The Whispering Verses Chapter 543: Emergency call from the college


“It’s a new power…”

Xia De turned to look behind him, and sure enough, there was no one. But when he turned his head, the doctor discovered something was wrong:

“Shad, is your neck injured?”

Just now, Shade unbuttoned his collar and turned his head, exposing part of his skin that was originally covered by his clothes. The doctor saw some abnormal signs, so he asked the question casually.

Xia De immediately reached out to cover his neck, and then hurriedly buttoned up the buttons again.

The middle-aged doctor smiled:

“Oh, I see.”

Just as he was about to tease Xia De, the two of them turned to look at the doctor’s desk at the same time. Something was shining on the table, and the light was unusually conspicuous.

“Is there any notice from the college?”

The doctor frowned and left the window, picking up the poem page from the desk. He briefly glanced at the text that appeared above, raised his head and said to Shade:

“The college requires the five people in our group to assemble within two hours. The professor of the college will ask us some questions in person. I think it is about Miss Feliana”

He took a pen and wrote a reply on the page, and the glowing page returned to calm.

“Two hours? Doctor, you go find Dorothy and Priest Augustus, and I’ll pick up Luvia outside the city. Time is a bit tight.”

“Why is she outside the city?”

The doctor asked curiously, but Shade didn’t answer, nor did he appreciate it.

“Xia De, let’s go find someone separately. In addition, the college will definitely ask about our schedule yesterday afternoon. Don’t forget to think about how to explain it.”

Dr. Schneider himself also went to the south of the city. He also needed to make up his itinerary, so he reminded Shade.

After leaving the clinic, Shade returned to the carriage at the street corner carrying the [God’s Gift Box]. After telling the two girls that she had eliminated the human pus, Iluna would go directly back to the Church of the Sun. She still had many things to deal with, but she would come to Saint Teresa Square in the evening.

Tifa went to Yodel Palace to meet Miss Carina, and Shade rode a horse back to Miss Carina’s manor alone. On the way back, the page that Shade carried with him also came. information.

The college requires Shade to return the relic [The Dream of St. Byrons Comprehensive College] within half an hour. If the time is exceeded, a formal explanation must be made in writing.

“The college doubts me.”

This was Sha De’s first reaction, but it only means there is a problem if there is no doubt. After all, from a time perspective, Miss Feliana’s appearance almost completely coincided with the time when the academy passed on this relic.

But Shade is not unable to hide it. It stands to reason that people in the dark realm will be completely forgotten, and it is impossible for the academy to remember to give him the relics. And he relied on the twenty-sided die of fate to roll 20, which somehow made the academy remember this incident.

After he threw it, the college immediately gave him a relic, indicating that the college remembered that he did not have a “lightbulb moment” after 20 appeared and found that he had forgotten this person before, but had always remembered him. Therefore, Shade could use this reason to prove that he was not in the dark realm at that time.

On the 23rd minute after the notification came, Shade successfully returned to the manor. After returning the [St. Byrons Comprehensive College Dream] that was temporarily left here and difficult to carry with him through the paper page, he called the man who was having lunch. Luvia set off immediately.

Physical injuries are actually easy to heal. She was actually too mentally exhausted last night, so Shade didn’t call her when she woke up this morning.

“The college doubts you?”

On the way back to the city, Luvia returned to her usual posture and did not change herself because of the rapid relationship between the two last night.

“It doesn’t matter, that snuff bottle has not changed in any way. The academy has not been able to figure out the secret for thousands of years, and it is impossible to understand it immediately now.”

Shad was not worried about this. Although he promised to help the doctor keep the secret, he still briefly told Luvia what happened this morning. While Luvia frowned and guessed who the devil in the doctor was, Shade took out [Origin Darkness] from his pocket.

The cards were flying in the carriage, and controlling this card was as easy for Shade as controlling his own hands and feet.

“This is really strange. I didn’t expect that by carrying the cards and witnessing the appearance of a chosen one, I would be able to gain the ability to control the corresponding cards. This is already the second time, just like [Origin and Balance].”

But now he will no longer doubt that he is the chosen one, he has not gained other powers at all. Although at the end of the battle, he also swallowed the darkness, and he also merged with the power of the past, it is obvious that he is not even a candidate.

“Darkness was killed after successfully completing the ritual. The chosen one of [Darkness] will not appear. Really, there are more and more things that are unclear.”

Luvia shook her head in annoyance:

“But I accept your suggestion. I will not consider the third chosen candidate again before the big city players are over. Originally, after Iluna’s incident was over, I planned to be promoted from the third ring to the fourth ring. It has been delayed for more than a month, so we should take advantage of this time to gather the materials for the ceremony.”

The promotion of the Ring Warlock level also requires rituals. Shade’s two promotions relied on abnormal external forces. This is an extremely rare situation.

“Take some rest, I’ve been really busy these two months.”

Xia De said, hesitating for a moment, then gently stretched out his arms to hug the girl sitting next to him. Luvia smiled, tilted her head slightly, and leaned on Shade’s shoulder.

This time Mia the cat did not disturb the two of them. In the [God’s Gift Box] placed on the seat opposite, the cat was curled up into a cat ball and sleeping soundly. It liked this small and safe place very much. space.

The carriage first took the two of them to Saint Teresa Square, and asked Shade to leave some things that were inconvenient to take to the doctor. After all, before entering the dark realm, Shade brought almost all his belongings with him.

When we got home, Mia Cat suddenly woke up, and for some reason she wanted to follow Shade out this time. So the two of them and one cat came to the doctor’s clinic within the two-hour time limit given by the college. Dorothy and the Reverend Augustus were in town and had arrived early.

When Shade and Luvia walked into the reception room on the second floor of the clinic together, the three of them were, as expected, discussing what happened yesterday.

The rumor about “Miss Myrna Feliana’s appearance” spread throughout Tobesk in just one day. This is not because the church’s confidentiality work was not done well, but because there were so many people who saw this scene at that time, and it was a bit too unbelievable.

“Good afternoon, Shade, good afternoon, Luvia.”

Dorothy greeted them with a smile, while Augustus and the doctor examined the four benches and the central basin.

Shade has arranged this kind of ceremony many times, so he came to help. Shade put the cat on the sofa. Seeing that Shade ignored it, the dishonest orange cat strolled closer to Dorothy. During the Cold Water Harbor incident, it had spent a few days with Dorothy and was fairly familiar with her.

“You have a good relationship with Shade’s cat.”

Luvia said with a smile on the side, Dorothy nodded, and was about to pick up the small cat, but Mia suddenly stopped, raised her head and looked at the girl in front of her suspiciously with her amber eyes. After sniffing for a few times, the cat suddenly made a sharp meowing sound, and the whole cat’s fur burst out, and it suddenly rushed to Shade’s feet, who was using the compass to confirm the direction.

“What’s wrong?”

Shad turned around and asked, then saw Dorothy’s embarrassed expression. Seeing Shade looking at her, the blonde female writer raised her hand and touched her ears, then raised her eyebrows.

“It’s not Dorothy, it’s Lesia.”

Now Shade understood that the two girls had eight hours of forced exchange time every week, and the specific time when it happened was completely out of control. Obviously, this happened by chance on a weekend afternoon, and by chance, I met a professor from the college who came to inquire about the matter.

“However, Mia can actually identify the two of them?”

Xia De was very surprised by this. After all, even he, who knew the facts, couldn’t see the clue just now:

“You can use Mia to tell the difference between Dorothy and Lesia in the future.”

Xia De thought to himself.

“When I get familiar with that cat in the future, Shade won’t be able to tell the difference between us at all.”

The blonde girl sitting on the sofa thought to herself, and then suddenly turned her head to look at Luvia.

“What’s wrong?”

The female fortune teller blinked.

“Why do you feel something is different about you today?”

“Dorothy” asked Luvia very familiarly, her tone and demeanor were no different from those of a real female writer. Probably only a timid and alert little animal like Mia Cat could sense that something was wrong with her.

“You are in good spirits. You seem to feel relieved.”

“Really? This is your illusion.”

The girl with purple eyes said in a very determined tone.

The notice from the college to the doctor said that three people would be projected from St. Byrons, so on the four chairs in the east, west, north and south, only the doctor sat down.

At 1:37 p.m., the ceremony officially began. As the doctor dropped the parchment roll in his hand into the basin, a cold wind blew from the closed room.

Mia, who was held by Shade, squirmed in his arms to express uneasiness, and three transparent figures had already arrived.

Sitting opposite the doctor is Professor Harms Sanchez, the vice-president of St. Byrons and the director of the Student Affairs Office. Wearing round-framed glasses and a formal black suit, with a pocket watch chain protruding from the chest pocket and tied to a button on the chest, this gentleman seemed to be dressed like this every time he appeared.

On a chair in the south, a middle-aged woman wearing a pointed hat and robe sat. Her eyes are very sharp, and you can tell at a glance that she is the kind of person who works rigorously and seriously:

“Good afternoon, gentlemen and ladies, I am Professor Wyatt Millar from the School of Astronomy.”

She nodded extra to Luvia, who was a student at the Astronomy Academy.


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