The Whispering Verses Chapter 540: The Witch and Iluna


“Do you need me to remind you again? That house is my house!”

The next day, on the carriage entering the city early on Sunday morning, Miss Carina asked Shade angrily.

The time was nine o’clock in the morning. After breakfast in the manor, Shade planned to set off into the city to search for Devilman’s pus. The original plan was for Luvia and Tifa to follow him, but Luvia needed bed rest due to medical reasons, so she stayed at the manor.

Miss Carina happened to have something to do in the city, so she went to the city with Shade and Tifa.

She only found out about what happened last night from Tifa, who was responsible for taking care of little Mia, this morning. She resisted not commenting on it in the manor, but she finally spoke up about it when she got on the carriage.

Because the action may be dangerous, Mia temporarily stays in the manor with Luvia. As for Shade, he looked at Tifa who was sitting next to Miss Carina and blinked, hoping that the latter would come to the rescue, but the black-haired maid just pretended that she didn’t understand what he meant.

“But at least, it’s not confirmed, am I really a man?”

Shad said slowly, and the witch took a deep breath, as if she was resisting the urge to punch Shad:

“Even the clothes she was wearing were found by me. The house is mine, the bed is mine, the quilt is mine, the pillow is mine, and even the clothes are mine. She actually …”

She obviously couldn’t swallow this breath. As she spoke, she looked at Shade, and then suddenly said:

“But it’s okay, your kissing skills are so bad…the skills are probably not good either. I heard from the maids on the night shift passing by the door that your physical strength seems to be very good, but physical strength alone is not enough, let It will also be good for the future if others help me exercise.”

There was a word in the middle that Shade didn’t hear clearly, but Tifa did. She blushed and turned her head slightly.

The red-haired witch snorted:

“However, this can indeed confirm that at least you are physically male, although I don’t like this method very much… I told Xiwei about you last night, including that weird The spirit rune and your ability to enter the corridor. Shade, you’d better not use [Feliana’s Witch’s Light] in front of high-level warlocks. From yesterday, more and more people will know this magic.”

“I understand.”

Xia De nodded, happy to finally leave that embarrassing topic:

“In the past two weeks, all I have to do is join the big city players.”

In fact, there is one more thing, which is the arrival of the letter that Detective Sparrow said was to be burned on the fifth day of this month. But this matter had nothing to do with the witch, so Shade didn’t mention it.

“The best thing is this. Within two weeks, many people will come to Tobesk to investigate the situation, especially the professors from St. Byrons. You’d better not do anything and just treat yourself as an ordinary detective. As a Rhodes player, if someone discovers that you are related to the emergence of the Fifth Age Witch, you will be in big trouble.”

Miss Carina paused and asked another question:

“Now, will your spell [Toy Making] be useful to that fortune teller?”

She is very rational most of the time, so she did not ignore this problem, and Shade certainly will not forget it:

“I tried it this morning and it still didn’t work.”

“Isn’t this possible?”

The witch frowned, and Shade looked at the scenery outside the window. Before entering the city, we still have to drive in the countryside for a while. In early autumn, the scenery outside the city is very beautiful.

“Are you there?”

[Outlander, I am always with you. 】

The whisper of “her” rang in his ears. Even in the most intimate moment last night, Luvia’s voice could not relax Shade’s spirit as much as “her” did.

“What did you find last night?”

He asked, and the voice in his ear seemed to smile:

[Luvia Anat’s other self is seriously injured, but it has been confirmed that it is a genuine “other self”, not replaced by a alien life like Ivan Darkness, let alone Replaced by some strange relic. Her special divination power indeed comes from the characteristics of another me. 】

Xia De looked at the passing scenery outside the window and frowned slightly. Although he has seen mirrors in the relics that can harm the “other self”, the relics that can actually do this are extremely rare. The consequences of damage to the Ring Warlock’s “other self” are more serious than the consequences of damage to his own soul.

“It turns out that everything Luvia said is true.”

[Also, her other self has a certain degree of autonomy. 】

“What do you mean? Don’t all the “other selves” of the Ring Warlock have autonomy? For example, don’t you also have autonomy?”

Xia De asked, and he still got a smile. The sound of the ancient language rang in his ears, which really made Shade suspect that she was actually in his ears:

[The breeze of the Sixth Age blows your face. When the extraordinary people standing in this era gaze behind themselves, what they see is their own reflection in the world. What they see is the deepest part of their souls after they have been rolled back. That shadow. I am you, you are me, I will never hurt you, and you will always trust me. This is the most ancient and primitive contract that has existed since the birth of the first mortal things. 】

“Well…can you put it simply?”

[I will never do anything you don’t want to do, but her other self might. 】

The carriage shook, Miss Carina was still thinking about things, Tifa took out a notebook from her skirt to check today’s itinerary, Shade sighed slightly, and thought of the purple-eyed girl sleeping peacefully in the manor:

“Do you know why Luvia’s other me is so special?”

[I can only feel and investigate, but cannot give a reason. 】

Xia De then stopped asking questions and turned his attention to the scenery outside the window.

Just as she said, the wind blew on his face, reminding him that this was reality, not a dream.

After last night, to outsiders, this world is like a black and white photo with drops of paint, becoming more real and vivid.

After the carriage entered the city, Shade did not immediately drop the collected human pus into his eyes. Instead, he went to the Sun Church first. At the intersection one block away from the church, he met Iluna holding an umbrella. .

When we set out from the manor, the weather was still gloomy, but after entering the city, a hazy drizzle began to fall.

When Miss Carina was asked to send a letter to Priest August last night, Shade also asked the servants to deliver a letter to Iluna. The duchess had a way to safely and secretly contact the people in the church. people. After obtaining Miss Carina’s consent, he told the story about Tifa and Miss Carina, and explained that they were safe.

Iluna’s reply was sent to the manor this morning. Iluna was worried that human pus would cause other things, so she wanted to act together with Shade and must solve the problem this time.

“The church is going crazy.”

Xia De moved toward the inside of the car, and moved the [God’s Gift Box] at his feet inward. After getting on the bus, the seventeen-year-old girl stuffed her umbrella in the storage box on the side and sat directly next to Sha De. After politely greeting Miss Carina, she complained to Sha De:

“Xia De, you actually left everything to me. I didn’t rest until one o’clock in the morning when I wrote the report!”

Shad thought about what he was doing early this morning, and the sound of gasping from someone, Luvia’s fiery kiss and the soft bed immediately came to his mind:

“Has Hermons the Bloodweeper been caught?”

Hearing his question, Miss Carina also looked at Iluna, who thought for a while and said:

“Hermons seemed to have planned for Darkness’s failure. In addition, Mr. Hog Rendell, the Sunshine Great Sword, needed to return to the dark realm, so he ran away. But he was attacked by Rendell head-on. With the blow of Mr. Del’s words of sublimation, he will probably have to suffer from his injuries for decades. Apart from this one, almost all the other helpers summoned by the twelve-ring vampires and the Bloodweepers were caught by us, even the prophets. The association also captured two members of the Truth Society. The church achieved a complete victory in this operation.”

Iluna is in a good mood:

“Of course, the matter about Miss Mana Feliana is the most troublesome thing in the follow-up processing. I heard Mr. Hog Rendell said that the Five Gods Church jointly submitted a petition to St. Byron Send a letter asking them to explain what happened yesterday.”

“Well…what did the college say? Is there any news?”

Shad asked, and Iluna smiled:

“I received a formal reply from St. Byrons this morning. They were also very angry. Your principal, Professor Pickman, ‘Silver Keeper’, instead accused the church of taking advantage of the power of the founder of the college and letting the church Give an explanation for last night’s incident. This matter must not be explained clearly in a short time. I only said that I saw the Godcaller in robes appearing, and because of the thaumaturgy used by Miss Feliana, everything else The traces are all covered, even if you want to check, you can’t find anything.”

The witch on the side also chimed in:

“However, Miss Bayas, since you have taken the credit for killing the chosen one, I think there should be a reward from the church, right?”

Iluna looked at the witch, hesitated and then nodded:

“Yes, but I haven’t said what you want to give me yet.”

“With your merits and status, I hope that when you are promoted to the Central Circle, you will be the first living person to be canonized in the Five Gods Church in the past hundred years, except for the highly respected popes.”

Miss Carina said that she was not joking. It is really possible for Iluna to become “Saint Beas” in the future.

“It doesn’t matter, I didn’t do much in this matter. Judging from the situation at the time, even without me, Shade had his own way.”

The seventeen-year-old girl said softly.

This is of course modesty. Without her ability to use her “balance” talent to barely suppress the power of human pus, Shade would not have been able to persist in summoning Miss Feliana in the end.

“Chosen One of Balance, I think Shade has told you my identity. So, are you interested in learning from me? You don’t need to become a witch, you just follow me to learn the way of balance, the ‘Law’ series Thaumaturgy.”

The witch asked again, it seemed that she had thought about it last night. Shade was very suspicious that she went into the city with him today just to have a reason to see Iluna in his presence.


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