

The autumn wind blew by the stream, bringing a little coolness.

Obviously, Xikal Mountain has turned golden yellow, but on both sides of this mountain stream, the trees are still as lush as midsummer. The tall tree crowns extend from the dense forest to the mountain stream and converge above the mountain stream. The sparse branches allow the midday sunlight to cast mottled shadows in the stream.

The shadows swayed slightly with the wind. With his eyes squinted, Shade listened to the sound of the stream and saw a young girl wearing a black skirt with a red butterfly pendant hanging around her waist. She was sitting On the big rocks in the stream.

Her arms were stretched back and pressed against the stone surface. Her white feet without shoes slid in the clear mountain stream, leaving scratches in the silk-like stream.

The stream is very shallow, and you can even see the stone surface below and the small fish one after another.

Xia De was stunned, and the girl covered in mottled leaf shadows also looked at the young man walking from the forest.

The gurgling stream seems to be flowing in the heart; the shadows of the trees are swaying, but they cannot shake the eyes that are looking at each other; the insects chirp quietly, as if they are sighing for this scene; the sun is slightly drunk, and Xia De will definitely remember this scene for many years. .

“Sir, can you help me?”

The physical appearance is that of a girl in her twenties, but her appearance is that of a fifteen or sixteen year old.

She has long black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her skin is fair and her appearance is no different from any other girl Shade has ever seen. She was also wearing a black women’s jacket over the black skirt of the jumpsuit, probably to protect against the cold wind in the mountains, and she seemed to be about half a head shorter than Shade.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but the dappled sunlight happened to shine on her feet, and her skin was so white that it seemed to reflect light.

“I put my shoes and socks by the water. Can you bring them over for me? The stream is very cold.”

Xia De stood there, feeling the wind and listening to the water. For a moment, he suddenly felt that history coincided with his own.

It took a long time before he slowly nodded:

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“No, please carry me to the shore. If your shoes are stained with water, it will be difficult to go down the mountain.”

The girl in the black skirt continued, looking at Shade with a smile. Shade retracted his surprised expression and showed an expression of nostalgia and relief:

“Okay, then please wait a moment. I’ll be here.”

“Don’t keep me waiting too long. It’s been too long.”

Shad put down the long sword in his hand and the [God’s Gift Box] behind his back, and stuffed the sleepy-looking cat inside to prevent it from getting lost in the forest or being picked up by the big bad wolf.

Then, take off your shoes and socks and roll up your trousers. Stepping into the water, the slightly cold water made him shiver. Although he had the spell of [Walk on Water], he did not show it at the moment.

“Should I leave with you in my arms, or should I leave with you on my back?”

Xia De asked while standing next to the big stone in the stream. The girl in the black dress thought for a moment and whispered:

“Please carry me on your back, please sir. Do you need me to introduce myself? I am a second-year student in the History Department of Fort Midhill Mechanical College.”

She said, and Shade turned around, let the girl in the black skirt lie on his back, and carried her to the shore.

[Outlander, you feel the “whisper”. 】

“I know.”

He sighed softly in his heart.


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