The Whispering Verses Chapter 726: Stories and Time


Chapter 726 Story and Time

“Sure enough, it was three seconds, not even a second.”

When Shade walked out of the white fog door, Miss Carina’s voice immediately reached her ears.

Nothing has changed here since he left, the witch is still dangerous, and Tifa is still watching him. Even Mia’s pitiful eyes didn’t change. The cat probably didn’t blink at all during these three seconds.

“What’s the gain this time? Shade, I’m looking forward to the story you bring.”

Miss Carina asked, holding the tea cup. This is morning tea, which is used by noble ladies to refresh themselves before breakfast.

“Before breakfast, can I ask you something?”

Xia De first hugged the running cat, and then asked hesitantly.

“You asked.”

He stood at the door:

“About St. Byrons, have you heard of the connection between the library of St. Byrons Comprehensive College and the old **** [The Gray Sage]?

I have learned from the librarian that the underlying ritual structure of the library was provided by followers of that god. In addition, my friends in Coldwater Port also told me that after the [Grey Robe Sage] left, his followers were still working for Saint Byrons. After the collapse of the Sixth Age Order, they even directly became Saint Byrons. part of Lens. ”

But judging from this experience, the help the **** gave to the library was definitely not just as simple as the underlying ritual structure. Otherwise, we would be sorry for the story that Shade once again brought to this world.

“Yes, do you want to know something more interesting?”

The red-haired witch put down her teacup, thought about it and replied:

“It seems that your experience is indeed unexpected. Yes, the connection between the **** and St. Byrons is of course not limited to this. Miss Danister will not tell you because you only have a low ring. More things about the gods, and your friends in Coldwater Harbor probably don’t know the deepest secrets of St. Byrons.”


“The level of relics is divided into six levels, poet, scribe, secret keeper, sage, angel, and unknowable. Among them, every level 0 relic contained is the most powerful for the ring warlock organization Weapons, such as the [Diesel Sword] that appeared on the night of the gods’ descent, can temporarily limit the scope of the gods’ activities.”

“You want to say.”

“The specific number of level 0 relics housed by the Church of the Five Gods and the three major thaumaturgy academies has always been a mystery, but the council happens to know that St. Byrons possesses a 0 level relic related to the old **** [Grey Robe Sage] Level relic.”

“It’s a pipe!”

Xia De’s eyes widened, but Miss Carina shook her head hesitantly:

“Why do you think so? Is pipe smoking related to the library? Excessive smoking will only make your head confused.”

Shad very much hoped that he could tell Priest Augustus this sentence.

There was a knock on the door, and Tifa quickly walked to the door. It was the maid who came to inform the owners of the manor that breakfast was ready.

Miss Carina stood up and Shade said again:

“A gray pointed hat? No, no, it should be a long wooden staff.”

The witch nodded:

“Yes, level 0 relic, [Old Sage’s Staff].”

Until he sat at the dining table and started eating under the service of the maid, Shade was still in a daze.

A wish, coupled with one of his stories, brought St. Byrons a level 0 relic that has been passed down for thousands of years. The feeling of one’s own influence on history and time has never been so abrupt and realistic, and the voice in his ear only reminded Shade when his thoughts were coming to an end:

【So, do you regret being so generous half an hour ago? 】

“Of course not. If I knew the result in advance, of course I would hesitate, but I can’t say I regret it.”

He looked at the bacon in front of him. It was said that it was shipped from Miss Carina’s territory. One meal was worth a month’s feeding fee for little Mia.

“Just sighing, the relics will eventually become relics, but those people are already gone.”

“She” ignored Shade’s long sighs in the autumn morning, and just left her pleasant laughter.

While taking advantage of the meal, Shade briefly recounted his experience dozens of minutes ago. As expected, Miss Carina also thought that Shade’s approach was really “generous”:

“Xia De, even if you fall in love with witches from the past, you shouldn’t do this. After all, they are all old women who have left long ago. If you really like witches, it’s not like we don’t have them in this era.”

She complained to Shade, using the very hurtful word “old woman” without any scruples:

“If you can give the Council one more level 0 relic, I think even the great witches won’t mind giving you some.”

Tifa coughed, the witch had a smile on her face and did not continue.

Different from the last time when he only needed to prepare daily necessities for the witches, this time Shade needed to find three items related to the power of the sun in his own era, and those items could not be relics, and the power must be strong enough.

Eluna’s “Sunshine Gun” brooch is definitely enough, and in order not to waste time, Shade entrusted the duchess who knew about it to help collect the other two pieces. The witch readily agreed, but also warned Shade that alchemical items and even materials related to the sun are not rare, but there are not many items containing the power of the sun:

“You can also look for it through other means, but since we only need two pieces, there is no reason why we can’t find them.”

She seemed very optimistic about the matter.

Shad did not mention the final “Sleeping Princess” story to Miss Carina, because it was somewhat similar to how Sha De told the “Innocent Creator” and the three children about the “Match Girl” story. The mythical lock corresponding to “Match Girl” is now almost bound to the thirteen-ring warlock “God Caller”.

After a hearty breakfast, Shade left on the pretext that he had something to do.

It is foggy in Tobesk today, probably because the steam company is operating at full capacity in late autumn.

He did not go home, but carried the well-fed cat to the “Mary Jane Flower Shop” on Silver Cross Avenue, and asked the maid of the little princess Agelina to ask Lesia in the Yodel Palace. A message requesting a meeting was passed on.

Today is Sunday, and Lesia doesn’t have many things to deal with, so she quickly sent a letter with lily scent, asking Shade to wait at the Tobesk Grand Opera House tonight.

So Shade spent the whole day in Tobesk, and that night, he saw Lesia in a red dress and a blue fluffy princess dress in the large box on the third floor of the opera house. Agelina. The latter’s red hair is tied with a golden ribbon. Unlike Lesia, who is very girly, Agelina’s attire has always been very young.

The decoration in the box is very luxurious, with a thick wool red carpet on the floor, and even the gas lamps are decorated with crystals. As expected, Lesia welcomed Shade with a very passionate kiss.

The sixteen-year-old young princess seemed not to be surprised. She also ordered the maids to watch the door. No one was allowed to come in without permission, even if they heard strange noises.

These maids are personal servants of the two princesses, and some of them have even met Shade in Coldwater Port, so they are very interested in this woman who is rumored to have an unusual relationship with the “Duchess of Saladir” in Tobesk City. The man has long known that he also maintains a close relationship with the two princesses.

“The difference engine information half a month ago earned me praise from my father.

After brother Saxe Cavendish was executed, part of the command of the vacant New World Pioneer Corps fell into my hands. Although as the princess of the kingdom, I cannot go to the New World, it means that I finally have a place where I can intervene in the kingdom’s military affairs. ”

Lecia was very excited, and her eyes seemed to be shining as she spoke. She didn’t tell Shade about this on Saturday night, probably because she wanted to use her own body to tell Shade personally.

“Very good, join the military”

It was hard for Shade to imagine what he wanted to do with the princess he was holding. But whenever Lesia needed it, he was always available to help.

“Xia De, I am so lucky to have met you.”

She kissed Shade gently on the corner of his lips, and then asked Shade to sit down.

The cat being held by Shade had a chance to “escape” from between the two of them. After quickly climbing onto the back of the sofa, little Mia stood on the back of the sofa, meowing at Shade, obviously expressing her dissatisfaction.

The opera has begun. The box specially prepared for the royal family has a good view, but no one cares about what is being performed. Lecia hasn’t seen Shade with her body for a long time, and she really wants to continue to express her feelings with kisses, but this is not why Shade asked Princess Princess to come out:

“About your low-fourth-ring sublimation word “Sleeping Princess”, I would like to know its specific origin.”

“Why do you ask about this?”

The words seemed to blame Shade for not understanding the style. Shade smiled sheepishly and saw the red butterfly pendant hanging on Lesia’s waist. The shape of this one is much better than the one Shade originally made at Old John’s, but unfortunately, it can still only make the princess and the writer, whose souls are entangled with each other, look at each other from a distance.

Obviously the souls are closely connected, but they can only look at each other from a distance. This is probably the farthest distance.

“The story of “Sleeping Princess” originated in the early or middle period of the Fifth Era. This ancient fairy tale is related to the founding of Zalas Literary Academy, and the first manuscript of the story is in our academy, so my tutor Recommended it to me.”

This is as expected. Miss Olanold gave the manuscript to Miss Samuel, probably because she wanted the Zarath Society to help in the establishment of St. Byrons.

“It is said that St. Byrons also preserved an early version of the story. The teacher once wrote to St. Byrons and wanted to borrow it, but unfortunately your librarian refused.”

Lecia said, paused, squinted slightly and looked at Shade sitting next to her. She is a very smart girl:

“Xia De, you don’t want to say that you have another spiritual rune on your life ring, do you?”

“Of course not, at least not yet.”

Because Shade has not finished telling the story, but he clearly feels that after returning to this era, the brass aura that represents “enlightenment” is becoming more and more enriched towards his life ring.

Time has enlightened civilization, and stories have been sublimated in civilization.

Even if the story from the stranger’s hometown has not yet reached its conclusion, Shade is basically certain that once he returns to the past again, he will truly become the one who brings the story of the princess, sleep and kiss to this world. If you are a person, he will definitely obtain the Enlightening Spirit Rune [Sleeping Beauty].

Just like the original inspiration – [the little match girl].

PS: This volume is coming to an end soon. You can count how many cards Shade has in his hand now.


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